Saturday, December 30, 2006

Park Service No Longer Able To Speak The Truth About The Grand Canyon

The story that broke a couple of days ago about the Parks Department at the Grand Canyon not being able to tell visitors the age of the park really got me. The Bush administration has discouraged them from doing so because it might offend fundamentalists who believe the world is no older than 6000 years. OK, sounds like the home-school crowd is starting to affect the overall IQ of the country!

The availability of a book saying the Grand Canyon was a byproduct of Noah’s Flood at the canyon gift shop says it all. We have let a group of fringe fanatics force their wacko opinions down our throats as "alternative theories" long enough. Ask any geologist what he or she thinks about this theory and they will stare at you dumfounded. It is not a theory, it is a bad interpretation of scripture, and is both bad theology and bad science.

These backwoods bumpkins used to be laughed at. That was a good thing too, it often would teach them that they needed to get some real "book learnin" and join the 21st century. I respect other people’s faith, but there is a place for it and it’s not as official policy of the National Parks. Noah, Adam, Eve and the rest belong in a church. The problem with this kind of flimsy faith is that it would be more at home in the "Little Book of Bible Stories" than a real theological discussion. If your faith has not matured beyond the Bible story level, I suspect you live a pretty unexamined life. Adults should have a developed adult theology to guide them, not a bunch of bumper sticker phrases and charming fables.

So to the fundamentalists who may be offended by scientific fact, tough! Time to examine your whole faith journey and really give it some thought. A faith that is not based on any effort on your part is destined to fail you in a crisis. Read, learn, grow, use the wonderful mind God gifted you with. You will find many more blessings in your life that way.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ford Criticizes Bush From The Grave

Now he tells us! Gerald Ford’s interview with Bob Woodward was held until his death, and that is a very unfortunate thing. Ford was highly critical of the Iraq war and the Bush administration in general. His views, those of a moderate conservative, would have gone a long way towards waking the sleeping majority of Americans who reelected Bush in 2004. It is tragic that Ford chose to hide his opinions until now, and more tragic that he is not alive to answer a few more questions.

I am sure more will come out about this historic interview, but it is all too late. What a poor legacy this will leave. Ford, willing to criticize the administration only after he is beyond the reach of any repercussions. A voice from the grave and from history now merely a feeble "I told you so."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bush Ranked Villain By 1/4 Americans

How the mighty have fallen! George W. Bush, once seen as a hero by the majority of the country is now seen as the World’s Number One Villain by one in every four Americans. This mean’s he beats Saddam and Osama in some people’s books. Pretty durn sad, especially since I am one of those folks.

Only 13% of people polled voted Bush a hero. So much for his political capital. The AP/AOL poll ranked Bush as the #1 Bad Guy by a landslide. And I have to wonder why the Democrats will not impeach him and put him out of his misery?

New Year - No Good News

As the New Year approaches, I find myself thinking as a nation we are in somewhat better shape than last year, but still in mortal peril. Not from terrorists, though they pose a threat, but from a delusional President who continues to march our young soldiers into an unwinnable war he started.

As General Abizaid calls 3500 troops into "call forward" status, I feel a sense of dread. Looks like Bush has already used the Iraq Study Group report as kindling for his Yule log, and now wants to throw gasoline on the fires in Iraq. Adding more troops to an already muddled situation will achieve only more chaos and resentment from Iraqis and more death for our troops.

The other problem with Bush’s "surge" idea is that it will only delay the Iraqis from taking responsibility for their own security. Of course that is a tenuous thing itself. Every day more bombings and death squad reports hit the press. Iraq may be hopelessly broken and it falls at the feet of Bush and his cronies. There is no easy answer, and in my opinion there is no winning this thing. I am reminded of the "Pottery Barn" analogy put forth at the war’s start. So, how do you reassemble a broken pot? Well you use glue and patience and what you end up with is a pot that never looks as good as it did before. That’s what we have in Iraq, a country that as far as quality of life will never be as good as it was before. Did I like Saddam? Hell no, but there were other less lethal ways of removing him than to have an all out assault on the country.

What to do now? Well, investigations and perhaps impeachment of Bush and Cheney for a start. Even though the Democrats seem reluctant to do it, it needs to be done. Meanwhile we need to begin drawing down troops in Iraq and finding ways to deal with our allies and enemies in the Middle East in more effective ways. That is why the present administration must go, they will never understand that.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Of Polar Bears, Gerald Ford & Castro

As the arctic sea ice melts away the habitat of the polar bear is reduced, and finally the Bush administration has admitted it may be a problem. A source within the Interior Department leaked the information that the polar bear may soon be under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. They spoke under condition of anonymity, since the Bush folks don’t want to appear as though they are admitting the global warming may be a reality. Remember they create their own realities!

As Coca-Cola watches it’s most recognizable spokesbear disappear from the face of the earth, I suspect they may be considering ways to jump on the ecology friendly bandwagon. I suspect we will see Coke ads soon that encourage recycling and fuel economy. And while you’re at it, share a Coke and a smile!

Then there is the passing of another endangered creature, an ex-president of the US. Gerald Ford died last night. He will be fondly remembered as the man who ended the Republican Party’s long nightmare by pardoning Nixon. As the country’s only unelected president he held a unique position. His wife, Betty became a hero of many recovering addicts by publicly admitting her addiction and later starting the renowned Betty Ford Clinic. For that, so many American’s are grateful. Betty Ford made the subject of addiction an acceptable topic and brining it out of the closet led thousands to recovery.

Finally there is Fidel Castro. As he lingers in what has been described as a "near-death" state, he reaches another milestone. He has outlived yet another US president and defiantly maintained the sovereignty of Cuba in the face of the most vociferous detractors. Though I am no great fan of Communism, I have to admit that Fidel has held on to power much longer than I expected. My only hope is that once he passes, our country will come to its senses and begin normal relations with Cuba. I really miss the cigars.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

James Brown Dead At 73 - His Music Lives On Forever

Soul Music legend James Brown died today. God rest the "Godfather of Soul", the hardest working man in show business. It is hard to imagine my life without his songs ringing in my head. "I feel good, like I knew that I would , now!" It only takes those few words to conjure up his image, dancing and sweating onstage while his band pounded out the tightest sound in soul.

Holiday Wishes And A Healthy New Year!

Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanza and Happy Chanukah! Let’s hope next year is a better one for the entire world. My personal holiday wish is that all Americans will have affordable health care in the coming new year. It’s not as big a wish as world peace, and that’s always on my list, but it is something I think the new Congress could and should take up.

I have to say that I am ashamed that our prosperous and remarkable country is one of the only industrialized nations in the world that has no national health care system. Why can a country with as many political and economic problems as Mexico have a state run health system and we have none? Why, according to the Center for American Progress, do 45 million Americans lack health insurance today. millions more are struggling to pay premiums that are growing five times faster than wages, even as their benefits shrink.

What does this say about us as Americans? Having had a period of my life when I had no health insurance and little money to pay for health care I can tell you. It means you get sick and you suffer and with luck you get well on your own. If you get seriously sick, you end up in the county emergency room and you hope that the medication they prescribe is cheap enough that you can afford it. It means that if you do not have enough money for experimental treatments for rare diseases, you just suffer or die.

It all comes down to money. The rich get the medicine and health care they need and the poor get the leftovers and sometimes nothing at all. I can tell you from experience, I lived in fear of getting sick. A day sick meant a day without the ability to work and that meant falling further and further in debt.

Today, I am grateful that that has changed. I have expensive health insurance, but it covers most of what might happen. There is no excuse that millions of Americans should live in constant fear of getting sick through no fault of their own. It is a shame on our national identity. We must demand that the new Congress do something about it.

Here's an interesting plan that the Center for American Progress has proposed. There are others equally as novel and the point is it must be discussed and something MUST be done.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Island Vanishes In Rising Sea Levels - Dramatic Evidence Of Global Warming

Still denying Global Warming? Talk to the former residents of Lohachara in the bay of Bengal. This inhabited island has now vanished under the seas. Once home to 10,000 people the island is no longer above sea level. The rising sea levels will cause more such problem as the ice caps melt. It's time to do something if it isn't too late. Write your congressman and demand that the US reduce carbon emissions, buy a hybrid car, use less energy, take action now.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Greetings! Draft Board Gearing Up Test

Merry Christmas from the Selective Service! Looks like Bush is cranking up the rusty old Draft Board and getting it ready for work. The Selective Service Administration is running a test of its notification system, something that hasn’t been done since 1998. There are assurances from the officials that this does not signal a reinstatement of the draft, but in my book if it looks like a draft and quacks like a draft…its gonna be a draft!

