Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Bush Lies - No Probe Launched As Promised Of Plame Leak

I get really tired of writing about Bush’s lies, but he just can’t stop lying. After the Valerie Plame scandal, he swore he would launch a full investigation of who leaked her name as a covert CIA agent to the press. Guess what? He LIED!

In testimony before the house oversight committee, James Knodell, Director of the Office of Security at the White House, stated that the Bush administration never launched an internal probe to find the source for the leak in 2003. Why is no one screaming for Bush’s resignation for being a lying dirtbag?

Clinton lied about getting a blow job and it’s impeachment time! Bush lies about treasonable acts committed by his staff and it’s business as usual. What the fuck is wrong here?

What is wrong is that for too long the GOP controlled Congress has been complicit in the crimes of the White House. It is now the day of reckoning.

Christians March On White House To Protest The War In Iraq

It warms my heart to see people who call themselves Christians actually doing something Jesus would be proud of. Last night thousands of protesters met at the National Cathedral to pray for peace and then marched to the White House, where many were arrested when the stopped and stood silent witness to the immoral war President Bush is conducting.

There is an area of the sidewalk in front of the White House where you cannot stop, and that is where they stopped and waited to be arrested. It reminds me of the 1970’s and the protests of the Vietnam War. I participated in those, though not in Washington, and I am delighted to see that kind of action again. It is about time someone did this. Tomorrow I am participating in a similar march here in Dallas.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Iraq Veterans Memorial- Sgt. Sherwood Baker

Finally a use for YouTube that is a good thing. There are more at

Gonzales Scandal Has Roots In The White House - But Bush Can't Remember It!

It is amazing how bad memories are in Washington, specifically in the Bush administration. The latest firestorm involving Alberto Gonzales has ties leading directly into the White House, and now as usual, the folks at the top have had a memory lapse.

Tony Snow today said regarding Harriet Myers involvement, "At this juncture, people have hazy memories." Asked if Bush himself might have suggested the firings, Snow said, "Anything’s possible … but I don’t think so." He said Bush "certainly has no recollection of any such thing. I can’t speak for the attorney general. I want you to be clear here: don’t be dropping it at the president’s door,"

It makes you wonder how these people remember to tie their shoes in the morning. More importantly, it makes you wonder why they are still in office.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kucinich Shows Some Balls - Uses The "I" Word

Finally a Democrat with BALLS! Dennis Kucinich has used the "I" word on the floor of the House. It's about time someone stood up and said that the Emperor has no clothes!

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's Confession Under Torture Is Useless

Finally a news story I can speak to with some authority. Let’s talk about torture. Now the kind I am familiar with is a kind of "play" torture. It is consensual, and for the most part safe. I have done interrogation "scenes" quite often, and though the people I am interrogating are not terrorists or criminals, they do their best to avoid giving me the information I want. That is they way we play our game.

They know that if they tell me what I want to know, the torture will stop. Usually, we have prearranged some bit of information that is the goal, but sometimes they may not realize I planted that information until the scene begins. For example, one person who wanted to do this kind of scene met me for dinner one night. I began talking about the events of WWII and specifically the research being done by German physicist Werner Heisenberg. They seemed interested and I gave them lots of details about his work in quantum physics as well as a possible conversation he may have had with Niels Bohr on a visit to Denmark during the war.

My friends know I have a variety of interests but I suspect this conversation seemed a little out of place, so it stuck with them. When we did the interrogation scene a few days later, I assumed the persona of a Nazi and the whole scene was done in a combination of German and English. What I wanted to know was whom Heisenburg had spoken to when he visited Denmark.

OK, so we had a little theatrical role-play going on, but the interrogation session was far from theatrical. I used real posture techniques and very painful torture in my questioning. The partner who I was playing with was very stubborn and the game was to see if they would break and tell me the info. After several hours which included such activities as electrical shocks with a cattle prod, rough body play including slaps to the face and punches to the body, and a variety of other nasty and painful techniques, they broke.

