Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're Number 21! Hooray!

Myths die hard. First there was the myth that our country had the most free press in the world. A study released last year showed that to be a myth. Who would have thought Finland would top the list? The US came in at a paltry 56th.

Then there was the myth that we are the freest country in the world. That one dies hard as well with Estonia, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Iceland, The Bahamas and United Kingdon all ranking higher on the liberty index than the USA.

Now comes the news that we aren’t even the most stable country in the world. 21 countries are ranked more stable than the United States. What can we excel at anymore? Well we are the world’s leader in debt!

So next time you hear a politician make grand pronouncements about the state of our country, take them with a large helping of salt. The truth is, we are a very large country with our share of problems like everyone else. We need to start behaving like a member of the world community instead of its self-glorifying bully.

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