Friday, May 18, 2007

Gonzales Resigning? Rumors Buzzing In DC.

Normally I don't care about rumors in Washington, but I got money riding on this one. I bet my partner that Alberto Gonzales wouldn't last until the end of April, but I later hedged and said mid-May. Well tonight, on a Friday, when all the bad news gets dumped so no one will see it, rumors are buzzing around DC that Gonzo will be calling it quits soon.

Can't be soon enough for me. Also, now many Republicans are calling for his resignation as well. They don't want to have to vote on the "No Confidence" thing next week, and both the House and Senate look ready to hold votes.

Keep your ears open, the other shoe is gonna drop soon!

Wolfowitz To Get $400,000 Bonus! Nice Way To Get Fired.

Sometimes it’s enough to make you really consider socialism. The "billionaires boys club" called American capitalism is rife with corruption on a scale not seen in my lifetime. What else can you call it when CEOs make thousands of times the salary of the lowest paid workers in their corporations? What else but corruption could account for heads of companies that loose millions of dollars, still getting huge salaries and bonuses? Now the world stage has become the site of the latest big bucks extravaganza, and this time it’s going to Paul Wolfowitz!

Yes Paul "I Gave My Girlfriend An Illegal Raise" Wolfowitz is getting a performance bonus of $400,000 from the World Bank in June. WHAT? Yup, seems he’s eligible for it and I suspect that is what the negotiation was about before he resigned. At this point the World Bank would gladly pay him to leave, and apparently that is what they are doing.

My big question is this: "How do I get that kind of job?" I want a job where I can lie and cheat and steal and get caught with my hand in the cookie jar and still get a bonus!

The answer is simple, you have to be born into the right family and go to the right schools. Check out the CEOs of most companies in America. They came from wealth for the most part. They are effectively our royalty. Our founding fathers would be appalled!

Fred Phelps Pickets Jerry Falwell's Funeral! Guess Jerry Didn't Hate Fags Enough.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any nuttier, consider this. Westboro Baptist Church, the Fred Phelps cult, is picketing Jerry Falwell's funeral! So the God Hates Fags guy is picketing the funeral of a guy who hated fags. Go figure.

These wacko hate mongers made a surprise change of plans and decided not to picket the funeral of an Army specialists who was killed in Iraq to picket the Old Time Gospel Hour's founder. I have no idea why, or what they are trying to prove, but the irony is terrific.

Personally I am saddened at Falwell's death. I was hoping someday he would reform and see the hatred and bigotry he spread in the name of Jesus. Guess he will have that conversation in heaven?

Daily Show - Exposes Gonzales Lies

John Stewart once again speaks truth to power. We are lucky to have such prophets among us.

US Sponsored TV Network Broadcasts Anti-Israeli Hate

Americablog reports that the Arabic language TV station that you and I as US taxpayers are funding apparently has no one on staff who screens what is broadcast. A speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah filled with anti-Israeli sentiment was broadcast without question because no supervisor spoke Arabic!

Hummm? Wonder what happened to all those Arabic language specialists? Oh yea, they were fired because they were gay! Don't ask!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cheney Seeks Immunity In CIA Leak Case

Nothing says guilty like trying to gain immunity from prosecution. Dick Cheney is doing just that. His lawyers are trying to assert he is immune from disclosing to reporters Valerie Plame's status in the CIA. This after denying he was the source of the leak! Oh come on Dick!

Wolfowitz Resigns - Really!

Finally, Paul Wolfowitz has resigned his post as President of the World Bank. It's about f*%king time! HE managed to work out a deal where he thinks he is saving face, even though he is guilty of breaking their rules and giving his girlfriend a big cash bonus.

Now if we can just convince the rest of the criminals in the Bush Administration to resign.....

International Day Against Homophobia - TODAY!

Happy IDAHO! That stands for International Day Against Homophobia, and it's about time. The whole point of the day is to launch a global petition campaign for a proposed United Nations resolution in favor of the universal decriminalization of homosexuality. There are still 70 countries in the world which criminalize homosexuality and 12 of them had the death penalty as punishment.

Check out the IDAHO web site for more details and to help with the petition.

Gravel Calls For Bush Trial And Imprisonment

It’s good to have people like Mike Gravel in the running for Democratic Presidential Nominee. Why? Well he basically has little chance of getting the nomination and so he has little to loose by bringing up the big issues the other candidates are afraid to talk about.

Take his latest foray with the press, when he reaffirmed his statement that President Bush should be jailed for his criminal wrong doings leading up to the Iraq war. You won’t hear any other candidate say that, but it’s what a lot of Americans think.

I say keep talking Mike, and make sure you say it loud enough to let the other candidates know they aren’t off the hook on the big issues. It’s time impeachment was back on the table, and Congress needs to hear it loud and clear!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dungeon Diary Banned In China!

Well guess we are doing something right. This blog is banned in China. There is a great site for testing the availability of any URL in the People's Republic of China, Try it out!

Wolfowitz May Resign This Afternoon! - OR NOT?

So the long embarrassing saga of Paul Wolfowitz may finally be over. Sources at ABC News say he may resign his afternoon. Good riddance to bad rubbish, too bad it didn't happen before we lost all credibility in the World Bank and the world in general.


Well, looks like ABC is now back peddling on that report. Wolfie is going to force the bank board to vote him out. Once again stubbornness on the part of a Bushie. No surprise there. Hope the World Bank has the cajones to fire the bum!

Gonzales Pressured DOJ To OK Domestic Spying

Now why the hell are our Congresspeople not drafting up impeachment proceedings right this moment. These guys in the Bush Administration are breaking the law over and over again and they must be stopped.

