Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Defining Moment - VIDEO

McCain Campaign Steered Reporters To Hoax

Wassup - 2008!

Radical Fundamentalists Use Scare Tactics Against Obama

OK, get ready for a big industrial sized drum of crazy! The "Christian" right, (AKA fundamentalist radicals) is starting to use the worst kind of scare tactics I have seen in my lifetime.

Charisma Magazine, a Pentecostal publication, titled one of its recent weekly e-mails to readers, "Life As We Know It Will End If Obama is Elected."

From the Focus
on the Family bunch comes this insanity:

• A 6-3 liberal majority Supreme Court that results in rulings like one making gay marriage the law of the land and another forcing the Boy Scouts to "hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys." (In the imagined scenario, The Boy Scouts choose to disband rather than obey).

• Nationalized health care with long lines for surgery and no access to hospitals for people over 80.

The list goes on and it's all designed to terrify potential voters. It is a last ditch attempt to scare people and it is a despicable and very "un-Christian" thing to do. No surprise there I guess but I thought you should know.

Fear is the tactic used by people who have thrown their principals out in favor of "win at any cost" and in difficult times like these we do not need any more baseless fear, we need calm cool leadership. That's why I am voting for Obama!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Alleged Mugging Of McCain Campaign Woerker A Hoax

I had hesitated to report on this one at first. The whole thing sounded like a fake to me from the beginning and sure enough it was.

The story goes, Ashly Todd, a 20 year old student from Texas working on the McCain campaign, told police she was mugged while using an ATM in the Bloomfield, PA area. She told police that the attacker first robbed her and then upon seeing a "McCain/Palin" sticker on her car he came back and beat her and carved a "B" on her face. The "B" was supposedly for Barack.

The problem is the ATM cameras do not record such an attack, and the "B" was backward. That backward B looked like something you would do if you were trying to do it in a in to yourself.

Well it only took a few hours before every right wing blog was touting the violent mugging by an Obama supporter. The Drudge Report still has the story pasted on its front page. Fear and terror in the streets! Yeah right!

Funny thing, turns out when the alleged victim was tested with a polygraph, the whole thing looked fishy and she confessed she made it up. No doubt the fake story will continue to circulate and grow exponentially, fanned by McCain supporters who see his campaign failing and in need of a boost. Truth would be a nice thing to hear from the McCain camp for a change, but don;t count on it.

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Endorses Obama

I just finished reading Scott McClellan's book, What Happened about his years in the Bush White House as Press Secretary. Though at times I felt the account was filtered through McClellan's denial of what was actually happening, it's a good read. Of particular interest is the point when Scott realized that people like Rove and Libby had knowingly sent him out to lie to the press about the Valerie Plame leak, something McClellan didn't know at the time. Couple that with 9/11 and the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina, and McClellan served through some of the toughest times any Press Secretary could experience.

The lessons he learned in the White House apparently led to his endorsement of Barack Obama on D.L. Hughley's new CNN show. I think anyone who knows Scott would not be surprised by that endorsement either.

McClellan said, "From the very beginning I've said, I'm gonna support the candidate who has the best chance of changing the way Washington works and getting things done. I will be voting for Barack Obama."

If anyone knows about just how badly the current way Washington works it's Scott McClellan. He was wrapped up in The Bush White House "Permanent Campaign" strategy and saw first hand how damaging it can be to both personal reputations and the country at large.

Good choice Scott!

Palin Not Sure If Abortion Clinic Bombers Are Terrorists

Sarah Palin is quick to decry "terrorist" when speaking of Bill Ayers, a member of the Weathermen back in the 1960's. The group sought to end the war in Vietnam and change politics through violent means.

She is not so quick to use the same label for people opposed to abortion who bomb clinics and kills health care workers. In other words, she sees trying to instill fear and terror in health care workers as something that is OK, whereas trying to instill fear and terror in government workers is not. It is the classic situational ethics problem that many on the right have when it comes to their pet issues. Life begins at birth, and all life should be respected and preserved, unless it is killed through state sponsored execution. See the problem? If not then what Sarah Palin says will not bother you at all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New York Times Endorses Barack Obama!

I guess it would be hard to get a bigger endorsement that this? Today the New York Times endorsed Barack Obama for President. In their words, "this year the nation's future truly hangs in the balance."

Read the entire editorial here.

Opie For Obama!

"Maverick" John McCain - Music Video!

Thanks to AmericaBlog for this one!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin's Fashion Shopping Spree - $150,000+ On New Clothes Courtesy Of The RNC

One thing you have to say about Sarah Palin is she dresses well. Always appearing in a smart fashionable outfit at her appearances she or her advisers have quite a good fashion sense. The problem is she is running as a "gee-whiz home town gal" and as far as I know those kind of "real Americans" don't regularly buy all their outfits from Sak's Fifth Avenue or Neiman-Marcus.

