Friday, January 19, 2007

Gonzales Denies Habaes Corpus - Watch It!

As I posted yesterday, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated before the Senate that the right to Habeas Corpus is not in the US Constitution. The Supreme Cort and every Constitutional scholar and anyone with a lick of common sense can see it IS there expressly.

Senator Arlen Specter grills him on this fact and Gonzales wriggles and spins but still cannot escape the issue. Every American should be worried with this guy in office. As one comment on the website said, "Wake up and smell the Hitler!"

Watch the video clip here. Then file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas here.

Rich Little Told - Don't Mention War Or Reality

First rule is: don’t tell the Emperor he has no clothes! That’s the law as it was laid down to Rich Little, this years’ headliner for the White House Press Correspondents Association dinner. Little promised not to even mention "Iraq" in his routine.

Sad that we have to censor comedians now, just to satisfy a despotic leader who doesn’t want to hear the truth. Last year, Steven Colbert did the work of the press by soundly "bitch slapping" Bush in a backhanded way. He ridiculed the liberal bias of reality and spoke truth to power in the way few prophets dare. This year things will be considerably more tame. Considering Little is a Canadian, it would seem that US comedians couldn’t be trusted to hold their tongues.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cigarette Companies Pump More Nicotine Into Cigarettes

The pusher man strikes again. Seems cigarette companies have been pumping up the nicotine levels in cigarettes. More nicotine makes it harder to break the addiction. It’s kind of like a pusher providing stronger and stronger heroin to his clients. Why isn’t the government doing something? Well probably because they are sitting fat and happy with tobacco settlements and lobby money from cigarette firms.

Who ya gonna call?

Alberto Gonzales Claims No Right To Habeas Corpus In US Constitution

And now Alberto Gonzales claims that there is no right to Habeas Corpus in the US Constitution. Where did he get his law degree, a box of Crackerjacks? It is written into the Constitution and if he does not know this or is denying this he should be thrown out of his office and have his law degree revoked!

I have to say when I saw this my jaw dropped, and I began shouting at the TV. This has to stop, and Impeachment is the correct and legal way to do it. If the Democrats won't do it, Americans must march on Washington and demand it!

New TV Ad - Escalation In Iraq Is McCain's Idea

The latest from

New TV Ad - Escalation In Iraq Is McCain's Idea

The latest from

Ex Gay Group Accused Of Fraud - Video Has Deceptive Content

The "Ex Gay" business has had another well deserved setback. The organization Trueth Wins Out has filed a complaint against the non-profit Americans For Truth and it’s leader for selling a video titled, "It’s Not Gay".

The video centers on Michael Johnston, an allegedly ex-gay who was "cured" through the power of Jesus Christ. Johnston was supposedly living a heterosexual lifestyle when he was caught on video having sex with other men. To top it off, Johnston is HIV+ and apparently had unprotected sex without telling his partners of his status. Nowhere does the video mention that Johnston’s cure didn’t work.

Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen wrote in the letter to Illinois Attorney General:

"This organization is undeniably peddling false hope to vulnerable and desperate
people and bilking them out of their hard earned money. In doing so, Americans
for Truth is unscrupulously capitalizing on the sincere and heartfelt religious
convictions of its followers and exploiting them for the organization’s
financial gain."

Republicans Block Congressional Ethics Reform Bill

Again the real Republican agenda becomes clear as they blocked any chance of ethic reform this session. The only way they will let the ethics bill pass is with the poison pill amendment giving Bush a line-item veto.

The Republican reliance on graft, corruption and illegal contributions would dry up under such reforms and so, naturally, they oppose it or anything resembling it. So next time you hear a Neocon or any other kind of Republican complain about special interests controlling Washington, remind them that they are the problem. They are the roadblock to honest government. They are the chief offenders, otherwise they would support reform and honesty in government.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Says Judges Should Always Defer To Presidents WIll

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is a man who apparently has no knowledge of the US Constitution. He apparently has little respect for the American governmental system of checks and balances, and he would better be suited as a PR man than Attorney General of the United States. More accurately, his loyalty to President Bush always comes first over and above his loyalty to the US Constitution.

This is a dangerous situation. The Attorney General is there to advise and council, as well as prosecute the low on behalf of the People of the country. Instead, Gonzales spends his time justifying the dictatorial actions of President Bush and his cronies. He criticizes the congress and courts and single-handedly declares what is and is not constitutional. This is not his job. The courts decide the constitutionality of the law; lawyers prosecute cases. Gonzales is supposedly a lawyer.

Bush surrounds himself with loyalists and yes men who will not speak truth to the high office of the Presidency. That is a very foolish and dangerous thing to do. Without rational voices and serious debate, a Presidency is little more than a dictator, and that is completely against our Constitution.

