Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bush & Rice, An Item? Laura Moves Out!

Well maybe, just maybe the scandal that will sink this administration has struck. Seems Laura spent at least on night in a hotel last week. Additionally, seems like George and Condi might have a "thing" going on.

If it turns out to be true, I suspect the fundamentalist Christianists will drop King George like a hot potato. Not only would he be fooling around on his wife, but with a black woman! Gad, doesn't that just stir the old racist pot!

According to a New York Magazine article, Rice was reportedly overheard saying, "As I was telling my husb..." and then stopping herself abruptly, before saying, "As I was telling President Bush." That jaw dropping line may be the first leak in the biggest scandal of the Bush White House.

Kind of sad isn't it? Bush lies and sends American soldiers off to die in a war based on deception, he spies illegally on Americans, usurps the powers of the Congress, uses secrecunprecedentedented ways, and it's the silly sex scandal that will probably get him impeached. Such is Washington.

Let's Play "Find The Sinners!" The Fun Family Values Game, one of my favorite lefty sites has invented a great new game. Since the Gay Bashing Amendment is being supported along party lines, and it is aimed at upholding "Family Values" it's time to take a roll call of the sinners who hypocritically support it.

In an effort to call them out, the blog is asking readers to send in sourced information on these supporters of Family Values to expose the sham. So far the list is growing quickly and the first winner is Henry Hyde, R-IL who was caught in a scandal involving a woman other than his wife.

Gee, it's fun to play. Log on and help out, but only if you are sin-free!

Ain't Theocracy grand!

Bush Blames Activist Judges - The Same Kind That Put Him In Office?

In an unfortunately not so rare occurrence Bush exposed his own hypocrisy in his speech supporting a Gay Discrimination Amendment to the Constitution. The Amendment which is largely a tactic to pander to the fundamentalist Christianists has little chance of seeing the light of day, so it is strange that Bush would waste time in his radio address to drum up support for it.
CNN's Jack Cafferty states it well.

He blamed the need for an amendment to ban gays and lesbians from marriage on those pesky activist judges. Activist judges seem to be the boogie man this week, and after all any speech by Bush has to have a boogie man. This president deals only in misinformation and fear. If he can't scare you, he can't control you. So today it's activist judges and those scary homosexuals.

If memory serves, it was those pesky activist judges on the Supreme Court that decided the election in 2000 which put Bush in office. Perhaps we need an amendment to protect the Presidency from judicial meddling? To quote from his address today:
"This national question requires a national solution, and on an issue of
such profound importance, that solution should come from the people, not the

Canadians Really Fighting Terrorists - Stop Bomb Plot

Canadian authorities arrested 12 men in connection with a possible terrorist plot. They seized 3 tons of ammonium Nitrate, commonly used to make explosives and said the group was inspired by al-Qaeda.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted the raids, and as far as I can tell, the fact that Canada allows gay marriage did not hinder their successful operation.

New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Previously Thought

The Big Easy is slowly sinking into the Mississippi mud, a fact that scientists have been aware of for many years. The twist is that it seems to be sinking faster now than before, especially around the vulnerable levees that failed during Katrina.

Aljazeera reports that an article in the journal Nature shows satellite data confirming these facts. The result? Well, those levees that were being rebuilt to pre-Katrina levels will be even less effective than thought. Why do we have to find this out reading Aljazeera? Why is the government so cavalier with the fate of one of America's greatest cities?

Because we are a nation of sheep being led to the slaughter. Our alleged leaders posture and shout and do nothing. Bush signs some fake defense of marriage amendment Monday to try to write discrimination into the Constitution while New Orleans is more vulnerable than ever. Fake news shows will spend Sunday debating this and other non-issues to disguise the fact that our government is run by greedy, self-centered, millionaires who have nothing but disdain for the citizens of the country. To them the populace is nothing but rabble, to be tolerated and ignored.

Nero is playing his fiddle loud and clear. Hear that? It's got a slightly folksy twang, but the melody is clear. This empire is falling into ruin while it's rulers play us like cheap fiddles. Time to change the tune before we all have to pay the piper.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Another Heterosexual Attack On Marriage!

