Saturday, November 01, 2008

Palin Gets Punked!

Sarah Palin gets punked with this call from the Canadian radio DJ's the Justicier's. She apparently has no staff that knows anything about world affairs or checks phone numbers before turning the candidate over to such ridicule.

Cheney Endorses McCain! With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Here's a great way to lose an election, get the most hated man in American politics to endorse you! And so it has happened...Dick Cheney, self admitted Darth Vader of the GOP has endorsed John McCain. With any luck it will be the kiss of disaster for his failing campaign. After all, if you can't trust Dick Cheney, and nobody can, can you trust his judgment for a nominee?

Next McCain will get the endorsement of Richard Nixon from the grave I suspect.

MC Yogi - Obama '08 - Music Video

Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Running Ads in Arizona!

Why is John McCain so surprised? Well he has real tough competition in his home state of Arizona! Obama is running ads there and the polls show them in a statistical dead heat. For the Senator from Arizona to not have his state locked up is a big surprise! I only hope there are more surprises ahead for him on losing!

Obama's campaign is willing to venture onto McCain's turf, but it intends to tread lightly. Officials said the Arizona ad would be positive, a calculation to avoid a backlash from voters sympathetic to McCain.

When RoboCalls Attack! New Obama Video!

Vote NO on Prop. 8

Ted Stevens Is Delusional - Says He Was Never Convicted!

If Alaskans needed further proof that their beloved Senator Ted Stevens was delusional and really needs to be put in a home, here goes. In a debate with his opponent in the Senatorial race last night Steven's said he hadn't been convicted of anything. As everyone but Stevens knows he was convicted on all 7 counts of lying on Senate disclosure forms to conceal more than $250,000 in gifts and renovations to his home from VECO Corp. founder Bill Allen.

Bush Rushing To Push Through More Deregulation

As Bush prepares to leave office I am reminded of a failed general, as he withdraws from the battle field deciding to burn and destroy everything he can. Our failed president is trying to push through measures that would further deregulate consumer protections and financial industries.

According to a story in the Washington Post

As many as 90 new regulations are in the works, and at least nine of them are considered "economically significant" because they impose costs or promote societal benefits that exceed $100 million annually. They include new rules governing employees who take family- and medical-related leaves, new standards for preventing or containing oil spills, and a simplified process for settling real estate transactions.

The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era and could be difficult for his successor to undo. Some would ease or lift constraints on private industry, including power plants, mines and farms.

Those and other regulations would help clear obstacles to some commercial ocean-fishing activities, ease controls on emissions of pollutants that contribute to global warming, relax drinking-water standards and lift a key restriction on mountaintop coal mining.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain Tied To Terrorist? You Betcha!

McCain has been palin' around with anti-Semites. In fact he was head of a group that gave almost half a million dollars to Rashid Khalidi. If you haven't heard, Khalidi was once a spokesman for the PLO and the McCain folks have been trying to tar Obama with his associations.

The truth is McCain had far more contact and influence with Khalidi thorugh the International Republican Institute, an organization McCain chaired.

During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

A 1998 tax filing for the McCain-led group shows a $448,873 grant to Khalidi's Center for Palestine Research and Studies for work in the West Bank. (See grant number 5180, "West Bank: CPRS" on page 14 of this PDF.)

The relationship extends back as far as 1993, when John McCain joined IRI as chairman in January. Foreign Affairs noted in September of that year that IRI had helped fund several extensive studies in Palestine run by Khalidi's group, including over 30 public opinion polls and a study of "sociopolitical attitudes."

Palin "Drill, Baby Drill" At Solar Power Company Speech?

Sarah Palin is about as empty a $5000 Versace suit as I have ever seen. Here is the story from the Associated Press:
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Wednesday called for a "clean break" from the Bush administration's energy policies, which she says rely too much on importing foreign oil.

Palin spoke after touring Xunlight Corp., one of a handful of solar technology startup companies in Toledo, a struggling industrial city in this swing state. The city's leaders are hoping that the solar companies will create jobs to replace some of those lost by downsizing in the auto industry.

But Palin made only a passing reference to solar power in her speech and instead renewed her call for more drilling in U.S. coastal waters. She repeated her signature anthem, "drill, baby, drill," which seemed to fall a bit flat on the audience at the plant even as it's become a popular chant at her rallies.

Kay Hagen Fights Back - Take That Elizabeth Dole!

Elizabeth Dole's repulsive attack ads against her opponent in the North Carolina race for Senate and all but state outright that she is an atheist. Hagen, taught Sunday school and is far from an atheist, though Dole's ad even fakes her voice saying "there is no God". It's the lowest, slimiest attack I have ever seen on TV and now Hagen is fighting back! Give her heck, Kay!

