Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott Roeder Convicted of Murder

The man who killed Dr. Tiller in the foyer of the church where Dr. Tiller was serving as an usher has been convicted of murder. Scott Roeder saw himself as a champion of unborn children. Instead he was just a murder with delusions of grandeur.

Roeder was steeped in the anti-abortion rhetoric that fuels such violent acts, and his own statement, "those children were in immediate danger if someone did not stop George Tiller", shows how he has continued to try to justify murder.

The jury deliberated only 37 minutes to convict Roeder, and now he will serve a mandatory life in prison sentence.

In my opinion, the verdict should go further and should find that the radical organizations who fueled Roeders delusion should be included as accessories to this crime, but that won't happen.

No matter whether you are pro-choice or anti-abortion, such acts of violence and insanity should not go unpunished. A degree of justice has been handed out by the Kansas jury, the real injustice of Dr. Tillers murder can never be righted.

I am no fan of abortion, but I am certainly no fan of terrorists like Scott Roeder. The tough decision to seek an abortion should be between a woman, her physician and her family. Nobody rejoices over abortion, but it is a choice that should still be available as a last resort.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jon Stewart Nails It Again!

How come a comedian can see the truth and our elected officials can't?

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Ted Haggard - White Knuckle Straight

In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, allegedly "ex-gay" evangelist Ted Haggard said he stays on the straight and narrow by checking in with his wife, constantly!

He calls this being "
super accountable", but I really think it is something else. Let's try "white knuckle". This kind of continuous monitoring sounds an awful lot like Ted still wants to "lay with men as with a woman" to me. Like most "ex-gays" he is fighting his real nature. It is the same thing a lot of LGBT people do before they come out. They try tactics to "stay straight" even though their minds, their bodies and their souls are gay.

Eventually Ted might either learn to accept his true nature and live that "abundant life" spoken about in the New Testament, or he will continue to be a gay man on house arrest. That never turns out well.

I am praying for you Ted.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Face Zippers And Other Fashion Disasters!

Ever need proof that fashion designers are putting a big one over on the women of the world? Check out the "face zippers" that addorned the models at this Paris fashion show. Face zippers? Oh puleeze!

Right Wingnut O'Keefe - Watergate Redux?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. The famous words of Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr are loosely translated as, "the more things change, the more they remain the same." They are quite apropos in the case of the recent break in of Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office by right-wing activist James O’Keefe. His arrest looks an awful lot like the Watergate break-in from many years ago. O'Keefe was doing dirty work, trying to polant a bug in the Senators office.

His previous adventures include impersonating a pimp and secretly taping an interview with an ACORN worker. Guess this arrest will pretty much stifle his "activist" career at least for a while. Funny how federal crimes do that?

He has already been pulled from the GOP speaking tour and dissinvited to address a group of conservatives in Salt Lake City. I suspect when the full involvement of others is discovered, things will really get interesting. Even Glenn Beck was outraged...well maybe that isn't so unique?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working Toward Sexual Freedom

Last weekend I spent the time working with a group of hard core activists.The experience was both invigorating and humbling. Some of the people there were high powered legal types and other celebrities. And then there was me.

The group was the board and advisory committee for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Named after Victoria Woodhull, an early pioneer for women's equality and a champion for human sexuality. She is not often listed in the history books but she worked alongside Susan B. Anthony and even was nominated as a Presidential candidate long before women even had the right to vote.

The foundation focuses on a simple and elegant premise, "sexual freedom is a basic human right". The nice thing about that mission statement is that people across the political spectrum can get behind it. The advisory board encompassed people of a wide variety of sexual orientations and political background. That is encouraging.

The direction we, and I say we because I am now on the advisory board, are taking the group is an exciting one. You can expect to here more specifics soon. Until then you can find more about the organization at You can also make a donation there as well to continue and expand the organizations work.

While you are at it, mark the date September 23 on your calendar. It will be the first "sexual Freedom Day", and we are planning several events to commemorate it. The date just happens to be Victoria Woodhull's birthday!

Scott Brown's Wife In Racy Video

Over the weekend I was in Washington, DC working with a non-profit I am associated with. At one of our lunch breaks I spoke with a wonkish friend about the whole Scott Brown thing. He rolled his eyes and said, "there is a scandal there, and it just hasn't broken." I figured he was just postulating but this guy smells more and more like someone who has a past and I don't mean a clean one.

Not only did he pose nude in Cosmo, but his wife starred in a racy music video below for Digney Fignus. Enjoy now before it gets yanked from YouTube.

New Pro LGBT Film - Written for Teens

Below is a trailer for the upcoming film, FIT. It is a film about bullying, teenagers and being LGBT designed to be seen by teens. Needless to say, it won't be seen in the US anytime soon, but it will be shown in schools in the UK.

Monday, January 25, 2010

GOP Defrauds Citizens With Fake Census

Imagine this scenario. You open your mail and there is a very official form from the government that looks like the census. As you read it and answer the questions you come to a part that solicits money for the Republican party. What the hell?

Yup, you have been duped by the GOP. Michael Steel and the rest of the shysters at the RNC have created a fake census form that is actually a fund solicitation. Ben Smith at Politico describes it and AmericaBlog actually has one of the forms posted on their site. It is very convincing and the worry is that it will confuse residents when the real census comes out.

Already complaints have been filed with the Postmaster General's office and I expect this dirty trick to end up in congressional hearings.