Wolfowitz Curses Up A Blue Streak

I guess I have been giving people too much credit. I figured Paul Wolfowitz would eventually realize his sad situation and resign, but apparently he is not only without shame, he is basically an evil unprincipled bastard. In a tirade of four letter words, Wolfowitz threatened retaliation on World Bank officials if the disputed his orders for pay raises for his girlfriend. Talk about power abuse!

One witness stated that Wolfowitz said regarding the dispute, "If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too."

Yes that's the kind of leadership the Bushies bring to the table. Sounds like a petulant child who needs a spanking. Pity it's coming from the President of the World Bank.

Former Justice Department Official Details Gonzales Dirty Tricks

If they were kids, the scenario would go like this:

Mom won’t give us what we want so we’ll ask dad, even though he is really busy right now, maybe he will let us do it because he is distracted.

Well it rarely works for kids and it didn’t work for the Bush Administration. Wanting to implement more illegal wiretaps and other sneaking stuff, Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card try to get what they want by going to John Ashcroft when he was really busy…recovering from pancreatitis. It’s called an "End Run" and it’s the kind of thing the Bushies are expert at. Cant do something with the legal checks and balances, finagle a way around them and do it anyway.

Testimony by former Deputy Attorney General James Comey tells a tale of deceit and dirty tricks on a scale that was threatening to cause a mass resignation in the Justice Department. Eventually all those folks did resign and now we are left with Gonzo and his toadies.

The Washington Post has more of this sickening tale of our lawless President and his wrongdoings.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead At 73

The man who will long be remembered in the GBLT community as a voice of intolerance and hate has died. Rev. Jerry Falwell was found dead in his office in Lynchburg, VA. His group "The Moral Majority" has been noted as being the galvanizing force behind the election of Ronald Regan and his influence was still felt in Washington.

On a personal note, I am saddened to see this news. I had long hoped that Falwell would someday see the error of his mean spirited preaching and repent. Well, it was a nice dream anyway.

Wolfowitz Still Refuses To Quit - Stubborness, The New Bush Doctrine

I think the word stubborn would best describe the entire Bush legacy. His administration simply will not yield to suggestion, criticism or reality for that matter. Take the latest example, Paul Wolfowitz, beleaguered head of the World Bank. The board of the bank has found him guilty of breaking the rules, of corruption and of doling out favors to his ex-girlfriend. In most cases that would be enough to get a resignation.

People with at least a shred of decency will admit when they are wrong and take the moral high ground and leave the institution before harming it by their mere presence. Not a Bushie! Bushie’s are tenacious. Bushies are stubborn and once they set their mind on something, they will not be dissuaded from their course.

Bush himself displays this same stubbornness in his course in Iraq. Though it is clearly not working and has little chance of success, he insists on "staying the course" simply because if he didn’t he might look vulnerable. Above all, Bushies and Bush for that matter must look good. Performance has nothing to do with their jobs; it’s all about the "look" of success.

Alberto Gonzales, sitting stubbornly before the Senate and House committees steadfastly insisting he knew nothing is another example. A loyal and stubborn Bushie who may be a disastrous failure as an Attorney General, he still "looks good" in the eyes of the White House.

This fetishistic fascination with form over substance is the root problem with the GOP and the White House under Bush. As long as hey can look like they are leaders, that’s all that matters. Well the emperor has no clothes, and the naked incompetence of the Bush folks has started to show through to everyone except those blinded by ideology. Even the press, now merely a shadow of the institution it once was, has seen through the illusions of leadership and has begun exposing the reality of these people.

Now it’s time the American people stood up and demanded that they all just go away. They are bad actors playing roles that are ill suited to their talents. They have committed crimes and shown gross negligence in their duties. Impeachment and prosecution are the only avenues left.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rejected by eHarmony - Still Gay!

Online dating service won't help you find a mate if you're gay. The competition just heated up for gay dating business with this ad from Check it out.

Deputy Attorney General Resigns, Is Gonzales Next?

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty will resign according to an AP report. As the second in command under Alberto Gonzales he is he highest ranking member of the Bush Administration to resign over the latest scandal.

It is becoming painfully obvious that Gonzales should follow suit but he has neither the ethical compass nor the courage to admit he is an albatross to the Bush Administration. I have already lost a bet that Gonzo would vacate in April, now money is riding on May.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dallas Suburb Bans Illegal Aliens

Xenophobia is strong stuff. The fear of "others" apparently can really motivate voters in the Dallas Suburb of Farmers Branch. Saturday voters approved a measure to make renting to illegal aliens a crime. This means landlords are now effectively arms of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, without pay.

I am not surprised that this happened. After all suburbs like Farmers Branch and Plano and Richardson really got booming right after Brown vs Board of Education, in other words "White Flight". White Dallasites moved by the thousands to the homogeneous suburbs so their kids would be spared any diversity in the schools system. Now there is the "Brown Threat"!

Heaven forbid we should have to live in a city with people whose skin is even slightly darker than ours. Heck for that matter why not ban tanning beds, cause they really make it all so confusing?

This is racism plain and simple and though it is wrapped in the guise of solving the immigration "problem" it's really about bigotry. So let's call a spade a spade and just post a nice sign outside Farmers Branch like they used to have in Greenville Texas back in the 1930's "The Blackest Land, the Whitest People!"

Meanwhile, I am going down to the local Mercado and get some really authentic Pan de Dulce for my breakfast. Might even indulge in a good dinner of Sushi tonight. Let the folks in Farmers Branch eat white bread and mayonase sandwiches, I'll take diversity any day.