New Ad Running In Arizona

The Economist Endorses Obama!

There are times in history when you are conscious of a real sea change in politics and public attitudes. It is rare that they happen in ways that are noticeable until that change is long past. Today, that is different. We are witnessing one such change and one sign of it comes from the bastion of conservative thinking , "The Economist" magazine.
The Economist does not have a vote, but if it did, it would cast it for Mr Obama. We do so wholeheartedly: the Democratic candidate has clearly shown that he offers the better chance of restoring America’s self-confidence. But we acknowledge it is a gamble. Given Mr Obama’s inexperience, the lack of clarity about some of his beliefs and the prospect of a stridently Democratic Congress, voting for him is a risk. Yet it is one America should take, given the steep road ahead.

The Economist endorsing Obama! Maybe there is hope for America after all?

Texans Are As Dumb As I Always Suspected - 25% Believe Obama Is A Muslim!

Well it's official! A fact I long suspected about us Texans...we are dumb as a post sometimes. Now we have proof. A recent poll by the University of Texas says that about 1/4 that's a quarter of all Texans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. Molly Ivins is laughing from her grave!


When asked to identify Obama’s religion, 45 percent of respondents accurately identified him as Protestant, however 23 percent erroneously identified him as Muslim.

Another 28 percent of Texans did not know Obama’s religion, while 0.2 percent of Texans believe that Obama is a Hindu. The poll’s sponsors did not speculate as to why so many Texans are mistaken about Obama’s faith.

Lordy, I guess some folks just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get their news from the back of a cereal box. It's a wonder Texas has newspapers and television, heck apparently a quarter of the people here only use the paper to line birdcages and the TV, well if it's not football or NASCAR, why watch?

And before you go flaming me for this rant, I am born and raised in Texas. I drink iced tea and Dr, Pepper like the rest of us Texans so get over it! Now, if you aren't curious enough to find out anything about the candidates and their positions, much less their religion, please DON'T VOTE. Otherwise, you'll saddle the rest of us with another idiot like you did in the last general election.

For the record, Obama is a Protestant, always was, too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama TV!

If you missed it, here it is. A brilliant piece of television.

Palin Has Yet To Release Her Medical Records - What Is She Hiding?

So what is Sarah Palin hiding, besides a lack of intellectual curiosity and a really ditsy personality? Her people promised to release medical records over a week ago and still no word on when those might be forthcoming. What is she hiding?

If this were the Obama records, McCain and Palin would be all over TV and Radio asking "Who is Barack Obama and what medical problems is he hiding?"

Well, who is Sarah Palin and what medical problems is she hiding, and for that matter what about John McCain? His campaign gave a quick peek to reporters at his medical records, over 1400 unnumbered pages. In about a hour it was impossible for people to gain any in depth information and for a cancer patient who seeks to be president, that might be a nice thing to know.

Now here is the woman who would be a heartbeat from the presidency stonewalling her own health records. That just looks incredibly fishy.

McCain Lying Again! And Again, And Again.....

Glad the JedReport has been watching this stuff, personally I couldn't listen to this much McCain, but his lies are amazing. Here is a fact check.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Tainted Chinese Food - This Time It's Eggs!

So what exactly is the daily recommended dose of Melamine? That would most likely be "0" since melamine is a component in plastic and is not used in food products. Not so for food from China. The melamine tainted milk and milk powder as well as the melamine in pet food from China got a lot of press.

No comes word that the ubiquitous chemical has popped up in eggs from China. Apparently those crafty Chinese capitalists were adding melamine to chicken feed to make it appear to have more protein than it really does. Now the eggs have their own little dose of the plastic.

The whole thing highlights the abysmal regulatory climate in China. From lead tainted toys to poison pet food to melamine tainted baby formula, nothing is immune to the greed of the Chinese Capitalists.

Here in the US we used to feel safe with a healthy FDA and sufficient product safety regulations to protect us, but in the last decade, those regulations have been gutted, leaving us exposed to the same possible problems as the Chinese. Since we import so much from China, we are doubly vulnerable.

It is my hope that the next administration will do something to restore our food and product safety for both domestic and imported goods and substances. Of course if that administration is Republican, all bets are off!

Important Video for Obama Supporters!

GOP Spending Spree - Art Restoration A Campaign Expense?

For people who like to throw the term "elitist" around the Republicans are sure looking like a damn fancy bunch of Joe Sixpacks. In the campaign expenses that revealed the $150,000 shopping spree for Sarah Palin comes this little tidbit. $6,000 to an art restoration company!

You have to wonder what part of the campaign art restoration was crucial to? Huffington Post details more of the exorbitant GOP spending that really makes the term "elitist" seem mild.

