Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Gay Bomb? Pentagon Gone Looney Again WIth Your Money!

Just when you thought the idiots running our country couldn’t get any stranger, comes this news. The Pentagon confirms that it was working to develop a “gay bomb”. Hold onto your seats, cause this is really odd. The chemical weapon would cause enemy troops to become irresistibly attracted to each other and thus, break down unit cohesion and cause chaos.

Oh, PULEEZE! What bunch of homophobic assholes are running the Pentagon? Just because guys are gay doesn’t mean they can’t do things together as a group. Look at any gay softball team. Look at any gay political organization. Gays work just fine together and they can be fiercely focused on their purpose.

Time to throw these idiots out of Washington and send them back to the home schools they crawled out of. Write your congressperson and tell them to stop wasting money on the wacko Pentagon projects and start allowing gays to serve in the military.

No Confidence Vote on Gonzales Set For Monday - Call Your Senator

Looks like the Senate will hold a "no confidence" vote on Alberto Gonzales on Monday. I strongly suggest writing and calling your Senator to express your views on this. Gonzales has repeatedly lied to Congress and has attempted to obstruct justice with his evasive and misleading answers to congressional questioning. He needs to resign, but apparently has no conscience, so the next best thing is to tell him he has no credence in the political arena anymore.

Write or call your Senator and let them know how you feel!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Storm Chasing In OK/KS - Blogging From The Road

It's morning in Tulsa. Yesterday we chased weather in northern Oklahoma and Kansas. It was interesting to see a small cell that we had a hunch might do something, blossom into a full grown supercell thunderstorm. The problem was by the time it really got going it was getting dark.

Though there were several "tornado warnings" on the storm, so far there are no confirmed tornadoes from it. I suspect it was only radar indicated. Such is storm chasing, sometimes you get the bear, sometimes you just wander around in the woods.

Ended up here in Tulsa and finally found a TGI Friday's that was open for dinner. Yum! Now sleep at the Days Inn. No pictures on this chase, sorry.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bush Nominates Wacko Doc For Surgeon General

Once again the incredible radical agenda of the Bushies is evident. Consider the latest abomination, his nominee for Surgeon General. This political hacksaw wrote a paper comparing human genitalia to pipe fittings. He also claims homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy. The paper was presented to the esteemed medical group, the United Methodist Church's committee to study homosexuality.

Clearly this guy is another ideologue guided by his far right fundamentalist brand of religion. I sincerely hope he is not only bruised during his confirmation hearings, but shown to be the wacko he is and not confirmed at all.

Write your Senator and Congressperson TODAY!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Colbert Strikes Again - NASA Look out!

Stephen Colbert is right on the money again. He spots the director of NASA quietly changing the mission statement of the organization to exclude any mention of protecting the environment.

RFK - Assassinated 39 Years Ago

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's death. Good time to pause and remember the potential greatness that was lost that day.

ACTION ALERT! Let The Senate Know You Want Habeas Corpus Back

Finally the Senate is showing some balls. Arlen Specter and Patrick Laehy are co-sponsoring the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act (S. 185). This will undo the travesty that the Bush Administration and a Republican rubber-stamp Congress committed with their Military Commissions Act which effectively removed Habeas Corpus from our judicial system.

This act will restore it and guarantee fair trials for all Americans. Let your Senator and other officials know you want this treasured right back in the judicial system where the Constitution put it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jackie Mason, Still Kvetching After All These Years

AFter watching Jackie gripe about life and health and health trends, I realize, I am turning into an old kvetching Jew. Go figure?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Surge Not Going Well At All

Things in Iraq are not going well, at least that is the preliminary assessment made by people on the ground. Seems the goal of July for a more peaceful Baghdad is now looking more like September, and even though Joe Lieberman made his trek through a market in a flack vest, it's a mess.

The New York Times has a great article on this whole mess-o-potamia thing, and it looks like we have more deaths to look forward to in coming months. Democrats need to grow some balls and toss the criminal in the White House out before more people die. Bush is killing Americans and Iraqis. He must be impeached now!