Time to haul out your old protest signs and songs.

And it’s one, two, three what are we fightin’ for?
Don’t ask me I don’t give a f**k!
Next stop looks like Iraq.

(Appologies to Country Joe)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bears Stop Hibernating - New Proof Of Global Warming

To all those idiots who deny the reality of Global Warming, here’s a wake up call. Seems like bears in northern Spain have stopped hibernating. I expect Senator Inhoff from Oklahoma is wondering how those liberal do-gooders managed to trick the bears into this behavior?

This is nature sending us an alarm. When animals start changing their instinctive behaviors we have a couple of important things happening. One is proof of evolution in their behavior to adapt to the climate, and second, proof of drastic climate change. We have to start looking at ways to stop the warming trend and it begins with a smaller carbon footprint. We have to make changes now, not later. Wake up Global Warming deniers!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Fundamentalist Preacher In A Sex Scandal!

And the parade of fundamentalist Christian sex predators continues! Pastor Paul Williams of Bellveue Baptist Church near Memphis joins the latest gang of child molester clergy. Seems like Pastor Paul did a bit of under aged diddling a few years back and successfully covered it up until now.

Seems that some fundamentalist Christians are just born again child molesters.

Bush Looks Delusional At Press Conference

I keep coming up with the word delusional when I speak of President Bush. I just can’t help it after seeing the latest press conference. This is a man who last week said we were winning the Iraq was, and this week says we are not. He says instead that he "hopes" we can win. That is a very important statement in understanding the depth of his illness.

A delusional person lives in a world of hopes and imagination rather than reality. Bush fits in this role perfectly. He in some ways reminds me of Queen Evileen in the Broadway musical The Wiz, when she sings "don’t nobody bring me no bad news!"

Bush has surrounded himself with a cadre of yes men and women who are loyal to a fault and would rather see the country go down in flames than tell the President he is wrong. This is the same problem a certain German dictator had and it brought about the ruin of that country.
Someone has to tell him we are not only loosing whatever objective he may be imagining in Iraq, but we are destabilizing the entire region. Instead of concentrating on solving the Israeli/Palestinian problem, or finding Osama Ben Laden, we have been involved in what could best be described as "Petro-Adventurism" in Iraq. At the bidding of Exxon and the rest we have sent our troops into harms way and in the process destroyed a soverign countries infrastructure and thousands of lives in the process.

Our ship of state sails on blindly in a sea of falsified statistics and propaganda and yet the President, in his own words, "sleeps well at night". Sleeps well? Who but a madman could sleep well during this mess.

Bush needs to be treated like a sick person, and more importantly a sick person that has no business running a country. He and his entire cabinet need to step down and let Congress or maybe even the UN step in and restore a real government to our country. Yea, like that will ever happen!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gingrich Blames Rove And Bush For GOP Losses

And so the GOP is eating its own. Newt Gingrich lays the blame for the lost election squarely at Karl Roves feet and turns his back on President Bush as the standard bearer of all things conservative. In the latest issue of Insight, Newt is characterized as having stayed silent for more than a year and is now coming out publicly to criticize the administration.

He also hints that he will not be a presidential candidate in 2008. Whew! That’s a relief. One less idiot to have cluttering up the airwaves with their clap trap. Now if we could just put a muzzle on McCain and his born again neocon act….

Bush Calls King's X On India Nuke Deal

Seems like King George just can't resist flaunting his imagined powers. He has issued a signing statement on the recent "Henry Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act". That act took over a year of wrangling top get it through Congress and now the President says he is not bound by the bill he just signed!

What kind of fantasy is he living in? This just shows that his signature is about as good as his word. He lies when he speaks, why not when he signs a bill? This guy is delusional beyond all reason. He must step down and take his toadies with him. The GOP needs to grow some cajones and have a real "come to Jesus meeting" with the guy. For the good of the country he must go and take Cheney with him. If the Democrats won't impeach him, then the GOP needs to step up to the plate and call for a resignation.

America is at risk, and someone must tell the Emperor he has no clothes.

Joe Barbera Dies - Boomer Generation Icon

What would my childhood have been without Hanna-Barbera? No Yogi Bear, no Flintstones, no Quick Draw McGraw? Luckily my generation was blessed with Joe Barbera and Bill Hanna whose pantheon of animated characters are imprinted deeply within our consciousness.

Bill Hanna went to the great cartoon land in the sky back in 2001 but last night the last half of that legendary team joined him. Goodbye to Joe Barbera and thanks for all the memories. Booboo is certainly boo-hooing right now.

Pentagon Opposes Troop Surge Idea

Seems like our delusional President is more and more at odds with the pentagon in how to handle the Iraq quagmire. Pentagon sources say the proposal to send a "surge" of another 20,000 or 30,000 troops is not a good strategy. Bush, apparently never having read the Iraq Study Group report still thinks this mess is "winnable" and refuses to listen to reason.

How much longer will the Generals continue to fight what they consider an unwinnable war? With everyone from the new Secretary of Defense on down saying we need to withdraw, what will be the final outcome? I sincerely hope the possibility of a military coup is off the table, however if Republicans have any balls left, they should ask Bush and Cheney to step down while our country is still in one piece.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bush Library Plans Cause A Rucus

Looks like SMU wants no part of the Bush library. Wise decision. Professors are lobbying heavily against it. However, I have found a copy of the proposed plot plan showing the layout of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and I think they may be making a mistake. It is an innovative design.

Another Pastor Outed From Fundamentalist Church

The fundamentalist church lead by Ted Haggard is apparently rife with sexual predators. The pastor of young adult programs has stepped down admitting sexual impropriety with his flock. It is amazing how many closeted men are buried in fundamentalist churches. I guess they figure if they are ashamed of who they are they can hide in the least likely crowd . The big problem is that they hurt their congregations, themselves and out gays everywhere. They give a distorted impression of gay people and often times are themselves rabidly homophobic.

I call on all closeted gay men and women to come out and live proud and denounce the demon of homophobia! Now that would be a welcome revival.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Army Marine Recruiters Running Drugs In Tucson

"OK, so you don’t want to join the military, how about running cocaine for me?" That’s pretty much the question from military recruiters in Tucson, Arizona recently. A pair of military recruitment offices were busted for using the names of possible recruits in local high schools to solicit drug runners.

The recruiters, caught in an FBI sting operation were still recruiting up to 3 years after first being secretly videotaped by the FBI running drugs in uniform. Spokespersons for the military says they were kept on the job so as not to arouse suspicion during the lengthy sting operation.

This pitiful story speaks for itself. Marines and Army members using their influence to organize a drug ring, and IN UNIFORM! Granted this may be an isolated case, but it shows a pretty good lack of ethical training and leadership. I certainly hope this doesn’t tarnish the reputations of the thousands of loyal and ethical military men and women who are honest and sincere.

Friday, December 15, 2006

US Soldiers Teack Iraqi Kids Obscene Chant

Great! Another example of our soldiers taking out their frustrations on Iraqi children. In this stunning example of our military's fabulous PR machine, soldiers teach the kids to chant "F**k Iraq." I guess this is what happens when even the soldiers fighting realize it's fruitless and just give up. Next time we have a war, maybe we should teach our guys how to win hearts and minds, not how to create distrust and sow the seeds of their own destruction. These kids, like the previous video of Iraqi children being taunted with water are excellent training videos for new terrorists who hate the US. We should remember these incidents next time there is trouble in the Middle East and we wonder why they hate us?

Boiled Like Lobsters - The Real GOP Plan

A nice warm bath! That’s what the lobster thinks as the pot of water heats up. You see, you put them in the water before it boils and they never know they are being cooked until the die. Kind of like the slow and methodical removal of our rights as Americans. The GOP and the neocons have been carefully and slowly turning back the Bill of Rights in an attempt to lull us to sleep.

It’s just a little thing, taking away the right to hear the accusations against you, especially if you are not currently in trouble with the law. It’s just a little thing, holding a few "enemy combatants" without charges for years in isolation. It’s just a little thing, classifying every word spoken in the White House. It’s just a little thing making meetings that decide public policy "top secret". It’s just a little thing of having a religious organization with an official Pentagon office holding sanctioned prayers.

