Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nevada Judge A "Domme" In Her Courtroom

It amazes me that some people really have no idea how kinky they really are. Take the couple who likes a little playful spanking before sex. To me they are kinky, even though they would deny it. Kinky is not a bad thing, it just means you take your pleasures in ways that fall outside the mainstream. Anyone who knows me can attest, I am kinky and proud of it.

That brings me to the case of the Nevada judge, Elizabeth Halverson. She has been playing “dominance and submission” games for years. That expression would be the “DS” in BDSM by many definitions and that would qualify as kinky in my book. In itself that poses no problems at all for me. I live in a community filled with kinky folks, however most if not all of them know where it is appropriate to play their kinky games and where it is not. Judge Halverson apparently has a problem with setting those limits.

She has been suspended from her position and locked from her courtroom because she was repeatedly treated her bailiff as “her houseboy”. She has had him put on her shoes, drape a blanket around her shoulders and give her back massages. She is even quoted as asking him, “Do you want to worship me from near or afar?"

Now to be fair the judge does have a few health problems. She is very obese and uses a motorized wheelchair, but she also seems to be able to fend for herself and seems more than capable of dominating her staff. Apparently she can dominate her husband as well because she had him sworn in one day so she could ask him if he had completed his chores at home. If that isn’t the act of a Domme, (the term used for a female dominant) I don’t know what is.

The problem is one of consensuality, and bringing your kink into the courtroom certainly is a non-consensual act. I have no problem with people being as kinky as they want in the appropriate setting, say a bedroom or a private party or a public dungeon. Exercising your dominance over government employees who did not agree to that kind of role play is another story entirely.

I suspect Judge Halverson actually has no idea of her Domme tendencies and just thinks she is acting rationally. Perhaps she should be enlightened and read a few books on the topic. She might find her personal life becoming much more fun and her professional life much less controversial. Should she be interested, I would be happy to suggest a reading list.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama Gains 9 More Super-Delegates

It seems like everyone but Hillary knows it’s over. Obama picked up 9 more super-delegates today further solidifying his lead. Even John Edwards intimated that he might endorse Obama soon, saying that Hillary’s math just didn’t work out.

ABC News even shows a higher total of super-delegates than Hillary overall, a first for Obama’s campaign.

Federal Judge Orders CIA To Turn Over "Torture Memo"

Looks like the feds are finally getting interested in the Bush administration’s illegal activity. U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of New York yesterday ordered the CIA “to submit to the court a 2002 memo said to specify harsh interrogation methods used on suspected terrorists held abroad.”

The investigation is part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the ACLU and other organizations. According to a press release from the ACLU:

"This memo authorized the CIA to use specific torture techniques – including waterboarding," said Jameel Jaffer, Director of the ACLU National Security Project. "As Attorney General Mukasey has acknowledged, CIA agents waterboarded prisoners because this memo told them that they could. The memo is being withheld not for legitimate security reasons, but in order to protect government officials from accountability for their decisions."

For almost four years, the ACLU has been challenging the government's assertion that the OLC memo could not be released because of attorney-client privilege. The ACLU has argued that the privilege does not apply to a legal memo that the CIA adopted as a matter of policy. At a hearing in January, the judge sided with the government, but he reconsidered his decision after senior officials publicly acknowledged that the CIA had waterboarded three prisoners and after Attorney General Michael Mukasey stated to Congress that the CIA's interrogation program had been authorized by the OLC.

More on this at the ACLU website.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

McCain's Big Problem

McCains "Spiritual Guide" Wants America to Destroy Islam

This guy believes that the United States founding fathers actually created our country to fight the spread of Islam. And some people though Rev. Wright was radical?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gay Paper, Washington Blade "Unendorses" Hillary

The Washington Blade, a major GLBT publication with syndication throughout the country has “unendorsed” Hillary Clinton. In their own words:

Last night's results in the North Carolina and Indiana primaries have left Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton out of options. She ran a tough and spirited campaign that will be talked about for a generation. But it’s over.

The time has come for Clinton to adopt a gracious and conciliatory tone, end her campaign and endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.

I'd Rather Be Waterboarding!

US Ranks 27th Best Place To Be A Mother

The non-profit organization Save the Children has released its list of best and worst places for mothers in the world. Surprisingly the United States came in at only 27. This means the myth of “great healthcare” in America is just that, a myth!

Our neighbors to the north, Canada, fared better at #20 but by far the best places to be a mother and infant would be the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway and Iceland, followed by New Zealand, Denmark , Australia and Finland. Also not surprising were the lowest ranks in Niger, Chad, Sierra Leon and Yemen.

The report is available in pdf format here.

Obama Picks Up 4 More Superdelegates

Senator Barack Obama picked up 4 more Superdelegates after his decisive win in North Carolina last night That coupled with Hillary's lackluster showing in Indiana has lead at least some Superdelegates to make the commitment for Obama.

Huffington Post has more.

Jeanette Council, an undecided superdelegate from North Carolina, said she decided over the weekend to endorse Obama but waited until after voters cast their ballots to announce it on Wednesday.