Gonzales latest stunt is to say that US judges are unfit to rule on matters of national security. In other words, by decree, the president should be able to dub anything a matter of national security and the courts and the public be damned. Enough is enough! Bush, Cheney, Gonzales and the other criminals must be removed from their powerful seats. Impeachment cannot come soon enough if the republic is to survive.

Parents Appaled At Kids Parties Out-Of-Control

Another no-brainer story. Seems parents are finally realizing that their kids’ parties are out of control. Picking up 7-year olds in a stretch limo for a birthday party, it seems is over the top. I’d say so!

What gets me is why parents are surprised and feel that they have no control of the situation. They are the parents, and it’s their job to control the situation. So what if FAO Schwartz has a $25,000 Sleepover party available. Don’t buy it for your little brats or they will grow up to be over-privileged asshole like their parents. We have a whole generation of effete snob kids being raised by social climbing parents. Now the parents wonder why their kids constantly expect more and more. I guess this just shows how money and intelligence do not necessarily go hand in hand.

I’ll bet that if you took a survey of these jokers who are throwing money at their kids instead of raising them you’d fine them to be politically right wing. I can tell you from personal experience that the last time I saw a bratty kid throwing a temper tantrum in the parking lot of a mall, they got into a car with a "W" sticker on the back. Serves you right "family values" voters.

Personally, I was glad to have a simple birthday party with paper hats and a piñata as a kid. I remember them fondly and all my friends seemed to have fun, especially when one of them missed the piñata and hit my cousin in the groin. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Boehner Says GOP "Low On New Ideas" - Duh!

Oh here’s a news flash! John Boehner, Republican House Minority Leader said in an interview that the party was running "low on new ideas". I would guess so when the "new" strategy for Bush in Iraq is to raise troop levels to what they were a few years ago and wait for the Iraqi’s to step up to the plate.

Face it, the GOP hasn’t had a new idea since Regan and most of them have been brain dead. The concept of constantly cutting taxes on the richest Americans and cutting services to the poorest Americans and trying to fund a war on the cheap are just not very good. Every allegedly new idea they come up with begins with the phrase "cut taxes". Guess what? It hasn’t helped the economy or the average American and they don’t care. They are bought and paid for by the wealthy and their job is to continue delivering more money to the rich. Simple isn’t it? They aren’t low on ideas, they have no ideas.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Impeach Bush Now Video - To Democrats

With thanks to Americablog for discovering this great video. It's the song all America should be singing.

Catchy isn't it?

US Military Sells Surplus To Iran And China

In its quest to grab a quick buck the US military has apparently sold surplus to Iran and China. Breaking its own rules parts for a Chinook helicopter ended up ion Iranian hands. Iran has also been trying to buy f-14 "tomcat" fighter jets as well.

I keep hearing the words of Lenin in my ears, "the Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." The Bush administration rattles sabers at Iran and then sells them the same sabers. How much longer are we going to let these guys get away with their crap?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Evangelicals Back Fight Against Global Warming

It is refreshing when I find I agree with a conservative. That is the case with the National Association of Evangelicals who this week met with scientists in Georgia and issued a statement regarding the environment and global warming. "Whether God created the Earth in a millisecond or whether it evolved over billions of years, the issue we agree on is that it needs to be cared for today," said Rich Cizik, VP of government relations for the National Association of Evangelicals.

The group has taken the biblical charge that gives humankind dominion over the earth to heart and feel that we must be wise stewards of our gift. Perhaps this will encourage our government to make some kind of move toward easing carbon emissions and slowing global warming.

There was a buzz that the White House might change its position on the issue at the upcoming state of the union speech, but sources in the White House deny that possibility. Figures. Unless it can make a profit for big oil or industry, Bush will have no part of it. The Decider always decides to come down on the side of business and against the American Public.

Martin Luther King Day - Remember This Speech

Dr. King gave many memorable speeches in his brief lifetime. Everyone can quote from his "I Have a Dream" speech, but at this time when another tragic unjust war is tearing our country apart it may be good to remember this speech he gave on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City.

"True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see
that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." (M.L.King)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ice Storm? We Ain't Got No Stinkin' Ice Storm.

So I have been huddled inside today watching the weather people on TV tell me how terrible the ice storm is going to be. Funny, they did this all day yesterday as well and guess what? No ice here. Dodged the bullet I guess, but to hear the TV talk you'd think it was a disaster of Biblical proportions. I guess any possible weather event is a ratings boost.

So, ended up going to church and having brunch with friends. No lines, either at communion or brunch, the one benefit of the predicted "no-show" weather.