Pretty soon it will just be a little thing of censoring our right to comment on the Internet, and then a little more. Before we know it we will be drifting to sleep for good. Boiled in a pot of totalitarianism and under the thumb of a theocracy. We will taste delicious, as we are served up on a platter for the rich and powerful to feast on.

I look around me and I see everyone I know turning red. They are red with anger at the demise of our Democracy, but not angry enough to do anything. Like the hapless lobster, they will be bright red when they finally drift off, and they will never know what the real problem was.

It is time to take back our Democracy. It is time to take back our country and our very souls. The people in power in this administration are beyond corrupt. They are soulless. Not evil, just hollow. They have a vision of a country I cannot understand. A country ruled by a super wealthy oligarchy and governed with some kind of selective theocratic law. The problem is, unless you are part of their ruling elite, you are irrelevant.

Taking back the Congress for Democrats will have an effect only if we hold them to a plan of action to restore the rights that we have lost. Write your elected representative and tell them you expect them to act to reverse the horrible path that the Republicans have taken us down. Get involved with your local Democratic Party and make your voice heard. Take a few moments to climb to the rim of the pot and look out to see where we once were. It’s not too late, but we have to wake up to the problem and take action.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tony Snow Says We Are Winning In Iraq - Wonder What Loosing Would Look Like?

More proof that Bush and his cronies are delusional comes in the form of Tony Snow, denier in chief. Today in a press conference he actually implied we are winning in Iraq. This in the face of the Iraq Study Group report that clearly states we are not winning. This in the face of the incoming Secretary of Defense who also feels we are not winning in Iraq.

Tony has to say it because if he doesn’t he will be fired. Someone has to tell the Emperor he has no clothes! Bush must be told we are loosing and we need to do something other than stay the course, but he will not listen.

McCain Declares War On Blogging

John McCain, the man who so convincingly masqueraded as a moderate is showing his true radical conservative stripes. His latest move is to introduce legislation that would effectively end blogging forever. He wants bloggers held responsible for all comments on their sites to prevent "child pornography". In other words he wants political dissent squelched and is using this as the excuse.

Check this story on Think Progress.

Tony Snow Doesn't Know - Anything!

Keith Olbermann compiled this litany of just what Mr. Snow doesn't know.
Thanks to Raw Story for uncovering this wealth of non-knowledge.

Former President Carter Dismisses His Critics - With Good Reason

Having just finished Jimmy Carter’s new book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," I think the critics are warring over the title, not the facts contained within. No matter how you spin the situation in the Middle East, one thing is clear: the Israeli/Palestinian issue must be settled. Carter has unique knowledge of not only the facts but also the people involved. He has personal relationships with all the players and there is no one better qualified to assess the situation.

His book is a frank and open assessment of the problem and it’s possible solutions. What has critics upset is the title. That word "apartheid" is simply too hot to handle. After reading the book, I can think of no better word to describe the actions of the Israelis. They have walled up the Palestinians, restricted their commerce, movement and contact with the outside world. They have overwhelming military force aimed at them and have emasculated their police force. Top that off with the Israelis stubborn refusal to abide by the UN resolution 242 and you have a recipe for disaster.

Carter calls a spade a spade and for that he is vilified. Well the truth sometimes hurts, but it can set all the parties accept the facts and move beyond them towards a real solution. Unfortunately it seems that may be impossible for the foreseeable future. One of the main problems is the US lack of resolve to stay engaged in the process. If we took an active role in the peace process things might move forward, but the present administration has chosen to remain passive on this issue. By staying on the sidelines and not pushing both sides for an equitable peace, we only keep tensions high in the area.

To people offended by the title, if you haven’t read the book, then shut up. Titles are meant to be provocative and this is a subject on which everyone needs more information. This book is a great start in understanding the problem and the possible solutions. It is written by the foremost authority on the subject and we would all do well to heed his warnings.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush Delusional - Sees New Terrorist Threat From Space!

As further proof that Bush has lost touch with reality, his administration now claims he greatest threat to the country is a terrorist attacking our satellites. Yup, Star Wars! These Bozos are trying to recycle their old Star Wars crap but now hey are saying it is to keep the terrorists from attacking in outer space.

Funny how Osama Bin Laden is managing to jump from suicide bombers to space weapons. How will they do these attacks, smuggle suicide astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle?

It’s time we realize we have a dangerously out of control maniac at the helm of our ship of state. Bush is delusional and needs to be removed from office and treated or perhaps just locked away. His view of the war in Iraq is so twisted that he cannot or will not even consider the Iraq Study Group report. Instead he is thinking of increasing troop levels. Somebody get the butterfly net and lock this madman up, before he ends up endangering everyone in the country and the world for that matter.

Republican Bonilla Defeated In San Antonio

Another Texas county goes blue! Henry Bonilla, longtime Republican Congressman from San Antonio was defeated in a stunning victory by Democrat Ciro Rodriguez in a runoff election. Rodriguez’s victory completes the Democratic take over of the House of Representatives and Congress in general. Despite his 14 year incumbency, Bonilla could not maintain his position, and reflects a ruling by the US Supreme Court that Republicans had illegally divided up the areas Hispanic vote in their 2003 redistricting scam.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Video - Blue Christmas or Peace On Earth?

Please share the video below woth your friends for this Chirstmas season.

Anti-Gay Church Must Pay Marine's Family

Looks like Fred Phelps, the fringe Kansas preacher who has been picketing war vet funerals, is getting a little payback. A court has ordered him to pay $3,150 in court costs t othe father of a Marine whose funeral his group picketed.

Fred and his storefront church in Topeka get their rocks off by picketing funerals. They started with those of gay men who died of AIDS. Carrying such lovely "christian" signs as "God Hates Fags", they have now turned to the funerals of Iraq war veterans. In some kind of twisted logic, he puts the war at the feet of America’s gays and lesbians and feels that the death of our soldiers is God’s retribution on America.

Finally Fred is getting a little of his own medicine.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Evangelical Preacher Tossed Out Of The Closet

Another Evangelical preacher gay? Yeppers! Looks like the mega-churches are full of closeted gay men. In Colorado, the center of all homophobic Christian activity the 2100 member Grace Chapel saw the tearful goodbye of it’s pastor, Paul Barnes who admitted his homosexuality and resigned. Seems there is a spate of whistle blowing going on in the Christian Right churches. I have to wonder if this isn’t the beginning of a melt-down for the powerful Christian Dominionist movement? Personally, I hope so. These guys are making gay people’s lives miserable and it’s time they backed off.

Welcome US Senate Sergeant At Arms

Always good to have our nations legislative bodies reading my rants. Thanks for dropping by and hope you found something interesting.

Inhofe Still In Denial About Global Warming

James Inhofe, Republican wacko from Oklahoma, today expanded on his litany of untruths regarding global warming by claiming that the recent UN report proves it’s all a hoax. The report says nothing of the sort. It says human activity is the cause, that it’s still a big problem and that new figures further refine the timetable for catastrophe.

This corporate stooge is amazing in his denials. How could he have become the leader of the committee to investigate this subject is beyond me. Oh yea…BUSH!

Glad he is on his way out as chair. Pity he isn’t just on his way out the door of the senate, period. Must be enough home-schooled folks let in Oklahoma to keep him in office.

Friday, December 08, 2006

James Inhofe Fibs - AGAIN!

James Inhofe (R-OK) claimed on Fox News today that global warming is a hoax and stated that, "it was warmer in the 1930's than it is today". Of course Fox did not challenge him or even ask his source. Why? Because it was made up out of whole cloth....a lie.

Here's NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies' average global mean surface temperatures data at the right. When will the media call these liars what they are...LIARS!

John Lennon Speaks Across Decades - "Give Peace A Chance"

26 years ago, John Lennon stepped out of his apartment house in NYC and was gunned down by an assassin who sought fame and notoriety. It was a sad day for the world as one of the brightest creative flames of the 20th century was extinguished.

Today, it is fitting that someone remember him by singing his song "Give Peace a Chance". Perhaps soon, it may be sung in Iraq where the civil war we facilitated rages in ever increasing intensity. If the factions that were held in check by the brutal reign of Saddam could take a few moments and try to form a unity government, Iraq might have a "chance".