Candidate Jim Galley, a Republican, is running on a platform of "traditional family values". This seemingly benign heterosexual man has actually broken those "traditional values" by wedding 2 women at the same time. Bigamy appears nowhere in the pro-family agenda unless you are following the now out of fashion Mormon tradition of polygamy.

Galley claims his double marriage was a mistake, he thought he and his first wife had already been divorced. Divorce, another problem for someone touting "traditional values".

OK. Irony aside, why is it Republicans think the Gay and Lesbian communities are doing anything to harm marriage by asknig for the same rights as heterosexuals? It looks like the "straight"community has already done a bang up job of destroying the American family without us.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

We Want AOL & Google Records - For...?

First Alberto Gonzales said he needed the Google records to protect against child exploitation and kiddy porn, now he says he needs the ISP records to fight terrorism. Which is it?

The real story is that the administration wants our records to instill terror in us. If we feel we are being watched, we will be less likely to speak out against their criminal activities. People who are paranoid of being trapped by an intrusive government are more pliable and less likely to resist government action. If you need proof, look at the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Phone taps, surveillance and monitoring our web browsing has the effect of putting he cabash on dissention. The first and fourth amendment and the entire Constitution is under serious attack today. If you don't believe it check out the last few statements by the FBI.

Another Predatory Heterosexual! When Will It End?

Yet another case of predatory Heterosexuals molesting our children! When will people learn that "straight" people can't be trusted to be in charge of our vulnerable children?

Concord police arrested and charged a former Cannon School history teacher Tuesday, saying she had sex a second time with a 16-year-old male student.

A repeat offender, and she was teaching school!

Homeland Security? Bush Cuts Funds To Many Major Cities

For a presidency that has pounded the drum of "security" so long and so loudly it really comes as a surprise that funds are being cut to the two major cities that have actually been hit by terrorists. Both New York City and Washington DC had their Homeland Security budgets cut by millions.

Cities like Orlando, which had no money previously did get a few million, but overall the picture doesn't look very secure. I understand that money alone can't keep us secure, but it helps pay for things and personnel that do.

The real agenda of Bush and Company is profit. Money that can be channeled into big contracts for cronies and their companies is expanded and money that would actually go to pay first responders is cut. It's simple, people are not profitable, buying machines and technology is profitable. For a marginal Trek fan like me it would seem that the Faringi had taken over our government.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sign Of The End Times? Kansas Republican Party Head Switches Parties.

According to the Washington Post, Mark Parkinson, the state GOP chairman from 1999 to 2003 officially registered as a Democrat Tuesday in Johnson County, Kansas. Rumor is that he will become the running mate with Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Her Lt. Gov. John Moore (another former Republican) is retiring at the end of his term in 2007.

This move should send shivers down the backs of Republicans across the country. Considering that Rick Santorum of PA is currently running about 23% behind in the polls to his Democratic challenger, the situation in the Congress could change drastically in November. I certainly hope this is the beginning of a tidal wave of Democratic victories in the House and Senate.

Gore Calls Bush An Extremist, And That's News?

Finally, someone has the balls to call the Bush administration what it is: "a dangerous band of right wing extremists’. And who is it that dares to state the truth? Al Gore in a recent appearance in England. Why does it take Al Gore to stand up and speak the truth? Because the Democrats in Congress are either too impotent or cowed by blackmail threats to stand up and do the same.

Enough already! It’s time that American’s stopped lying to ourselves and saw these Bush and Company guys for what they are. They are as close to fascists as our country has ever come and unless they are stopped, now, we will become a failed state and vanish. The November elections are critical. Voting is not a choice it is an imperative. Say what you will about the Democrats, but they are the only hope right now. Third parties won’t cut it in the short term and if the Congress stays in the hands of the Neo-cons, there might not be another chance to change things.

And for those who find the above satirical artwork offensive, good. Maybe it will make you consider the potential threat an unchecked dictator poses to the world.