I got not only Neils Bohr’s name but they agreed they were part of the conversation and knew details they could never have known. Later, after we had a chance to decompress and come down from the scene, my friend told me they didn’t even know what they were saying. They were just agreeing to anything to make the pain stop.

For those of you who may be already questioning the sanity of this kind of play, I can assure you that both my partner and I had a great time. We were both very exhausted but happy afterward, and agreed to do it again sometime, albeit in a different kind of arrangement.

The point of this story is to let you know that even the kind of torture dished out in a consensual SM scene, which is mild compared to "water-boarding" and other CIA nastiness can elicit a confession that is completely false. Granted what we were doing was a "scene" but while it was going on, the body’s fight or flight mechanisms were working at full capacity and the reactions were identical to someone in a real torture situation.

CIA operatives who have been through torture situations to understand what they might be up against usually break in a few minutes. That word "break" is key. A person being tortured enough will confess to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby if put under enough stress. After a while, your mind screams, "tell them whatever they want you to say to get them to stop!"

That said, the confessions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed are pretty much useless. He was tortured and we will never know how much since the government has redacted the details. Confessions made under torture are useless, and every military expert knows it. That is why the recent announcement that Mohammed has admitted to everything from 9/11 to plots to blow up the Sears Tower is not only useless, but also way too convenient. This comes as the Bush administration is beginning to undergo the scrutiny it deserves for its dirty dealing involving the use of torture and various misdeeds including scrutiny of Alberto Gonzales. This is another example of the Bush tactic of "look over there". It’s misdirection from the real story and should be treated as such until all the facts come out, if they ever do.

Presidential Records Bill Will Prevent Rewriting Of History

There is an old saw that says, "history is written by the winners". Today that might be better stated that "history is re-written by he President". Ever since the Presidential decree by President George W. Bush that gave current and former presidents and vice presidents broad authority to withhold presidential records or delay their release indefinitely, historians have been denied access to the documents that were generated during a presidency.

Traditionally, presidential papers were put in the archives of Presidential libraries for historians to access. This made the legacy of each president public record, as it should be. Bush changed all that and his forst act was making his father’s papers secret. This denies scholars any access to an important period of American history. It also keeps any wrong doings secret and protects the legacy of George H. W. Bush.

No doubt the proposed George W. Bush library at SMU will contain lots of sealed rooms of secret documents. This will keep historians, and lawyers from looking at what really is going on in the administration behind closed doors. Before Bush, presidents papers were used to study how history was made. After Bush historians will have to guess and take the administrations spin on events.

That is why Henry Waxman (D-CA) is co-sponsoring the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007. This act will open all the records and keep history in the hands of scholars and the public, instead of holding our heritage hostage to the whims of spin-masters. History belongs to us, the American people, that way we are all the winners.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Republicans Break Ranks And Call For Gonzales Resignation

Raw Story is reporting that in a recent interview John Sununu (R-NH) has stated that Bush should fire Alberto Gonzales. I am hoping that more Republicans will break ranks and act as boldly as Sununu. He is stating the obvious. Gonzales has been a disgrace as Attorney General and now looks like he is directly involved in the questionable Justice Department firings.

As the momentum builds it will be harder and harder for Bush to avoid this move, as will the effort to block Karl Rove from testifying before Congress.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Senator Tim Johnson Continues His Recovery

Most people in this 30 minute-attention-span country have forgotten Tim Johnson, the Democratic Senator from South Dakota who had a brain hemorrhage. His condition was subject of speculation for weeks from the right-wing about shifting the balance of power back to the GOP.

He has made his first public statement on his web site and I will include it in its entirety below.

"I want to thank the people of South Dakota and all of our dear friends for their support and prayers. This has been an unexpected journey and there is a long road in front of me. I am determined and focused on my recovery, and I look forward to returning to the Senate on behalf of South Dakota," said Senator Johnson.

The medical staff at the rehabilitation center has informed the Johnsons that the Senator continues to progress as expected. The attending physician states, "Senator Johnson is making significant and regular gains. He is doing very well cognitively. We are focusing on standing and balance training as the foundation upon which to base
the course of his ongoing physical recovery."