The Iraq Study Group has offered a possible pathway towards peace, and if Bush will take the recommended steps there might be at least a chance of peace. If he does nothing, which is his standard operating style, there will be more death to both Iraqi’s and American soldiers.

Take out the record player, Mr. Bush and play that old song of John’s. Remember the days when you smoked pot and were mellower. What the heck, why not try peace?

War On Christmas - Dubbya Aviator Doll

It's the Christmas gift that stays the course, the George Bush Action Figure. Dressed in his phony aviator outfit, little "W" gives a thumbs up declaring mission accomplished.

Perfect for all the young Republicans on your list. Also doubles as a voodoo doll or with optional strings as a puppet president, just like the real one!

Funny thing is, this toy is already marked down $15. By Christmas it might be a freebie, so be patient. (

UPDATE: Also available, the Bill Clinton Talking Action Figure. Finally a doll that has something worth hearing!

No More Paperless Voting?

So it seems Americans have caught on to the black-box voting fraud gimmick. The NY Times says Paperless-voting machines will be a thing of the past by 2008. So much for the Republicans sweeping the presidential election!

The problems that arose this election with these error prone gadgets may make a revote necessary in Florida where a record number of "undervotes" turned up. Remember the hanging chads in 2000? Combine this with the fact that these machines are easily hacked and the software is secret, making any oversight impossible.

Write your congressperson and tell them you want a paper ballot.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Inhofe Sees Media Bias Where There Is None

Lame duck Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) held hearings today on the media and their reporting of the global climate crisis. Of course Inhofe believes there is still controversy surrounding this issue. As he watches the waters of the ocean encroach on the shores of Ardmore, Oklahoma, he will probably still be skeptical.

He is the kind of intellect we can look forward to from the legion of home-schooled kids out there that have no understanding of real science. I guess Inhofe will believe the rising sea levels is another biblical style flood.

Buh-bye Jimmy!

Gas Prices Rise - Just In Time For Christmas

So back in October, I predicted the price of gasoline would rise after the elections. In fact it has an average of 8 cents a gallon nationwide and it is still climbing. According to industry experts this time of year gas prices usually remain stable. Of course these are the industry experts who are manipulating the prices.

Here’s my further prediction: Gas prices will continue to rise until the inauguration of the new congress, then they will skyrocket for a short time until there is an investigation of price fixing by oil companies. Once the investigation starts prices will drop again.

If anyone can’t see what’s happening, they it’s too late for them. Oil companies are gaming the system and screwing the consumer. Why was Cheney’s Energy Advisory board top secret? Because that is where they discussed this exact scenario. The American public is being screwed and with Bush in the White House we have no protection. Perhaps a Democratic Congress can stop this crap?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Rats Leave The Bush Sinking Ship

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report:

"Important Bush Administration officials are ready to leave the government rather than undergo two years of hell from Democratic committee chairmen in Congress. Leading the exodus are officials of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fearing investigation by two chairmen, Representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and John Dingell (D-MI)."

Water On Mars - NASA Scientists Claim

NASA just had a press conference where they showed pictures of what scientists believe is water flowing on the surface of the planet. If these findings are confirmed it will mark a major step forward in our understanding of Mars and it’s geology. The question comes up, if there is flowing water, is their life?

With any luck, we will be able to answer that question in a few years.

Vice President's Lesbian Daughter Is Pregnant

Congratulations to Mary Cheney! She and her partner Heather Poe are expecting their first child. The couple have been together for 15 years and recently appeared together at a White House dinner honoring Prince Charles and Camilla.

Funny how their self-proclaimed "marriage" is no problem for the White House, but if my partner and I want to marry it’s out of the question. In fact Bush has pushed the anti-gay marriage amendment several times and yet his own vice president has a gay daughter. The depth of the hypocrisy in this administration knows no bottom.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Afghanistan Opium Crop Booms!

Wow! Booming economy in Afghanistan, at least in the narco-sector. This years opium crop is up 26% over last year. Great news for heroin addicts! White House drug policy czar John Walters called the news "disappointing."

Bolton Looking For TV Gig

Looks like John Bolton, recently dissed US ambassador to the UN is looking for a gig on the tube. According to Huffington Post he met with a talent management agency about possible work on the networks.

I suggest going into the Kids Vid buisness. He has the look already.

And so after a long Freedom of Information Act suit to gain records of visitors to the White House the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington received the documents at the left.

Notice the large areas with black boxes? That’s because the White House decided that all this information was "SECRET" without having it officially classified. Bush is playing dictator again, declaring things secret "just cause they are". Sounds like a petulant little child. We cannot afford to have a child in a seat of power. He must be removed ASAP. Urge your elected officials to investigate and impeach this dangerous man at the helm of our ship of state.

Federal Court To Hear Case Against Rumsfeld In Iraqi Torture

I just renewed my membership in the ACLU and now I know why. ACLU is filing suit in Federal Court against Donald Rumsfeld in connection with the torture scandal in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the first time a court has examined the issue and it’s been way too long in coming.

This will add to the suit filed by Germans in the International Court and though there is little chance of that going anywhere it will complicate Donald’s life for a while. Consider it penance for complicating the lives of all those people he had tortured. Now my next question is, can a sitting President be prosicuted for war crimes?

Monday, December 04, 2006

John Bolton Resigns!

And another rat leaves the sinking Bush ship. John Bolton, appointed ambassador to the UN has tendered his resignation effective when his recess appointment expires. My guess is he doesn’t want a real hearing into his qualifications and his reported problems in management style.

Now, watching the days for Cheney to step down followed swiftly by Rove. Who wants odds on January?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Washington Post Calls Bush Worst President Ever

Like we need someone to tell us? Today a Washington Post Op-Ed called Bush the worst president ever. It cited his ability in the past six years to undo basic freedoms set in place by such documents as the Magna Carta. Way to go “W”!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bottle Rocket + Video Camera = Generation Why?

And this is why America is doomed! Seems any kid with enough money for a video camera is trying to become famous for their lack of common sense. What is the kid with his pants down doing with that bottle rocket? You probably guessed it and it's painful to watch. I hope his trip to the emergency room was a funny as his friends thought this stunt was.

If this is what our education programs are producing, then we've left all the kids behind, and no pun intended.

Generation Why? Bottle Rocket + Video Camera

And this is why America is doomed! Seems any kid with enough money for a video camera is trying to become famous for their lack of common sense. What is the kid with his pants down doing with that bottle rocket? You probably guessed it and it's painful to watch. I hope his trip to the emergency room was a funny as his friends thought this stunt was.

If this is what our education programs are producing, then we've left all the kids behind, and no pun intended.

Riot In Mexican Congress

Mexico drifts closer and closer to an all out civil war. Seems like they are all the rage worldwide right now and I find it surprising that the US is involved in on half a world away and ignoring one on our border.

Our foreign policy is completely out of whack when we are sparking regional conflicts like Iraq and snubbing a country on the brink of chaos like Mexico. Time that our Congress and President wake up and read the news. Otherwise, we might end up with a refugee flood across our borders instead of a trickle of illegals.

Today in the Mexican Congress there was a riot with lawmakers exchanging blows and throwing chairs to prevent the President elect from addressing the body. His election, widely criticized as questionable has sparked several violent confrontations and a government in exile formed by his opposition.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Iraq In Chaos - Al-Sadir Faction Pulls Out Of Government

Things are happening fast in Iraq. Today the Al-Sadir loyalists pulled out of the government, and Al-Maliki’s summit with Bush is cancelled. Not to be a prophet of doom, but seems like Baghdad is falling into chaos.

As critics have long said, Bush’s scheme in Iraq would lead to chaos and all out civil war, and guess what? IT IS!

Our President is living in a dream world and refuses to see the reality on the ground. He must be removed from office to avoid further disaster here at home. When a person who is supposed to lead the country can’t face facts, we are in trouble. Call your congressperson and demand impeachment now.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cheney Looking More And More Like Short-Timer

Well the office pools in DC are betting on the number of days Dick Cheney has left before he resigns for "health reasons" or the perennial "to spend more time with my family". I am betting on just over 30 days.

Why? Well, he has become a lead sinker on the line of the Neocons fishing for votes. He is also occupying prime real estate, the VP office. The GOP wants a viable candidate for President in there and not an aging war-horse. My guess is McCain will move comfortably into the office at Bush’s appointment and have a nice place to try for the top. Pretty early to speculate on running mates, but personally I see Condi Rice in there as well. Good combination? Only if you want more of the same disaster we have now.

