Thursday, March 27, 2008

California Utility Announces Massive Solar Project!

Finally a utility company gets it! Southern California Edison will announce plans today for an $875 million solar project in the Greater Los Angeles area. The installation will cover 65 million Square feet of rooftops in the LA area and will provide enough power for 162,000 homes.

The project comes as a result in the lower price of solar panels in recent months. As cost decreases more and more companies will find solar a more attractive option. The power company also sees the measure as a stop-gap for the peak use days of summer.

Turning sun into a natural resource is something we Texans should be seriously considering. The wind farms in the western part of the state are a great start to solving our power problems, but a diversified and renewable source is needed.

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Anonymous said...

Illinois needs this! What is Illinois senator Obama doing about it??