Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Time For Hillary To Concede!

Someone has finally had the guts to say it, and not just one person, quite a few. This time has come for Hillary Clinton to concede and help the Democratic Party win in November. Her insistence in continuing a no-win battle through the summer is hurting the party . The latest voices calling for her to bow out are Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Chris Dodd of Connecticut. Even Howard Dean says the contest has gotten way too personal and should be settled before July and I couldn’t agree more. She has no chance of gaining the nomination in a fair manner, and can only hope for a trick or back room deal.

That kind of win would alienate so many voters that the Democrats would hand the Presidency to McCain in November and kill any enthusiasm and momentum for change. If she is picked through machinations of the system, through gaining delegates in Florida and Michigan, where the state parties broke the rules, the American public will see that she is just another Washington politician willing to do anything to win.

Personally I think an Obama-Clinton ticket would be unbeatable, but I doubt if Ms. Clintons ego would allow that. Barring that, she could really help the party by moving to the sidelines and helping defeat McCain and the faltering GOP machine.

Come on Hillary! Step up to the plate and do something for the team not just yourself!

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