My money is on a Democrat from Illinois.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Putting Up Christmas Lights Today

Decking the halls, or at least our house today and tomorrow. Putting up hundreds of LED Christmas lights and decorations. I got inspired to do the crazy geek Christmas thing and got software and controllers from Light-O-Rama. If you saw the video of the house with the synchronized lights list year, that's how they do it. Should be a festive season if my neighbors don't drive me out.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Trent Lott Pressures For Rove Resignation

As I predicted, the pressure is on for Karl Rove to resign. Trent Lott, racist Senator from Mississippi has suggested it and many more of the GOP faithful are signing on to the "Dump Rove" bandwagon. I suspect it will be before the first of the year when Mr. Rove decides he needs to spend more time with his family. That will probably be after Bush tells him he’s doing a "heck of a job". That seems to be the GOP version of the Mafia kiss, once you get it, you are a short timer.

That said, you’re doing a heck of a job Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rumsfeld Authorized Torture At Abu Ghraib

Time to hold people accountable, starting with Rumsfeld! Former Brigadier General Janice Karpinski, who supervised Abu Ghraib prison under the US forces in Iraq, said in an interview with a Spanish newspaper that Donald Rumsfeld authorized the cruel and inhumane torture of prisoners.

If this is true there must be a full investigation and if the evidence shows it, prosecution for war crimes. Rumsfeld may have figured he could retire and step into oblivion, but if he is guilty, he must be called to account for his crimes.

Then, turn to his boss, George W. Bush and find out how much he knew or authorized. The American and Iraqi people must have an explanation.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shiites Burn Sunni's Alive - Peace Is On The March

Gotta love that old time religion! Shiites grabbed 6 Sunni worshipers as they left a mosque today and doused them with gasoline and set them ablaze. Funny, I have read the Koran and I found nothing about this practice in there. If these guys are acting in the name of their religion, they must be reading a different Prophet.

Of course religious teachings never stopped Christians from lynching blacks in the South not so long ago, so I guess the words of the Prophet Mohammed might go just about as far with his followers. For that we should all morn. Iraq has descended into a crazy religious holy war and our presence is fanning the flames. (OK bad analogy.)

Tragedies like this will only increase as long as we keep our troops as occupiers in a nation in the midst of a civil war, and we do nothing to stop it. We must either become real peace keepers, by actually stopping this kind of stuff, or we should get out. Yes we broke it, and now I suspect no amount of armed force can put it back together again. I would suggest sending Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld over to personally try to stand between the warring factions and stop the war. Needless to say that will never happen, and it would do no good. What it would do is act as a wake up call for our alleged leaders to the gawd awful mess they have made. Somebody has to be made accountable.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in Texas it’s a slightly warmer than usual Thanksgiving Day. 75 expected to be the high temperature, so no snow on the ground. Still it feels like Thanksgiving. I rose early to put the Turkey in the oven and later my family and friends will gather for the traditional food orgy that accompanies most Thanksgivings in the US.

I am reminded that while we feast much of the world starves. Americans will average over 3500 calories a day in the food we consume. Compare this to sub Saharan Africa where the average is only 2000 calories a day. That alone should be reason enough to give thanks. We are very lucky people.

For those who would challenge that claim saying, "luck has nothing to do with it, it’s hard work that makes us great". I would remind them that the subsistence farmer in South America works harder than most of us and he still barely ekes out a living. For that matter in this country there are hundreds of thousands of people working at minimum wage jobs, barely able to feed themselves without public assistance, and they work hard, very hard.

Hard work is important, but most of us are just plain lucky. Lucky to be born into a family with enough money to send us to school. Lucky to have the contacts and wealth to afford a good university. Lucky to be born with the right skin color or the right sexual organs to be successful with a minimum of obstacles in our way. For that we should be truly grateful, and give thanks.

Most importantly is the way we give thanks. I personally choose to show my gratitude to God and to my fellow human beings by making sure that at least a few people who might go to bed hungry are fed. I shop for several families’ Thanksgiving meal as part of my church benevolence program. I donate to charities to provide food and health care to the poor and underinsured. I pray with all my heart that my country can find a path to help the less fortunate of the world and ease the crippling affliction of hunger.

Not to be didactic, but for me, service is the best form of giving thanks. I only wish I could do more, but that is our lot as human beings. We can never be perfect, but we can strive for perfection and follow our better instincts.

At this festive time of year, I am grateful and wish everyone a joyful and bountiful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jobless Rate Grows By 12,000 Last Week

The jobless rate jumped 12,000 people last week, even after adjustment for seasonal changes. This means that "good economy" Bush brags about is an illusion for at least 12,000 Americans last week. Isn’t it time we started doing something about it? Tax cuts for the rich do nothing to boost the economy. They already have all the Mercedes and Lexus they need and their investments don’t create jobs, only more money for speculators and the markets.

It’s time everyone in this country paid their fair share and helped get us back on track. Write your congressman or you newly elected congressman and let them know how you feel.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Video Of US Troops Teasing Thirsty Children - Not Good PR!

If there is any wonder some Iraqi’s hate us here is a pretty good reason. This video posted on YouTube show soldiers tempting Iraqi children with bottled water, then pulling away before giving it to them. Oh yes! That’s a funny joke! A real knee slapper.

Next time a roadside bomb kills an American GI we should have all the soldiers watch this video. Maybe they will understand why they are not winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Now before I get a thousand flames on this, I know this may be an isolated incident, but still it should not happen. If we are really there to help the Iraqi’s we should do so without making them grovel, teasing them or showing our cruel nature. Come on guys, you can do better than this. I believe in our troops good nature and best motives. Show these people you give a damn about them and they might return the favor sometime. Who knows, it might save your life?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Federal Judge Orders FBI To Celar Up Facts Surrounding Saudi Secret Flights After 9/11

Well anyone who remembers the accusations that Saudi royals and members of the Bin Laden family were secretly flow out of the US following 9/11 during the time when no air travel was allowed will be happy about this. A federal judge has ordered the FBI to clear up the fogy facts they presented in the 9/11 report.

He said their version of events strained credulity and wants things cleared up. This will play out in the courts but it’s a start to the real facts behind 9/11.

13th District Race In Florida Challenged - Recount or Revote Needed

Well it’s about time! The 13 District Congressional Election in Florida is officially being challenged. This is a district that used no-paper-trail electronic voting machines and had an astounding 15% undervote. Undervote means that voters cast ballots for NEITHER candidate in that district, but voted for other candidates and initiatives. That adds up to 17,000 votes and is way too fishy to go unchallenged.

Remember this is Florida, home of Kathrine Harris and the hanging chads. Elections have been finagled here before and this time it’s going to be brought into the open. The real answer is another election, which is part of what the Jennings camp is seeking. Let’s hope it works. The black box electronic voting machines are way too prone to hacking, tampering and downright fraud with no way to trace the problem.

TV's Kramer Goes On Racist Rant

It’s always sad when someone who you always thought was a funny guy turns out to be not so funny after all. This is the case of Michael Richards, Kramer of "Seinfeld" fame. He was apparently being heckled at a recent live appearance at the Laugh Factory in LA when he absolutely lost it. He starts shouting and calling audience members "nigger" and that is the milder stuff. Most of the audience gets up and leaves in disgust.

How can you blame them? He was not being funny; he was just spewing hate. Frustration or not, there is no excuse for what Richards did, and I hope the management of the Laugh Factory will not ask him to return. Pity that my assumptions about him were wrong. I figured he was a pretty nice guy with a twisted sense of humor. Instead he is trying the grab the title from Mel Gibson for "Bigot of the Year".

McCain Now Anti-Abortion - Massive Flip-Flop!

John McCain has sold his soul to the GOP. Who can I say this? Well look at his recent cuddle-fest with the Bush Junta. He was tarred and feathered by Bush operatives during the primaries and now he’s best buddies. Looks like a deal was made somewhere. Second bit of damning evidence? Now after firmly stating that he was pro choice, he now says he favors overturning Roe Vs Wade.

This is not just a "flip-flop" it’s a blatant move toward the hard right and the Falwell camp. McCain want’s a cozy seat as VP before the 2008 elections, and it doesn’t take a genius to anticipate Cheney stepping down soon to allow a possible contender to get a prized incumbency.