Just Which Way Are We Turning In Iraq?

Earlier in May President Bush hailed the formation of the new Iraqi government as a "turning point". My question is just which way are we turning?

According to the latest report by the Pentagon, insurgent attacks in Iraq are at the highest level in 2 years. If that figure is any indication we have turned down a really dark alley, and I fear the end will be full civil war. Meanwhile, our troops are over stressed and understaffed which leads to the kind of tragedy that occurred at Haditha. Even worse it leads to shabby cover-ups that become public relations nightmares for our country.

In the aftermath of the massacre, the son of one of the victims is seen in video footage crying to Allah for revenge. Another future terrorist is born. I pray that he will find peace in his heart someday and that his desire for vengeance will be tempered with peace and clarity.

May Allah bless us with clarity in these trying and testing times.

Dixie Chicks Back On Top

Their album, "Taking the Long Way" was number 1 on the Billboard top 200 chart this week. Just goes to show that speaking truth to power can be done and you can still have a hit song. The Dixie Chicks single, "Not Ready To Make Nice" is a direct slap at the radio stations that dropped their music after Natalie Maines commented in a London appearance that she was ashamed to be a Texan, referring to President Bush's Texas roots.

The album is full of fight and hard driving countrified rock sounds that will satisfy the Rock and Country markets. I bought my copy at Starbucks of all places, and apparently American's are ready to forgive and forget any comments made by the group, or more likely they have come around to the same point of view.

For me, I hope this album, along with the other politically themed songs coming out lately help turn the tide against the Bush administration. America is waking up to the fact that these criminals are trying to steal our freedoms and our country. I hope the new wave of protest music is the soundtrack to a new revolution. A revolution that manifests itself at the ballot box in November and takes back the House and Senate so we can take back our country.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Free Speech? Not When It Criticizes The Government!

As we move closer and closer to the Orwellian world of 1984, the recent decision by the Supreme Court reflects the desire by the Bush administration to have uncheck and absolute power. Government whistleblowers no longer are protected by the 1st Amendment and can suffer retaliation by their employers. In other words the government can fire anyone who disagrees with whatever shenanigans they choose to do.

Of course in the world of "doublespeak" Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority that citizens would fare better taking their complaints to the public rather than up the chain of command. In other words, you have to step outside your role as a government employee and take your message directly to the public. Then your employer would be free to officially kick you out into the public for spilling the beans.

The whole ruling makes things very confusing for potential whistle blowers and the courts. That is exactly what the Bush administration wants. Confusion will lead to inaction and less oversight of dirty dealings and improprieties.

This is another step toward what the neo-cons so dearly want, a unitary executive. A President with unlimited power that no one can stop. In my dictionary, that is a dictator, and that is precisely what the framers of the Constitution wanted to avoid by separating the powers and providing checks and balances in the government. Another big step toward dictatorship happened last week with the unprecedented invasion by the FBI of a Congressman's office.

Get ready, because there will undoubtedly be more of these chips by the administration at the Constitution. Their goal is to undermine any constitutional challenge to the powers of the Presidency, and with it to undermine the whole principal upon which our country is founded.

I urge you to write your Congressperson and encourage them to retain their powers as your elected officials. They must investigate this administration and it's abuse of the constitution before it is too late and they relinquish their power to do so.

"Killers For Jesus" The Christian Jihad Game

So the purpose of the Purpose Driven Church is to sell violent video games. At least that is what it appears in the first product released by Left Behind Games, "Left Behind: Eternal Forces".

The company has at least one officer who serves on the board of Rick Warren's megachurch. Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life" is a proponent of Dominionism a doctrine that promotes a theocratic government among other ideas. Author Tim LaHay is also involved in the game company.

This is a less than stealthy tactic to train young people in intolerance and hatred. I somehow fail to see where Jesus ever taught these ideas, and feel sure that if presented with this game he would puke. Jesus never advocates "blowing away" non-believers, nor does he endorse violence.

It seems to me that the makers of this new game are far closer to the dark side than anything to do with the "Prince of Peace".