Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Fightin' Dem - Iowa's William Meyers

Gotta love those veterans who are running as Democrats against the war!

Here in Texas we have Rick Noriega, a veteran of the Afghanistan war and a serious contender against the well entrenched John Cornyn. I was chatting with a friend in Iowa this morning and fond he was working on the campaign of another "Fighting Dem".

Up in Iowa a real grass roots fight is being waged by William J. Meyers, an ex Marine. His campaign is being supported through individual contributions and it’s an uphill fight. Still, Meyers is waging a pitched battle against a big money candidate, Tom Latham. Though Latham puts on the country farm-boy act he gets his support from big money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a real patriot, a veteran and a progressive win that seat for the Democratic Party? Click here to contribute or get involved, even if you are not from Iowa!

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William J. Meyers said...

Thanks for paying attention to us in Iowa! Best of luck to everyone in Texas and especially to fellow veteran Noriega in his quest for Senate!

I've just uploaded another new website.....version 5.0 since January 2007!

A Veteran for Common Sense