Watch for Cheney to suddenly have "health" concerns and move aside to allow a GOP hopeful to fill his seat. My bet is on McCain, but Condi Rice is another strong contender, unless the whole Bush-Rice affair blows up.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Houston Police Trample Union Picket Line

Houston Police, known in my younger days as pretty durn brutal, are earning their reputation again. They used horses to trample protesting members of the Janitor’s union. How heartless is that. Trample people who earn minimum wage and have no health insurance?

Once again they are doing the bidding of Exxon and Chevron who oppose the union. Call your congressman and stop this crap.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Einstein Was Right!

So Einstein may have been right, even when he doubted himself. New photos and data from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal that much of the universe is filled with what some call "dark energy" and that, in a way, justifies Einstein’s Constant that has given physicists so much to debate for years.

Way too technical to get into here, but this article in the Houston Chronicle explains it pretty well.

America Defeats Hunger – At Least In Double-Speak

According to the Bush Government Hunger is no longer a problem in America. The numbers don’t bear this out but who cares when you are a neocon you can lie about anything. The numbers? 11.9% of Americans had trouble feeding themselves in 2005, but today only 11%! Nice drop, but no hunger? Well actually the government has eliminated the word hunger, people who go to bed at night without having eaten during the day are now no longer "hungry", they have "very low food security".

Genius! Don’t call it hunger and it’s gone! And now we just have to stop calling Bush President and he will be instead, "impersonator of a world leader". I hope a democrat is ready to step in and clean out that office so we can have a real president again.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm In Atlanta Today

Attending the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions convention and trade show. Kind of like a big carnival of carnivals and park people. I used to be involved in this business and was invited to attend with friends still doing that line of work. The interesting thing is that the Park business is a barometer of the countries economy and attitudes.

Other than the big companies monopolizing the industry, the prevailing attitude is still good and the show keeps growing. More later and maybe pictures for all your ride junkies.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Finally Over The GOP

Rush Limbaugh may finally be over his affliction with the GOP disease. On his show last week after the elections he made the following remark:

"…people have been asking me how I feel all night long. The way I feel is this: I feel liberated, and I'm going to tell you as plainly as I can why. I no longer am going to have to carry the water for people who I don't think deserve having their water carried. "

Sounds like Rush has finally seen reality and understands that the Bush administration and the Neocons do not have a clue beyond their own nearsighted ideology. Creating his or her own reality has been a miserable failure and now that the fog is lifting even someone as right wing as Rush can see it. The Emperor Bush is naked as a JayBird and it’s time we threw him a towel.

My prediction: Cheney will step down within a year to allow a possible Republican Presidential candidate to have the benefit of incumbency. Karl Rove will be gone in a year and so will most of his Neocon goons.

The rats are leaving the sinking ship of state and it’s about time. Now all we have to do is keep whoever takes the help honest and accountable and firmly based in reality. That will be quite a job in itself.

Fidel Castro In Ailing Health

Fidel Castro will turn 80 next month if his health holds out. Experts suspect he has some sort of cancer that will prove to be fatal in the near future. While the speculation about Cuba’s suture is high, I think it is important to look at their past.

Cuba is a nation that has inflamed American’s since the late 1800’s. There was talk after the Civil War of annexation of the island and after the Spanish-American war it was to become a US protectorate for a period of 20 years. President McKinley abandoned this plan and Cuba gained its independence in 1906.

From that time forward, the US occasionally meddled in Cuban affairs until 1925 when the island nation finally established a stable government. Again in 1933 a military coup changed the islands government again and in 1934 General Batista gained control with the help of the Cuban Army. Later he ran for president and won with broad support from many including the communist party who sought land reforms.

By the 1950’s Batista was loosing power and after it seemed he was destined to loose he next election he initiated another coup and installed himself as President through the use of force. Fidel Castro entered the picture in the early 1950’s with a group of idealistic rebels who sought to overthrow Batista. The ensuing revolution led to Castro being installed as Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959.

He has held onto that position as the leader of Cuba until this year when he temporarily handed over power to his brother for medical reasons. As of 2006 he is the world’s longest-ruling current head of government.

Why is this interesting? Well US presidents from Eisenhower to Bush II have railed against Cuba and it’s policies. We have embargoed and rattled our sabers and to no avail, with the notable exception of getting Russian missiles removed during the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

Today, Cuba trades with most Latin American countries and the European Union. Still the US refuses to deal with one of our closest neighbors. I can only hope that should Fidel Castro die, hat farsighted politicians in the US will seize the opportunity to once again make attempts to normalize relations with Cuba. For too long Fidel has been used as the boogieman to instill fear of negotiations with Cuba. Besides, I hate having to go out of the country to buy fine Cuban cigars.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

MSNBC Shows 87% Want Impeachment - Wait A While...

It is an interesting position the Democrats find themselves in. The overwhelming majority of folks surveyed recently by MSNBC want Bush impeached. Yet, Pelosi and Dean say they want no impeachment.

Why? Well, my theory is that as long as the threat of impeachment, and a popular impeachment at that, hangs over Bush’s head, he will be more agreeable to the proposals put forward by the Democratic Senate and House. So, maybe some of the disastrous policies he enacted can be reversed. On balance, that would be worth more than a quickie impeachment.

Does that make me want it any less, not really, but I understand the political leverage it implies and that is a good thing. Now, Democrats, hold your representatives responsible for their work and let’s see some changes now.

By the way, I have already ordered my "Pelosi 2007" bumper sticker. The joke will not be lost on anyone with a little political savvy.

MSNBC Shows 87% Want Impeachment - Wait A While...

It is an interesting position the Democrats find themselves in. The overwhelming majority of folks surveyed recently by MSNBC want Bush impeached. Yet, Pelosi and Dean say they want no impeachment.

Why? Well, my theory is that as long as the threat of impeachment, and a popular impeachment at that, hangs over Bush’s head, he will be more agreeable to the proposals put forward by the Democratic Senate and House. So, maybe some of the disastrous policies he enacted can be reversed. On balance, that would be worth more than a quickie impeachment.

Does that make me want it any less, not really, but I understand the political leverage it implies and that is a good thing. Now, Democrats, hold your representatives responsible for their work and let’s see some changes now.

By the way, I have already ordered my "Pelosi 2007" bumper sticker. The joke will not be lost on anyone with a little political savvy.

Nude Sculptures Are Forbidden In Colorado!

So if you live in Colorado, you probably have a real problem with the human body. It’s dirty! At least according to fundamentalist wackos in Loveland, Co. There the city council has been forced to move a sculpture of three nudes from a public location because children can see it. What?

Guess all those dirty sculptures in the Vatican and all over Paris, London, Rome, Athens will have to be rated PG-17. May God save us all from these idiots.

Ok, so maybe I am being uncharitable, but come on folks, if we start finding porn in every depiction of the human anatomy, then where do we stop? Doe we get everyone to cover themselves from head to toe in black cloth? Funny, this is exactly what is going on in countries like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Does no one see the irony in this crap?

Besides, isn't Colorado home of Ted Haggard?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Rumsfels and Gonzales Charged With War Crimes

So now we know why Bush refused to sign on to the International Court agreement a few years ago! Looks like Germany is filing charges against Gonzo and Rummy for war crimes!

About time someone took their actions seriously. The sad truth is hat probably nothing will come of this unless they travel overseas where they could be arrested if the charges stick. Looks like that 100,000 acres in Paraguay Bush recently purchased may come in handy. Does anyone else see this as analogous to what the Germans did after WW2? Paraguay became home to lots of expatriot Nazis, so why not US war criminals?

Fireworks Fun? Not In Your Butt!

And I thought only Americans did stupid things on video. A UK soldier just returning from Iraq found a party boring and so decided to liven it up by sticking a bottle rocket up his ass. The shaky cell phone video shows the "funny" scene. Not so funny for the soldier. After everyone laughed, he stood up walked a few steps then collapsed, bleeding from his anus.

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a scorched colon and other internal injuries. He will probably recover, but may have permanent damage. Why are we raising so stupid a generation of folks around the world? Who knows? I personally suspect it comes from people not understanding the difference between reality and fantasy. In other words watching too much TV and figuring out that if they can do it so can you.

