Friday, March 09, 2007

Ann Coulter Dropped From More Newspapers

Seems like Ann "Mad Dog" Coulter is going the way of Dr. Laura. After her tasteless comment about John Edwards, the public has been demanding she be removed from print. So far 6 newspapers have dropped her column in response to the heavy load of emails against her.

Truth is she is carried by very few publications anyway and most of them are in small markets. Here in Texas none of the really big cities carry her writing, you have to get to towns like Waco to find her in print.

Bye bye, Ann, it's been bad to know you.

Newt Gingrich Had Affair While Impeachnig Clinton For His

Of all the slimy hypocritical bastards, Newt Gingrich is the slimiest. In an interview with Focus on the Family he admitted he had an affair, even while he was spearheading the impeachment proceeding against Bill Clinton for his lying about this own affair.

Now come on! If this country can’t see the problem with this, there is no hope. We have a sitting President who has lied to Congress and the American people about a war we didn’t need to start. A President whose office intentionally leaked the name of a covert CIA operative, a treasonable offense. A President who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, no impeachment? Come on people! Wake the f*#k up!

Our country is being run by hypocritical criminals and we have to take it back. Write your congressperson and demand investigations and legal action before it’s too late.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Matt Sanchez, GOP Marine Poster Boy - Gay Porn Star!

Anybody remember Jeff Gannon? Well it seems that the specter of him has appeared again in the form of the Marine Corporal, Matt Sanchez. The reservist is making the rounds on the right wing talk show circuit. He even appeared with Ann Coulter at the CPAC event that caused all the uproar with her "faggot" comment.

What's so special about a conservative Marine? Well he has a lengthy resume as Rod Majors, porn star! Yup, another GOP poster boy who has a past of money shots and escort services.
He is cute, no question about it, and from the pictures I have seen, his body is quite a sight as well. No wonder he gets $1200 a day.

"Slave" Turns On "Master" In NY Courtroom

Sometimes I wish there was some sort of registration process for people in our community. It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to can just tape on a "Master" tag and claim to be involved in safe sane and consensual BDSM activity. My case in point is a guy named Glenn Marcus from Brooklyn. He gets a couple of women as his "slaves" over the Internet and starts a web site with photos of them in bondage.

Funny thing is, the government sees the pictures and because they are targeting SM related porn, they haul the guy up on charges. His "slaves" turn government witnesses and the whole thing becomes a sideshow for the press and bad press for the rest of us.

Now I have ranted before about how the current administration is out to stop us in general from enjoying our lives but this is a real graphic example. Personally, I don’t think this "Master" has much to go on for defense. He was playing way over the edge by posting the photos online, and it seems to me his motive was profit not mutual enjoyment.

The real problem comes from the fact that one of the slaves says everything was consensual and the other one says it was against her will. Tricky stuff this Master/slave relationship, and one that takes some serious thought before entering into. His defense attorney says he had a contract, but the last time I checked "forced labor" was a crime in most states and that is the charge they brought him up on.

I suspect the reality of the situation is that one slave became jealous and decided to get even by turning states witness. Now the whole matter is playing out in a courtroom and in from of TV cameras and the press is having a field day. The moral of the story? Know who you are playing with, know their motives and never, never post pictures of your scenes on the Internet!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pain, CBT And Writing About It

I guess it has been too long since I blogged about what I am up to and let the politics settle for a while. At the encouragement of several friends, I am working on another book. My first book, Family Jewels is in its second printing and has been very popular with both the gay and heterosexual kink communities. What I am working on now is a bit different.

Family Jewels was pretty much a how-to guide for CBT. Since its publication I have received many requests to present educational workshops on that subject. Though I am a very enthusiastic player in the CBT area, much of my passion in BDSM lies in a larger subject. The new book has a working title of Playing With Pain and it includes a lot of my personal journey through the world of leather.

I hope to give the reader an idea of not just the how, but the why in this book. For me, the application of intense sensations in a controlled and precise manner has been a passion since childhood. I know, sounds like a warped childhood, but really it was pretty normal. I just discovered my kink early in life. The fact that it only blossomed as an adult is probably a good thing.

So I have been hard at work writing and sometimes avoiding writing for the past weeks. Writing for me is a painful experience in itself. The words don't flow fast enough onto the screen, and I sometimes wish I had a direct interface with my brain and my computer. Of course that would make me Borg wouldn't it? Oh well, give a little and take a little.

More later.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Neocons Already Calling For Pardon Of Scooter Libby - Big Surprise!

Libby is not even in jail yet and already the neocons are calling for his pardon. An editorial appeared in the National Review only 2.5 hours after the verdict was announced.

I suspect the right-wing talk shows will be full of this crap and soon the White House will announce the pardon of Scooter. After all, if they don't pardon him he might finger the real villains in this drama, and everyone including the jurors know it's a higher-up in the White House.

If a pardon does come, America must speak out! Taking to the streets to protest would be a good first move, then demanding that the entire administration step down would be a good second move. There has never been a more corrupt and inept bunch of criminals in the White House.

Scooter Is Guilty!

MSNBC is reporting that Scooter Libby has been found guilty on four charges of perjury. This puts the spotlight on Dick Cheney's office in a big way. No doubt Fitzgerald will want further investigations into the questions raised by the testimony in this trial.

It is also interesting that Cheney suddenly showed up in the news as being treated for a blood clot in his leg. The man is frail, no doubt, but this would conveniently add a reason for him to resign for poor health. My question is where will he retire to? My bet is South America!

Also it would open the VP slot for a potential Republican incumbent to run for President in 2008. Watch for Guilliani, McCain or Condi Rice to get this post.

Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream - Patriotic Ice Cream!

As I leaked here over 2 months ago, Ben and Jerry's has indeed produced a Stephen Colbert ice cream flavor. Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream is the latest celebrity flavor from the ice cream moguls.

Shown on The Colbert Report last night the new flavor featured bits of real ice cream cone and swirls of caramel. Sounds really good and patriotic! If this weren't Lent, I'd be having myself a big bowl of it right now. Guess I will have to just buy a couple of pints and let them age in the freezer until Easter?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Halliburton Involved In Walter Reed Scandal

I thought the Walter Reed scandal was missing something and today it comes out. Halliburton! Yup, VP Cheney's only buddies are involved because of the privatization of the services at Walter Reed to the tune of $120 million . The services provided were through the same company IAP (a Halliburton subsidiary) that had so much trouble delivering ice during the Katrina recovery efforts.

As this story develops it will be interesting to see just how deeply involved the ideology of privatization has affected this situation. My guess us that it is the root cause.