Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iraq In Meltdown - News From Iraqi Bloggers And It's Not Good

I received this information from a friend and blogger in Iraq. I have posted his information several ties here and will continue to do so whenever possible. He is a dentist in Baghdad and blogs irregularly whenever there is power and an available phone line or computer.

I was getting in my car to get home from the clinic when I saw one of the clinic's guards running toward me…"Doc. Leave now and try to get home as fast as you can…it's getting really dangerous" he said. I was so surprised and I asked him "what's wrong? What happened?" he said" It has gone really bad in Sadir City, it has really gone out of control… and it's spreading everywhere and it's spreading pretty fast…there are fierce confrontations between AlMahdy army and Badir brigade".
He was witnessing the beginning of the Iraq meltdown that is happening as I write. In Sadir City the confrontations are taking a bloody turn. Factions loyal to Muqtada are fighting other factions and the Iraqi government troops are fighting both. Our troops are caught in the middle of the whole mess trying to maintain order as chaos spreads.

AlMahdi Army have taken control over the police and army checkpoints and they are using their tanks and armored vehicles!! AlMaliki in Basrah leading the battle against AlMahdi Army announced from his position that anyone who will not attend his work will be considered with and loyal to AlMahdi Army.

While Muqtada ordered his followers to distribute copies of Quran with olive branches to every police or army checkpoint they meet!!! What a controversy with the civil disobedience! But that was what he said in public and god knows what his real orders were.

It is Friday in Iraq and by morning here in the United States I fear things will have changed greatly. At the end of his post he state the same fear and frustration.

I'm so sad that these things happened; I knew it was coming but I hoped that it will not or it will at least be delayed.

Only god knows what will happen next…I'm sure there are so many things coming on the way…And we have AlMaliki saying that who will not go to work will be considered loyal to AlMahdi army…what could the civilians do? Go to their work and get killed by AlMahdi army…or put themselves in big troubles and might be killed if they don't go to work? It's a real mess.

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