Time to show just how dangerous things on TV really are. You rarely see the outtakes where the stunt person is carried away on a stretcher, or how the whole thing was computer generated to avoid the danger. Come on folks, do a little critical thinking!

Mexico City Passes Gay Union Law

It’s pretty telling when Mexico has better protection for the rights of Gay and Lesbians than the US. In a historic move Mexico City passed a resolution providing for protections just short of marriage for homosexual couples. Check the laws in our capitol, and you won’t find anything like that. Sad really, that a city whose population is overwhelmingly Catholic can find a way to give it’s Gay and Lesbian citizens more rights then the US Capital city.

I knew there was a reason why I loved Mexico, even with it's civil unrest and social problems.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Woman Sees Angel At Florida Fair?

And if you believe this one, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

So a woman and her kids go to the Florida State Fair and ride the Ferris Wheel. She takes a digital picture and later discovers a strange shape in the frame. Now most folks would think, hum, well it was night and lots of lights. Maybe a moth flew in front of the camera. Not Catherine Austin. She believes the out-of-focus moth is an angel.

I have no problem with people believing in angels, or anything, but perhaps this story shows us why critical thinking should be taught in our schools. The old standby Occam’s Razor would tell us that the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. Apparently not in Florida.

Gas Prices Start To Rise - Big Surprise!

As expected the price of gas is already rising here in Texas. Just as predicted the elections brought lower prices and once the GOP lost...well you get the idea.

Here are the average numbers from our area here in Dallas:

Last Week:2.039

(Numbers from a really cool site!)

Not much so far but watch the. You will see them get higher and higher now that the energy lobby has less power in DC.

If It Looks Like A Duck...And Limps Like A Duck It Must Be Bush

Lame duck President, George Bush is trying to push through the nomination of John Bolton still. He figures he better make hay while the sun shines. It remains to be seen if Congress will go along with a man who proved to be a Jonah to the party during the elections.

Meanwhile, speculation still running high here as to exactally when Karl Rove will resign. Maybe about the time Laura's divorce papers become public?

Ken Mehlman Steps Down! Christmas Is Early This Year!

And the GOP Exodus continues! Ken "I’m Not Gay" Mehlman has announced he will leave as Party Chair at the end of the year. Come on Karl, you can do it. Don’t you want to spend some more time with your family?

My happy feet just can’t stop dancing!

It's Official - Democrats Win The Senate!

As predicted George Allen made his concession speech his afternoon at 3:00pm Eastern time. This officially clears the way for the Democratic Tsunami to wash over Washington and begin to clean out the dirt for good.

Bush is frantically trying to push through a few items that will go nowhere in the next session of Congress and though he speaks of bipartisanship, his actions again show him to be the "liar in chief". Hasty phone calls were the start of trying to force John Bolton down the throats of the US, but that seems to have stalled.

Watch for other quickie surprises before the Dems are sworn in, and most importantly, lets keep this new Congress responsive to the will of the people. They owe us all, and we must hold them accountable.

Let the subpoenas begin!

Prediction: George Allen Concedes Today.

GOP is pressuring Allen to face the facts and step aside. This will return the Senate to Democratic control. Now with that said, let's hope Allen reeally follows through and gives up. His opponent has a 7000+ margin and recounts in Virginia have traditionally been unproductive.

Now if we can just do something about that pesky guy in the White House....send him packing.

UPDATE: MSNBC now says Allen will concede at 3:00pm Eastern time. Looks llike I called this one correct. Now if my hunch that Karl Rove will soon step down to spend more time with his family is correct I will start a new career as a pundit.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hastert Steps Down, Too!

It feels like an early Christmas! Denis Hastert has said he will step down as well! And he will not seek reelection. Even better!

Rummy Bails Out! Bush Lied Again!

OK, now I really am dancing the Schadenfreude Polka! Rummy has resigned, after Bush assuring us last week that Don Rumsfeld was going to be around another 2 years. Guess whenever Bush says anything it’s a bald-faced lie.

Wonder when he is going to say that he intends to serve out his full term? That would mean he is boarding a plane to Paraguay any minute. Oh, if that wish could come true! But for now, the tie in the Senate and the promising recount in Virginia will have to do.

Personally, I can’t wait for Nancy Pelosi to be sworn in as Speaker of the House! America has spoken, and the message was a big raspberry to Bush and company.

Republicans Loose The House - Bipartisan Government Returns!

Well after dancing for a few minutes last night, I have settled in to watch the lawyers figure out the recounts to decide the senate, either way he people have spoken with a pretty resounding voice. "Enough is Enough!"

Bush awakens to a lame duck presidency and all his dirty tricks and propaganda amount to nothing now. It will be a pleasure to see congress actually deliberate over issues and perhaps a real system of checks and balances will return. Dems picked up more than enough seats in the House to win control and the senate is way too close to call, yet.

Governors are trending blue as well. Democrats took posts from Republicans in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Arkansas and Colorado. In fact for the first time in quite a few years Democrats hold more gubernatorial seats than Republicans do.

Now some real investigations can begin to the corruption of the GOP and the congress can get down to real business and get us out of the mess in Iraq. Impeachment? I doubt it, but some selective prosecutions for crimes would be in order for quite a few folks. Otherwise, reconciliation will work better toward getting the country back in good health.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Waterboarding Torture Demonstrated On Fox News

So as many readers of this blog know I am a member of the Leather/BDSM community. Yea, the "whips and chains" crowd to those unfamiliar with it. Here’s the distinction, what we do in our homes and playrooms is consensual and never intended to do permanent damage to anyone either psychologically or physically. We play by the guidelines of "safe, sane and consensual". That said…

Fox News recently had one of their reporters endure a "waterboarding" to show just what it is. I assume it was designed to show that it was not so bad and wasn’t torture. Guess what? It is! I found I couldn’t watch the activity. It was unsafe, even with the three helpers and it is immoral. Whatever you call it, it is drowning.

The reporter was clearly being handled with kid gloves, and I am sure our detainees are being treated much more intensely. The problems? First the possibility of getting water in the lungs is almost assured if this isn’t done carefully. That leads to pneumonia and can be fatal. The extreme state of panic induced by drowning clearly falls into the cruel punishment category and should not be tolerated by a civilized society.

In truth put in such a circumstance, I would tell whatever lie necessary to get them to stop. So much for getting reliable information from the prisoner!

This has to stop and the people involved need to be brought to trial. After all, we tried and convicted Japanese soldiers after WW2 for this activity and called it War Crimes then. It still is and those responsible for it and its endorsement must be made accountable.

Saddam Calls For Peace And Reconciliation - What?

First off, I think the death penalty is wrong and immoral. That said, today Saddam Hussein appeared in court and made a statement that was amazing. He said, "I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, to forgive, reconcile and shake hands…". He invoked the names of both the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus in his statements.

Perhaps the world has shifted on its axis, but apparently faced with the finality of his sentence, Saddam had an epiphany. Too bad the Iraqi court didn’t have one and decided to hang him. I would urge them to look at how South Africa resolved the problems after apartheid. Councils of reconciliation make more sense than vengeance. But, that was South Africa and this is the Middle East.

Seems reconciliation is anathema to Middle Easterners, no matter what their ethnicity or religion. I wonder if it isn’t in the water. Perhaps hey have been drinking from the Dead Sea. Maybe they should try a sip from the water of the Jordan. I seem to remember that just getting doused with it could change people’s lives.

Monday, November 06, 2006

More Illegal GOP Voting Scams Turning Up

GOP dirty trick spread! Now there are voters getting bogus calls telling them they will be arrested if they vote. This is a further expansion of the illegal activity in New Hampshire that brought quick action by the state.

Ken Melman, Karl Rove and the other GOP criminals need to be arrested and tried for trying to defraud the public in this election. If you receive any suspicious calls, telling you to vote in a different place, that you cannot vote or claiming to have information that could prevent you from voting, call your county election officials immediately.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

GOP Placing Harrassing Phone Calls To Dem Voters

So just when I thought there were no more Republican dirty tricks this show up and this time it’s a clear violation of the law.

Republican operatives have started placing automated phone calls to Democratic voters posing as Democratic candidates. These call repeat again and again all night long in some cases to piss the voter off enough that they will either not vote or vote Republican.

THIS IS A TRICK, and if you have gotten these calls disregard them they are a scam.

