Friday, October 15, 2010

Vamos al Circo - One of My Early Musical Endeavors

Sometimes the web can be a time machine.  I found this while surfing and it is one of the first albums I composed and produced for Televisa when I worked in Mexico back in 1981.  Though the credits shows me as producer, and Esquivel as the composer, I actually wrote all but one of the songs on this album including the title song which is what I found on YouTube.  It is a truncated version , but still brings back memories of long nights in a studio with a full orchestra and some very talented actors.  The album was recorded in Dallas, Texas and Mexico City and mixed here in Dallas at Platinum City, a studio now long gone.

Enjoy my trip down memory lane.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oprah Gives Plane Tickets to Jon Stewart's Audience

In typical over the top Oprah fashion, the studio audience for he Daily Show tonigt found gifts under their seats.  Tickets to Washington, DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity.  Oprah and Stephen Colbert made cameo appearances on tonight's show to plug the rally.  During her remote feed appearance, the queen of daytime television announced the gifts for the audience.

From the looks of genuine surprise I think they had no idea.

The Rally to Restore Sanity looks like it's going to be quite a big event.  Moderates Unite!
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Ft. Worth City Councilman Joel Burns to gay teens - "It gets better."

Heart wrenching speech by Joel Burns.  Speaks out against bullying in school.  Where are the Dallas City Councilpersons speaking out on this issue?

Christine O'Donnell, Deleware Senate Candidate - "What I believe is irrelevant."

If only it weren't so Christine.  What you believe is absolutely relevant to everything in this race for Senate. 

Now why did she say this?  Well in the debate with Chris Coons, her Democratic opponent, O'Donnell was asked by Wolf Blitzer if she believed in evolution.  Her answer was, "What I believe is irrelevant." What she meant was, "please don't ask me questions that might make me look like a kook."  Well, you can dress up a kook, but she is still a kook.

She got a nice softball question about which Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with.  Much like Sarah Palin she came back with a befuddled and vapid reply.  "Right off the top of my head, I know there are a lot...I'll put them on my website."  In other words, "Supreme Court?  How am I supposed to know that? I'll get my people to come up with something and print it later."

O'Donnell, the GOP candidate for this race to fill Joe Biden's seat in the Senate won because of voter apathy, she beat the favored Republican candidate and now the GOP has to live with her.  Her opponent, Castle says he is staying out of the contest, in other words, "you are on your own."  Now it is up to the voters o Delaware to decide whether they want a Senator or an "everywoman" to represent them.  O'Donnell is cute and perky and seems nice enough, but she is so far out of her league in politics that she will be eaten for breakfast in the Senate. Delaware will be ill represented by her and I sincerely hope its citizens come to their senses and elect Chris Coons.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dating Site Releases Demographics - Gay vs. Straight

The online dating site OKCupid has released some of the voluminous data they collect regarding differences between gay and straight users.  The figures are very interesting and very revealing.  No private info is included, but the gay vs. straight  data is fascinating.  This is taken from a sample of 3.2 million users, so it's statistically valuable, too.

Check it out here at OKCupid's Blog.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Of Theme Parks and Florida

Having returned from vacattion in Orlando and environs it's nice to be back at a working internet connection. Though our hotel claimed to have wireless internet, it was apprently only in the lobby and by the time we got back to the room after a day of trudging around the theme parks, the lobby with it's chattering children was the last place I wanted to be.

And while I am on the subject of theme parks here are a few observations about the Orlando/Kissimmee attractions. First the season we went was the best one. Between the Summer crush and the winter rush. In general the lines for attractions were moderate and the crowds were not overwhelming. Second, there are few if any African Americans at the theme parks in Florida. The was a bit disconcerting but maybe it was a seasonal anomaly. Third, an amazing number of parents apparently are willing to pull their children out of school to go on vacation. The number of families with school aged children was astonishing for this time of the year.

Finally, my observation about straight families behaviors is perhaps a bit overreaching but here it is. They are like water, they will fill up any and all available space, particularly if it is space in a doorway or tight spot in the road. They and their children flow outward and just blockade everything! I saw LGBT or at least what I assume were LGBT people at the parks and they seemed aware of people around them and respected each others personal space. Straight people do not understand that concept. They figure they own everything anyway so why bother with politeness or even consciousness of anyone around them. Additionally, they feel their little Aryan brats are the cutest and most adorable things in the world. Everyone should love their kids and put up with their bratty behavior, crying, running, screaming, etc. If you take note of a child trying to smear your leg with a melted ice cream cone, you are just supposed to praise them and laugh it off. Indeed!

As to the parks themselves, Disney certainly has done it best. The four parks we visited were immaculate, well run and absolute perfection. They are so well designed you don't notice the outside world at all. For adults, EPCOT and Disney Studios are particularly fun. Delicious and world-class cuisine and plenty of places to sit and recuperate from the walking and waiting of the attractions. As I grow older I really appreciate this!

Universal on the other hand has some nifty rides, but in general I felt I was being fleeced at every turn. There are extra charges for everything and food and drinks were even higher than at the movies. My suggestion, see the real studio tour in LA and skip Florida Universal entirely.  Yes Harry Potter's Wizarding World is interesting but $10 for a "butter beer" is not a very good trick. (butterscotch soda)

If you are going to the Disney parks, I strongly suggest getting a Park Hopper Pass prior to your vacation. They save money and allow you to go to any park as many times as you wish each day.

While we were there we made a side trip to visit friends in Palm Coast and St. Augustine, (wonderful charming city) and a day trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Center. That was one of the highlights of the visit. Don't miss it.

Now, much needed naps before getting ready for a full work week tomorrow. Ta!