Our prayers and wishes for speedy recovery go out to Senator Johnson.

Justice Department Scandal Widens

So it looks like the White House urged Alberto Gonzales to fire several attorneys on political grounds. Not that this should come as a surprise, but considering that the administration first claimed that was not the case, this is more newsworthy. Gonzales now is taking responsibility for the firings yet he has refused to resign, as did his assistant Kyle Sampson.

Responsibility to these guys means saying yes we did it now let’s have a lengthy investigation until the public forgets. That is the problem. America has a collective attention span of about 30 minutes and because of that the Bush administration has been getting away with murder. People forget Bush has lied dozens of times in everything from press conferences to State of the Union speeches. Somebody has to wake America up and remind them that we have criminals at the helm of the Ship of State.

Poll Shows GOP Voters Dissatisfied With Choices For 2008

Why is this news? The GOP has long ago sold its soul to the neocons and now they are wondering why the party faithful are dissatisfied with the presidential candidates for 2008. It’s not rocket science. The GOP has strayed from its principals to court a new "base" of far right fundamentalists and neocon business types. The party of Lincoln is long dead and yet people still wonder where it went?

When Regan entered the White House the change started. The GOP became a party of more and more extreme right-wing ideologues. By pandering to the Christian fundamentalists and focusing solely on God Guns and Gays, they left their principals behind in favor of expedient political alignments. The days of fiscally conservative Republicans ended with the election of George W. Bush. Spending has exploded and it’s all going into the pockets of the businesses that got him elected. From the party of cautious fiscal policy the GOP has become the party of big pork and corruption. No wonder GOP voters feel they have no choices, they don’t!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Israeli Ambassador Caught In Kinky Wardrobe - Drunk On The Street!

Jews in bondage? Sounds like a bad Mel Brooks parody, but it’s apparently true. The Israeli Ambassador to El Salvador was found dressed only in leather bondage gear wandering the streets blind drunk. Personally I have nothing against bondage, which should be obvious to anyone who knows me, but taking it out in public does cross the consensual space line.

The Israeli government is not amused and has recalled him. I wonder if he has a leather yarmulke?

McCain's Weird TV Ad - What Were They Thinking?

This has got to be the worst campaign ad ever. McCain making a bunch of disjointed statements over some music that could be Darth Vader's theme from Empire Strikes Back. What the heck were his spin-meisters thinking? Just found the music, it's from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Black Pearl. Now that is what you want to be associated with, pirates! I thought that was what we already had in the White House?

Halliburton Escapes To Dubai - Watch For Cheney To Follow Soon

A few months ago I made a prediction and I stand by it. Within the next 2 months Dick Cheney will step down as VP for "health" reasons. Afterwards, Condi Rice will be made Vice President and have a secure seat for an incumbent run in 2008.

Cheney’s clot in his leg a couple of weeks ago is the start of the cover story. The rest will play out as follows. Cheney will step down just prior to investigations by Congress into illegal activities by the administration. He will move out of the country just in time to escape embarrassing prosecution and questions. Bush will follow as soon as he is impeached. OK hat last bit is wishful thinking.

It should come as no surprise that Cheney’s former company has pulled up stakes and moved to Dubai. That surprising announcement caught everyone but me by surprise. Of course, and Cheney will have unfettered access to his stock and fortune since the company will be trading on a foreign exchange.

Sound far-fetched? Not really, remember Bush buying all that land in Paraguay? A get away after he is impeached or perhaps before he is convicted of criminal charges. Same goes for Dick Cheney. Halliburton has looted the coffers of our treasury with bogus no-bid contracts and shoddy quality work and now they are running away before they are found guilty of a crime. With congress in control of Democrats, they have little chance of continuing their crime spree and a move to Dubai; a country built by and for billionaires makes sense for them.

For us, we need to move quickly to seize Halliburton’s assets in the US before they can make a clean getaway. Write your Congressperson.