Saturday, March 29, 2008

Live Blogging From 16th DIstrict State Senatorial Convention - Speeches and More Speeches

Things at the 16th District State Senatorial convention are a bit scattered, but not much more than any other convention. There have been a few speeches including a number of local officials who advocated one or the other presidential candidates. Both Obama and Clinton have had people speak for them.

The opening invocation and first speaker was Shannon Bailey. Shannon was a controversial figure after his arrest in White Rock Park last year for lewd behavior. He still maintains his innocence and has yet to be prosecuted. In his opening remarks he took time to give a personal note.

Shannon addressed his arrest and the issues surrounding it. He also stated that he was innocent of any lewd behavior, yet he admitted his intentions may have been less than admirable. It took a lot of strength to stand in front of the convention , some 3000+ people and state that, and I applaud him for his candor.

Right now the speeches are continuing and I am hoping for some progress toward the precinct caucuses where we will actual elect delegates and do the business of the convention.

More later.

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