Now I have nothing against Neimans, a Dallas institution where I often went with my mother as a child. I myself have bought cloths from Sak's and other high end retailers occasionally. But here is the problem. Palin is posing as a small town gal with middle class values. How middle class is wearing a new outfit every day and spending an average of $2,500 per day on wardrobe?

It will become a big headache for the Republicans to explain why Palin is running up $75,000 bills at Neiman Marcus and $50,000 at Sak's when they famously criticized John Edwards $400 haircut. Joe Sixpack could feed his family and pay his bills for a couple of years with that kind of money. Who looks elitist now?

MCCain 18 Months Ago & Today - Video Worth Watching

The folks at AmericaBlog really do find the best stuff on the web sometimes. This video released first by TPM shows how much John McCain has changed in the past 18 months. He was vigorous and energetic in the primaries and now stumbles and looks absolutely frail. I had not seen the last clip in this video but it confirms what I have begun to suspect about McCain, he is slowly becoming a confused old man.

As an aging American myself, I have nothing against being older, but I do have a problem with a doddering old guy as president. That position is far too important to have someone who just can't seem to make sense anymore hold it. Worse still is his Vice President nominee. Sarah Palin has no business being on the GOP ticket and her choice shows a loss of direction and poor judgement that has come to symbolize that party's leadership.

Watch it and really remember this when you vote.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

India Launches First Unmanned Moon Mission

India launched it's first unmanned lunar mission today. The Chandrayaan-1 moon vehicle launched from southern India in that countries attempt to boost the country's fledgling space industry.

The vehicle will approach the lunar surface and slow, then it will reach almost to the lunar soil where it will stop and break into a musical number with Bangra dancing! (sorry had to use that joke)

The Truth About ACORN

This is a very good and honest assessment of the whole ACORN voter fraud issue. In fact there has been no voter fraud, only improperly filled out registration cards which do nothing since the person would have to show up and prove their identity to vote in addition to the card. So when Mickey Mouse shows up with a valid ID I guess this would be a moot point. Watch it!

Are You Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago?

Olbermann Skewers McCain Over Mud & Divisiveness

Keith Olbermann offered a "Special Comment" tonight on his show Countdown, criticizing the McCain campaign and other Republicans, like Michele Bachmann, for their use of divisive politics during the campaign.

Monday, October 20, 2008

George & Laura Will Seperate After Election - The Globe Says

Well the Globe Magazine is at it again, and this time they may be onto something. Their cover story states that Laura Bush will get a big house in Highland Park, (a super-rich suburb of Dallas) while George will live on the ranch. This jibes with the story I have heard from several folks in the real estate biz. The buss there is that Laura made the selection of the house herself. Furthermore, when asked on a local media outlet if she planned to live on the ranch in Crawford, Texas, she replied, "George might but I am living in Dallas!"

So are the divorce rumors true? My bet is that they are, at least a separation is in the cards. Why? The Globe says it's because of Dubbya's drinking, and that sounds pretty plausible. Have you seen him lately? He looks terrible. I know the office of the president weighs on a person, but Mr. Bush looks like he has been rode hard and put away wet. It's the wet part that makes most sense to me.

So far this is all rumors and stories in the supermarket tabloids, but in the recent past those same tabloids have had real national scoops. Look at the story about John Edwards affair. First really broke in the National Enquirer. You have to wonder, and the fact that the Bush family has become the fodder of the Globe shows just how far they have fallen in public opinion.

A month or two after 9/11 no one would have dreamed of writing anything scandalous about them, but today, it's open season not just because of his lame-duck status, but his popularity. He may turn out to be the most despised president in history. Time will tell.

Republican Operative in California Arrested On Voter Fraud

A GOP operative in California was fooling people into signing what he claimed was a petition against child molesters when in actuality he was registering them as Republicans. In many cases their registration was set as an absentee ballot and that will make it impossible for them to vote on election day.

Watch the story on MSNBC just a few minutes ago.

Obama Supporter's Tires Slashed In North Carolina

My partner and I have often worried that our Obama stickers on our vehicles cold insight a few overly zealous McCain supporters to vandalize our cars. The good news is that here in Texas that has not been a problem, yet. The bad news is that in North Carolina it is.

According to an artcile in the Fayetville Observer at least 30 cars had their tires slashed in the parking lot of the Crown Coliseum while an Obama rally was in progress inside. More on the story here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama!

Colin Powell states it very eloquently as he endorses Obama for President.