Check out this story on Americablog and see what is going on.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

CNN Shows Ease Of Hacking Diebold Machines - Demand Paper Ballots Tuesday!

Demand paper ballots at the polls his Tuesday. If they refuse, call your local TV news crew or the paper and stay until they arrive.

Why so adamant about it? Well check out the story that ran on CNN Friday about the Diebold machines. The actually hacked a machine in just 2 minutes and showed how the election can be stolen with no paper trail. Voting officials are given machines to take home with them before elections because counties have no money for delivery and secure storage of the machines. What the heck is going on?

The story is so amazingly bad that Lou Dobbs just shook his head after hearing it on CNN.


US Tries To Bar Prisoners From Discussing Torture

OK, here’s the logic:

I torture you even though it’s illegal.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t have a civilian attorney.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t tell anyone I tortured you.

Now I can torture you and continue to lie that I don’t torture.

Crazy? Nope that’s just what Bush wants to do and it’s so out of the park when it comes to constitutional infractions that it’s laughable. That is if people were not being tortured.

The courts under Bush pressure may rule that revealing techniques used to interrogate prisoners is a breach of national security. What the f$*k is happening in this country? That kind of stuff is right out of Orwell and we can’t allow it to continue. More and more we are moving to the status of "rogue state" and before long we will end up on Amnesty International’s top 10 list. That means we will have become a nation that ranks right up there with North Korea.

Already a poll of people in the UK shows that they fear George Bush more than Kim Jung-Il.

We must stop this juggernaut and get America back to being the bastion of freedom it once was. Vote these bastards out on Tuesday and lets take back our country from the criminals who control it.

Military Newspaper Says Rummy Must Go

So now even the Military Times newspaper is saying Don Rumsfeld should get the boot. I have to wonder when Mr. Bush will start listening and stop denying the reality of the situation. The military is in disarray because the top leader is a liar and failed to plan for the future. Rumsfeld is part of the Bush Cabal, and as such he will be difficult to dislodge, but the truth is he is part of the problem and needs to go.

The other part of the problem is Dick Cheney and George Bush, but dislodging them will have to wait until after the mid-term elections.

Had enough, vote Democratic.

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Tempting Faith" A Revelation And A Great Read

David Kuo, formerly of the Faith Based and Community initiatives office in the White House has written a book that had the media chattering a few weeks ago about how the Bush White House referred to the Evangelical Religious Right as the "nuts". Additional colorful terms were used to describe the far right base that helped elect Bush, but I will forgo those here.

In his interviews, David repeatedly said the book was a story of his faith journey, and after reading it I agree. It is a story of one man’s journey into faith, politics and finally into a kind of epiphany about the politics of Washington and how the Bush White House in particular uses people for it’s own purposes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found elements of my own faith journey in it. The exception is hat mine was as a gay man and David’s is not. His time as speechwriter for the neocons and policy wonk is fascinating stuff, and though you may or may not be a Christian, it will give you a lot of insight.

In the end David has a recommendation for the Religious Right and I heartily agree. Fasting. Fasting from politics for a couple of years and getting back to the work of Jesus. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick. You know, the stuff Jesus talks about ad nauseum? Funny how the word Christian has become identified with intolerance, greed and politics. Like Mr. Kuo, I have to wonder how the faithful could have strayed so far from the way.

GOP Get Money From Bareback Gay Porn!

I believe it was Jesus who called the Pharisees a "brood of vipers". He was referring to their hypocrisy in flaunting their piousness but actually being far less than holy men.

With all the scandals coming out about the GOP in recent weeks and the latest whopper involving Ted Haggard, the Colorado Evangelical caught with his pants down, what's next?

Surprise, ABC news reports that the Republican National Committee has been accepting money from a prominent gay porn producer. These are the same "vipers" who want to convince us they are against porn and are pure as driven snow. Family Values voters must be shaking their heads and wondering what is going on.

Here's what's going on, the Republicans are playing the religious right like a violin. They have been using and abusing the Evangelical vote for years and finally it's coming home to roost.
The press has woken from their 9/11 induced slumber and its a feeding frenzy with all the hot topics popping up.

Not only are the GOP getting funds from Gay Porn, but it's "bareback" or unsafe sex porn at that featuring military men! Jeff Gannon was only the tip of the iceberg. The GOP is apparently a nest of self-hating, internalized homophobes who have been hiding in the closet. Well guys, come out and shake off that secrecy. It's the 21st century and being gay or lesbian is mainstream. You can be gay and have a good life, go to church and be happy. Really! Get over this GOP denial crap and start living in the light.. and by the way, vote Democratic. The Democrats support being out of the closet.

Evangelical Leader Peeks Out Of Gay Closet.

And so truth starts to peek out of the dark closet of Rev. Ted Haggard. He admits to "some" of the charges. He has been accused of patronizing a gay hustler and using Crystal Meth. Great stuff for a "Man of God".

The sad thing is that the whole problem is his being in the closet to begin with. Had he lived his life openly and honestly, there would be no scandal. I suspect the drug use flowed from the self-hatred that kept him in the closet in the first place.

Time for gay Christians to come out and live openly. It is not only possible to be a gay or lesbian Christian but rewarding. Why take God’s gift of your sexuality and hide it under a basket? (or a closet)

Maybe he should try looking into any of the welcoming and affirming churches, like the MCC or United Church of Christ. He could start by checking my church out.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rev. Haggard Finds Comfort In The Arms Of A Gay Hustler?

"Oh Lord, deliver us from the closet. For in that darkness the true evil of self hatred and internalized homophobia dwell. Help us to come out, in to the light of truth and the fullness of your grace."

At least that is the prayer Ted Haggard should be praying right now. Seems Rev. Haggard may have been patronizing a Gay hustler who leaked the story to the press. (A charge Haggard denies.) Well another GOP closet case is exposed and all I can say is, have mercy on them. Don't vote for them, but have mercy.

Haggard, whose church d├ęcor sounds more like a very exclusive gay bath house has a nation-wide ministry that opposes gay rights and gay marriage. Wasn’t there something about removing a log from your eye before removing the mote from…?

Bush Building Internment Camps In US. Are You Ready For Change Now?

Bush and his Reich are now working to build detainment camps in the US. Fiction? Nope, the sad truth is that the unprecedented Military Commissions Act which remove our traditional right of Habeas Corpus also provides for camps to be built on US soil to hold basically whoever Bush deems an enemy. No evidence needed, no right to appeal, nada, ZIP!

If that doesn’t scare the living s%$t out of you I don’t know what will. Take to the polls, and if you are not given a paper ballot, protest and call the media. Do not let these thugs take over our freedoms. They already are running us toward totalitarianism, and full dictatorship is not far behind.

UPDATE: Check this out about Halliburton building the camps as we speak.

America Near Bottom Of Scale On Privacy

Ah America, the greatest country in the world! We value our freedom, our free press, our standard of living and our privacy. Well , if you read my previous posts you know that free press thing and standard of living are myths. We rank lower than most of the European countries on both, and now there is the privacy issue.

Well looks like we are not number 1 at that either. In fact we are close to the bottom, right along with China, Russia and the UK (camera country). It’s time we stopped believing the myths and started doing something to make our country better. Time to take back our democracy from the companies and politicians who have sold it off to the highest bidder.

Had Enough? Vote Democratic.

Diebold Machines Rigged Again! Fight Back!

Watch the HBO Documentary on voting tonight. It unfortunately is too little too late, because the vote fraud is already afoot. Diebold machines in Dallas have started vote hopping, in other words you pick a Democrat and they show a Republican.

Here is a letter from a voter who had her vote jump from Libertarian to Republican on her machine. Enough is enough. It’s pitchforks and torches time folks. We have to stop this crap and assure real accurate voting. DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT at you polling place. If they won’t give it to you call the press and get them there ASAP. The Republicans and their big business flunkies are going to try to steal this election and hey have to be caught red handed.

Carry your cell phone and call if you see irregularities.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ann Coulter May Face Prosecution For Voting Fraud

Everyone's favorite right-wing harpie may be facing a few years in prison if she does not cooperate with Palm Beach County's elections officials. It's a developing story and bears watching.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mac Vs PC Or Was That Democrat Vs GOP?

The web had spawned a lot of creative folks who are using viral-TV to get political messages out. This one created and written by John Kramer, Directed by Jeff Hadick, Produced by Shannon O'Neil, is a great example. Pass it on.