Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Creation Museum" Opens In Kentucky

It’s one thing to be ignorant, but it’s another to build a museum to show that ignorance to the world. Apparently that’s the aim of the “Creation Museum” in Petersburg, Kentucky. Theologians and scientists alike will shake their heads at the just plain stupid displays in this monument to silly ideas.

Near the entrance is a diorama of children and dinosaurs playing near each other peacefully. Now this might work in the Flintstones Museum, but to anyone with a brain it’s just dumb. Theologically, a word for word literal interpretation of the Bible is destined to create a crisis of faith. It doesn’t work as a literal work; otherwise there would not be so many conflicts within it. Scientists will tell you that about a million years passed between the last of the dinosaurs and the emergence of humanity. Good thing too, because we would have been easy prey for the giant sauropods.

As a Christian, I find the whole thing insulting and defaming to both Jews and Christians of all stripes. To try to pin my entire faith down to a single book whose contents was codified by a bunch of politicians in the early church is just plain wrong. Add to that disputing both theoretical and empirical evidence of the amazing history of the earth and you really minimize God and God’s power. Fundamentalists who adhere to the literal interpretation of the Bible deceive both themselves and others. I don’t see these folks stoning people who eat shellfish, or killing their children who are disobedient. Neither do I see them making animal sacrifices and observing the Sabbath, so let’s get real. Biblical literalists are just lazy. They’d rather approach religion with a “Big Golden Book of Bible Stories” mentality than actually use the brains God gifted them with and think. The mysteries of creation are a whole lot bigger than this tacky theme park theology in Kentucky. Take a few minutes and scratch the surface of these beliefs and you will find nothing at all.
I guess it is no accident that this mess is in Kentucky. Of course it would probably work just as well here in Texas.

Barack Obama: Truth On Iraq

Obama speaks to McCains accusations. Watch it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bush Plants Seeds Of Way Out In Iraq - Anybody Else See This?

Call me crazy, and I am sure some of you will, but I think I heard Bush’s “out” for Iraq in the press conference yesterday. He made it clear that we are there at the request of the Iraqi government and as long as they want us there we will stay.

First of all I don’t think we were there at the request of the government of Saddam, but that’s a different matter. Here is the trick, and I use the word trick because these crooks that run the White House do nothing straightforward. That emphasis on being there at the request of the Iraqi government is the key. If they tell us they no longer want us there, we leave!

If the pressure on Bush to withdraw troops gets too bad, he simply tells the puppet government of Iraq to tell us we are no longer needed. Mission accomplished! Another great deception brought to you by the Bush Administration.

Think about it!

Of Terrorists And French Fries

I remember hearing our dear idiot in chief saying the “terrorists hate us because of our freedom”. Well guess what? They must not hate us as much because that freedom keeps getting more and more limited. A case in point is this story about a blogger in Connecticut who wanted to do a story about the French fries on the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry. Apparently his nephews loved these greasy treats and he took a picture of them while on his way across the Long Island Sound.

The vendors became suspicious of someone taking a snapshot of their food and the whole thing turned into a nasty “you might be a terrorist” incident. What the hell is happening in this country? Being cautious is one thing but fingering a guy taking pictures of French fries as a terrorist is just plain loopy.

What kind of lame brained terrorist needs reconnaissance photos of the fast food to know how to poison/infect/whatever it? Come on folks, wise up! The climate of fear the Bush folks have fostered is unhealthy and does nothing to make us safer. Common sense precautions are a good thing, but paranoia only shows that the terrorists have succeeded. After all as their name suggests they want to instill terror! Well worrying about a guy taking pictures of French fries is about as terrifying as it gets.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Insurance Companies Ask Neighbors About Your Morality And Lifestyle

Insurance companies. They pretty much run Texas and now the rest of the country as well. Try getting health insurance if you are self employed. It ain't gonna happen. Conditions as minor as childhood asthma can cause the insurance thugs to send you to a "high-risk pool" where you will be charged over $1000 a month for a piss poor policy.

Now it seems that they are going door to door and asking about the "morality and lifestyle" of applicants from their neighbors. Funny, sounds like they are looking for people who are gay or lesbian. I used to think this kind of crap was illegal, but not in the big new world of Bush-o-nomics! If you move to another state you can be red-lined and good luck finding a policy.

Time for national health insurance! People in other countries do OK with it, why not here?

Judge Blocks Farmers Branch Xenophobic Ordinance

So the xenophobic residents of Farmers Branch voted for their "get the wetbacks out" ordinance. Big deal! Looks like a federal judge has blocked the ordinance from going into effect with his finding that plaintiffs against the ordinance which prohibits landlord from renting to illegal aliens will likely be overturned in the courts.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay will probably schedule a preliminary injunction hearing in a few weeks. He noted about the measure which passed on May 12, "public approval ... does not guide the court as to whether the Ordinance complies with the law."

Looks like them pesky Meskins are still gonna be invading Farmers Branch. Deal with it FB!

Dems Cave To Bush On Iraq Spending

So Russ Feingold hits the nail on the head again. He calls the Iraq Spending bill that is coming out of the congress a "cave-in" to the administration. All those folks like myself who worked to get Democrats elected to stop the war must be feeling the same way. This was the opportunity to go head to head with Bush and speak for the American people.

