Thursday, June 02, 2011

Denver Airport Filled With Phallic Symbols and Satanism?

I am reminded of the wacko Wilson Bryan Key, who saw subliminal messages in advertising photos (See his book "Clam Plate Orgy"). All a bunch of hokum! Trust me I did advertizing photography and we never included anything subliminal, we were too concerned with making the products looks better than they really were.

Here William Tapley gives a blow-by-blow description of all the Satanic phallic symbols in the Denver Airport. This guy really needs something to do, he has way too much free time.  Perhaps a nice long stay at the happy farm?

Rick Perry Wants to Return to Biblical Principals - For the Economy?

Guess he hasn't read the Bible lately, biblical principals for the economy would mean slavery as endorsed in the Bible, multiple wives as endorsed in the Bible and lots more "biblical principals" that no citizen would endorse.

Rick panders to the Right-Wing on James Robison's prayer fest:

Patriot Act Continues With No Changes - No Privacy Amendments

Last night, Congress passed and the president signed a four-year extension of three expiring provisions of the Patriot Act. You may recall that the original expiration was scheduled for December 31, 2009 — and what did Congress do after 18 months of short term extensions, sporadic hearings and a markup or two? Nothing. The Patriot Act was reauthorized as-is without a single additional privacy protection.

More at ACLU.ORG.

White House Launches LGBT Website

The cynic in me says this might be pandering, but hey, name one other US President who has actively posted information for the LGBT community?  The new White House LGBT site is really pretty cool, and features the proclamation from President Obama for Gay Pride Month. The site also includes several "It Gets Better" messages from the President and his cabinet.  Check it out!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Years & Counting - AIDS Hasn't Gone Away

Back in the 1980's we called it Gay Cancer, the disfiguring blotches of Kaposi's sarcoma that began appearing on a few gay men.  Later it was called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency) and I saw men who were once the picture of health hobbling down Cedar Springs with canes and walkers.  Some thought it was caused by poppers (alkyl nitrites used as an inhalant), others thought it was a government experiment gone wrong, or right depending on your level of paranoia.

It was soon given a name, AIDS and in the 30 years since then it is still around and now affects 60 million people with the number growing every day. Half of those infected are dead already, proving contrary to the media hype pushed by drug companies, AIDS is not a "chronic condition" like Diabetes.

We know now how the infection is spread.  It is preventable, and yet new cases keep popping up. Why?  Mostly because people live in the cognitive dissonance of "it can't happen to me". Young gay men have started having "bareback" sex shunning condoms as "so yesterday".  IV drug users continue to have poor access to clean needles and therefore share the used ones.  In developing countries, condom use is seen as "unmanly".  The Catholic Church continues to preach against condom use exposing billions of people to the infection on"religious grounds".

AIDS should be gone by now.  It should be so rare that it pops up only in extremely rare circumstances, yet it spreads. Though there is no cure, we know how to prevent the spread and yet it is still around.  What a hollow monument to all those who died before they knew how they became infected?

This article in the New York Times gives a good look at the past 30 years of the pandemic.

Monday, May 30, 2011

San Francisco Debates Banning Circumcision

OK, cut or uncut seems like something for a family to decide but not in San Francisco.  There the good citizens  that city feel it should be illegal to circumcise a boy.  Sounds to me like someone with a foreskin fetish is trying to deepen the potential pool of uncut penises for future generations.  Oy vey!