For instance, the McCain Victory 2008 committee spent nearly $9,000 on "event site rental" from a yacht company in San Diego, while the John McCain 2008 committee bought $336 worth of "event tickets" for an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

Hoping to lavish big time donors with gifts of appreciation during the GOP convention in Minnesota, McCain Victory 2008 purchased 250 wine glasses adorned with elephant designs, at a cost of nearly $7,000, from a shop in Georgia. It was considered a deal.

"I gave them a 20 percent discount," said an employee of Kevin's of Thomasville. "We are all Republicans here."

That same committee also purchased $3,589 worth of elephant shaped chocolates from a sweet shop in Dallas, Texas. "They bought about 1,000 pieces," said the storeowner. "About eleven ounces a piece in all three types of chocolate: milk, dark and light."

McCain's Big Bang - Car Crash Covered Up

Back in 1964, when McCain was in the Navy, he may have been involved in a fatal car crash near the gates of the Naval Base at Portsmouth, Virginia. Vanity Fair has filed Freedom of Information Act papers to uncover the incident which appears to have been covered up by the Navy.

According to a news story in Huffington Post:
"Plaintiffs have also obtained documents showing that law enforcement officers were ordered back to the accident scene to retrieve personal physical effects. The Navy has never publicly acknowledged this information," one document reads. "This request involves federal government activity, as it addresses what may be an attempt by the Navy to protect by concealment the involvement of a former Navy officer, sitting Senator and Presidential candidate in a serious incident involving the injury or death of another human being."
More bad news for the McCain campaign, now reeling from interval strife and low numbers in the polls.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Fraud In Virginia! Fake Flyers Sent to Democrats


The Virginia Pilot reports today that a phony Virginia Board of Elections flier is being distributed in Hamption Roads, VA telling Democrats that they are now scheduled to vote on November 5. The flier falsely claims that “an emergency session of the General Assembly” adopted a new voting schedule to “ease the load” at polling places on election day:

As the Pilot explains, “no emergency action has been take by the General Assembly, which isn’t in session, and furthermore, doesn’t have the authority to change the date of a federal election.” Along with the rest of the nation, Virginians in all parties vote on November 4.

Obama in Ohio! Inspiring Again.

This is the last few minutes of his speech in Ohio. This man will be a great president!

How To Make It Through The Next 8 Days!

The folks at 23/6 are brilliant sometimes!

Take this little tip sheet for example: (Click it to enlarge)

Ted Stevens To Do Perp-Walk

Senator "Bridge To Nowhere" will soon be doing the perp-walk! Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted on all 7 counts of making false statements on his financial disclosure regarding $250,000 in home renovations and other gifts he received from an oil contractor.

Senator Steven's was one of Sarah Palin's "pals" and she even served as director of the 527 group Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc. So Palin pals around with felons! Nice vetting Senator McCain!

Early Voting In Dallas

Out here in the wilds of North Dallas, you would expect the McCain/Palin signs to be everywhere, but not so in my neck of the woods. Here in the once conservative bastion of Dallas I see more Obama signs than in my own front yard, lots more.

My partner and I voted Saturday, to beat the long lines that are sure to form on election day, and guess what? We got stuck in a line. After 30 minutes we voted, but the line behind us stretched across the parking lot and onto the sidewalk of the church where we voted. The even better news was the number of Obama bumper stickers on cars in the parking lot. They outnumbered McCain stickers 3 or 4 to one.

I know it's very unscientific, but I get the same kinds of reports from my friends who voted early as well. At last count over 1.1 million Texans have already voted in the 15 most populous counties through Thursday, compared with 655,265 in the top 15 counties four years ago. Wow!

Considering the demographics shows that early voters are mostly Democrats, I hesitate to get to encouraged, but the "L" word might be appropriate if the early votes are any indication.

Republican Senator Hagel Says Palin Not Qualified

Today, Chuck Hagel, Republican Senator from Nebraska, joined the chorus of GOP loyalists who has looked at John McCain and his running mate and found them wanting.

Here is his unprecedentedly candid comment in New Yorker Magazine:

Hagel may be the only senior Republican elected official who has publicly criticized McCain’s choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. “I don’t believe she’s qualified to be President of the United States,” Hagel told me. “The first judgment a potential President makes is who their running mate is—and I don’t think John made a very good selection.” He scoffed at McCain’s attempts to portray her as an experienced politician. “To try to make the excuse that she looks out her window and sees Russia—and that she’s commander of the Alaska National Guard.” He added, “There is no question that this candidate is arguably the thinnest-résumé candidate for Vice-President in the history of America.”

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Speaks In Denver To 100,000+

Barack Obama was back on the campaign trail today stopping at this small gathering in Denver, Colorado. About 100,000+ of his close personal friends and loyal supporters showed up!

McCain Obama Dance Off! Video!