Congress whispered instead of shouted, and that will cost them. Moderate Democrats and the few conservative Democrats remaining better watch their backs. True liberals and progressives will line up to challenge them in the primaries.

We need a real progressive Democratic Party not GOP-lite!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Kind Of Bomb Would Jesus Use?

Seems that the infighting within the Christian Fanatics is escalating. A student of Liberty University was arrested at Jerry Falwell's funeral with home made napalm bombs in his car. He says he intended to use them on the protesters that gathered.

Most notable of the protesters was the Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Cult. These folks are certified wackos and apparently think everything wrong in America is due to "fags". They even thought Falwell, one of the most prominent gay bashers around, was not homophobic enough and worthy of protest.

Does anyone else see the similarity between this kind of thing and the stuff going on in the middle east? Fundamentalism fighting itself. Suni vs. Shia, Baptists vs. Wacko Baptists.

If you really want to get angry, check out the WBC's website and have a nice helping of bile.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Godfather IV - Fredo's Revenge

Art imitates life again. Americablog posted this earlier today, very funny.

Bush Divorce Saga Now Involves The Queen?

The latest rumor comes courtesy of the Globe Magazine. Once again the supermarket tabloid features a cover story about the alleged Bush divorce. This time Bush is blasting the Queen of England for meddling in his divorce. This one is so outrageous it had me laughing in the checkout line. I have a vision of the Queen giving George a "motherly" talking to. Maybe that's why he made the gaff and said she had been around since 1776?

So far no one has any facts to back this up, but I keep checking just in case. I think it is another sign of the dissatisfaction of Americans with the Presidency of George Bush. I guess they only wish the rumors were true.

Airport Blogging - Stuck In Traveler's Purgatory

Stuck at Dallas Love Field this morning after all the flights to Amarillo were cancelled because of bad weather in Houston. Go figure.

It's times like these when I am grateful for laptops and wi-fi. Airports have become terminally dull places (pun intended). With all the screening and alleged security there is little room or business for anything other than shoe shine stalls and newsstands.

I have fond memories of the old penny arcade that once graced Love Field Airport. It was in the main terminal and had hundreds of games. Back then it was pinball and shooting galleries. Video games were not even a possibility. Lucky for me, my cousin who our family called "uncle" owned the arcade, and almost every other jukebox or pinball machine in the city. It was pretty nifty for a kid being related to the Pinball Godfather.

Only in later years did I figure he might have been part of the shadowy Jewish Mafia. Consider the evidence. He owned jukeboxes and vending machines, his brother owned the biggest liquor distributor in the city and the other brother was an attorney. All that was missing was prostitution and drugs, but they never dabbled in those.

So now, I am spending the three hours I have to kill blogging and moving from one coffee shop to another. Oh yea, they also eliminated almost everywhere you can sit for free. Capitalism always finds a way to make a buck, even if it is off your tired feet.

Bush Lies Again! Surprised?

So our Liar in Chief has followed Brittany Spears and "done it again". Oops!

That surge of 21,000 or so troops just got bigger, a lot bigger. Now he is asking Congress for an additional $100 million and 46,000 troops. Why haven't you heard of it? Because it is being carried out quietly and in a behind the scenes manner.

How many lies will it take to impeach this criminal? How I wish it was as simple as the Tootsie Roll commercial where the wise old owl lick the Tootsie Pop three times and then bites it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shocking Video - Why The Military Wants YouTube Banned

Michael Shaw on his blog gives ample reason why the military wants Youtube out of Iraq. Videos like this are not only graphic, but the audio is shockingly cavalier. Destroying mosques and holy sites, seems to be a lot of fun for our guys. Hope they got the sniper, because I suspect the destruction of the mosque will give rise to at least two dozen more who want to avenge the desecration of the holy site.

I support our troops. I just want them to not have to make these kinds of choices which end up putting them in even worse positions. Bring our troops home now!

(Clip title: Mosque Vs F-18. uploaded: May 16 2007 by max. location: Iraq. Possibly Tajii. Via liveleak)

Mayoral Candidate Leppert Not Even A Resident Of Dallas

Funny that a guy who wants to be mayor of Dallas doesn't even live in the city. Tom Leppert, a candidate who has the dubious endorsement of the Dallas Morning News, wants to be mayor of Dallas but he lives in Park Cities. Talk about absentee landlord scenarios! This rich elitist wants to be the mayor of a city he won't deign to live in. Too déclassé I guess?

Top it off with the fact that Leppert has contributed to both the Bush campaign and the campaign of Pete Sessions, and the real story is clear. He is a Republican stooge. Top that off with the Robo-calls made by an anonymous campaign, (Leppert's) trashing his opponents and trying to "gay bash" Ed Oakley and it's the same dirty tricks the GOP pulls at the national level.

The mayoral race is supposed to be non-partisan, but face it, it's not. Oakley is a democrat and Leppert is a Republican. The real question is do we want the corrupt leadership style of the GOP invading Dallas city management or not. Oakley is a Dallasite, and he has a history of working on the city council and for Dallas interests. Leppert is not a resident and has no allegiance to the city or it's interests.

Ed Oakley is gay. Big deal, that has never been an issue in his years of service to the city and it's citizens and it shouldn't be now. Vote for a candidate who lives in the city and cares about all Dallasites, not a rich CEO who supports the corruption and failed policies that have brought our national politics to the sad state it is in now.