"I just think Senator Obama is the face of America," Council, a commissioner from Cumberland County, said in an interview with The Associated Press. "When I looked at it, I was so excited at the fact that he was bringing in so many new people and there was an excitement around the campaign."

Clinton Campaign Hints At Drop Out By June 15

Huffington Post writer Lawrence O’Donnell spoke with Clinton campaign officials who quietly told him that “we will have a nominee by June 15”. O’Donnell pressed him to clarify the remark and said, “Does that mean Hillary will drop out of the race by June 15?” The aid explained how reasonable Hillary was and emphasized that “we will have a nominee by June 15.”

Sounds like even those who have drunk the Clinton Kool-Aid even know it’s a hopeless quest. My hope is that she does so sooner than later to avoid any more blood or expense prior to the general election in November.

CLinton Campaign On Life-Support, Hillary Lends It $6.4 Million

Sometimes people need to be told, “it’s over”. Hillary Clinton is one of those people. She had a very disappointing outcome of last night’s election and stands no chance of gathering the needed delegates for a nomination short of some sort of back room trick.

Today she lent her campaign another $6.4 million dollars so they can continue the futile campaign. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, you just can’t turn away. Hopefully, the Party will begin lobbying her to find a way to bow out before she exhausts her fortune and her career.

Obama Wins NC, Clinton Squeeks By In Indiana

I stayed up late last night watching the election returns from Indiana. As expected Hillary Clinton won the primary, but not even close to the double digits she needed to stay in the race. She won by 2% points! Meanwhile in North Carolina, Obama won a decisive victory with a 56% to 42% lead. The only states left are much less populated and Hillary has virtually no chance of winning enough delegates to overcome Obama’s lead.

It is time she gracefully stepped down. Last night she even intimated she would support whoever was the candidate and work to defeat John McCain in November, so why not now? She can avoid further polarizing the party and help heal the wounds inflicted by the longest primary campaign in my memory.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FBI Agents Raid Bush Appointee’s Home & Office

It seems that now as the Bush administration is winding down the FBI and other government agencies have come out of their shells. Today the FBI raided the offices of Special Council Scott Bloch. They seized his records and computers in an ongoing investigation into obstruction of justice by Mr. Bloch during the course of a 2006 inquiry into his conduct.

Bloch was supposed to be looking into the use of government resources by Karl Rove during the 2006 election. Bloch also has other investigations going on regarding his conduct as well. Since 2005 he has been under investigation for improperly retaliating against employees who disagreed with his policies, such as that “federal employees are not protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation”.

My biggest question is when will the FBI go after Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush gang?

Tax Loophole Video! How Buyouts Bilk America

Flordia Teacher Removed From Post For "Wizardry"!

Ah, Florida. One of the most beautiful states in the country with some of the dumbest people God ever put on this earth. In the town of Land O’Lakes a teacher showed his class a mgic trick where he made a toothpick disappear.

In the middle of the day he got a call from the supervisor telling him basically to clear out his desk. Apparently a student accused the teacher of “wizardry”. Say what?

It seems that this intellectual backwater actually takes a charge of “wizardry” seriously and has removed from his teaching position. The teacher Jim Piculas told reporters that he worries he will be unable to find another teaching position in the state.

Now all you people who want to break the Democratic Party rules and seat the Florida delegation, even though the election was held in violation of party rules, remember this incident. Any place where they believe slight of hand is really magic, would believe almost anything. Perhaps not seating the Florida delegation might really boost the combined IQ of the Democratic Party?

Kidding aside, this kind of crap is what results when you have school boards ruled by home-schooled fundamentalists and not educators. Welcome to the new dark ages!

Monday, May 05, 2008

New Obama TV Ad for North Carolina

Obama's latest TV ad hits Hillary with her own words.

Hillary Camp Threatens Nuclear Option To Get The Nomination

As I have long though Hillary Clintons ego and ambition know no bounds. Her campaign today confirmed that they are willing to use what the Huffington Post has called the "nuclear option" in winning the democratic nomination. That means seating the Florida and Michigan delegates in violation of the rules.

How can they do it? Well they have pro-Clinton members of the rules committee who will simply finagle the rules to allow the delegates to be seated. Forcing the seating of delegates from states that clearly violated the rules, and states where Obama did not campaign and was not even on the ballot since these states violated the party rules would be a disaster. It might secure Hillary enough delegates, but it would split the Democratic Party in two. It would infuriate the 48 states who played by the rules and assure a complete mess at the convention.

A big fight at the convention will drive away potential Democratic voters and lose the election for Democrats, but Hillary doesn’t care. She wants her nomination, damn it and to hell with the party or fair play or rules!

I can assure Ms. Clinton she will not receive my vote nor that of any of my friends should she pull this dirty trick and I will just suffer through 4 more years of Bush or his proxy, McCain rather than see her win by dirty Washington tricks!

Passionate statement? You betcha! It is sure to piss off my fellow Democrats but it’ s not only the way I feel, it will have the effect I predict. I will continue to campaign for Obama and work on local races. I will vote straight Democratic ticket for everyone but the president and in that category, should Clinton pull her dirty trick to get the nomination, I will abstain.

Should she win the nomination legitimately, that will be a different story. However, it looks like she cannot win in a fair fight. We will see.