Saturday, January 06, 2007

Israel Plans Nuclear Attack On Iran

And so as Israel goes CRAZY, he rest of the world gets screwed. The crazy Israeli’s are reportedly planning a tactical nuclear attack on Iran to take out their uranium enrichment facilities. Oh that’s a great idea! Start World War 3 for real by attacking an Arab country with nuclear weapons. And who will bear the brunt of the retaliation that will come from this? The United States. Israel bombs Iran and every terrorist in the world will attack us, because we are unquestioning allies of Israel. Why do we support them when they do so much to provoke wars in the Middle East? I have no idea.

Fox News broke the story and I am sure they will beat the war drums loudly as they can to drum up a diversion from the current disaster in Iraq. Here’s a Fox News Alert: Nuclear War is not an option, and if Israel starts it we should put them on the outlaw state list just like Iran and North Korea. Enough of this double standard crap. Time for us to call it like it is, Israel is a belligerent Nuclear power with a hair trigger and as such they are dangerous. They are not the kind of allies we need.

Friday, January 05, 2007

White House Managing Defeat In Iraq

Senator Joe Biden (D) is probably right about the Bush strategy in Iraq. In a recent statement he claimed Bush was only postponing defeat in Iraq so the next president will "be the guy landing helicopters inside the Green Zone, taking people off the roof".

Meanwhile CNN tonight reported on a leak in the White House that spoke of a managed defeat in Iraq as the administrations new tactic. So my question is this, why didn’t Bush listen to the multitude of voices who told him this would happen? I suspect it is because he is a megalomaniac who will listen to no one but the voices in his head. He must be removed and the new Congress needs to start doing it now.

Bush Chops Heads Of Military In Iraq

In a move typical of Bush, he is replacing the top generals in the armed forces who are critical of him with loyalists. Seeming more like Queen Evileen in "The Wiz" Bush want’s "no bad news", and surrounds himself with yes men and people whose only qualifications is their loyalty to him.

To head ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has selected a Navy Admiral. The pesky John Abizaid is retiring and Bush wants a stooge in his place who will follow whatever crazy plan he comes up with without comment. Granted, the military should be responsive to the Commander in Chief, but they should also feel free to offer advice. Not with this President!

In other posts General Casey, a Bush critic has been bumped upstairs and made chief of staff of the Army, effectively pulling him out of the field.

Meanwhile, CBS news reports that no more than 9000 troops can be added for Bush’s planned "surge". He wanted 20,000 or 30,000 but the cold reality is there aren’t that many available. Look for lots of strum und drang about Bush’s plans vs. what can actually happen. I expect he will blame any failure on ABM (anybody but me).

Were I a conspiracy nut I would suspect Bush is planning a military backed take over of our government, replacing all the Generals with his patsies, but I will leave that to others. Besides, he will need a team of body guards when he is exiled to his land in Paraguay after the impeachment.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wikileaks Site Will Offer Safe Harbor For Whistle Blowers

A new website called will serve as an uncensorable site for government whistle blowers. The site is designed to target government misdeeds in China, Russia, Central Eurasia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, but you can expect to see western government items on it as well.

Their motto is a quote from Dr. Daniel Ellsberg. “We were young, we were foolish, we were arrogant, but we were right.”

Bush Claims Power To Open Your Mail Without A Warrant!

Our dictator, George W. Bush has granted himself new sweeping powers with the stroke of a pen and a signing statement. Now he can open your mail without a warrant. Another basic right is stolen and where is the outrage? This criminal continues to make up laws as he goes and steal American’s rights and no one is saying anything!

This latest crime is in the form of a signing statement that says he reserves to open mail without a warrant if he deems it an emergency. This makes him judge, and jury and gives him more unchecked power. If the Democratic Congress doesn’t move to remove this criminal, they have no right to assert they are for change. Write Nancy Pelosi and your congressperson and demand investigations and impeachment if it is warranted. We cannot let this go on any longer.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Exxon-Mobil Paid Groups To Misslead Public

Exxon-Mobil apparently paid several groups to publish bogus rebuttals to global warming. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report that accuses the oil giant of using "tobacco company tactics" to spread misinformation. I guess this comes as no surprise from the company that had a campaign earlier last year about CO2 emissions: "some call it pollution, we call it life"

Bush Determined To Surge 20,000 More Troops Into Iraq

Bush seems very adept at thumbing his nose at America. Our government spent millions on the Iraq Study Group Report that suggested that withdrawal was the best option. Bush apparently never read it, or simply used it to light his Yule log. The commanders on the ground say a sudden surge is a bad idea, but Bush is no longer listening to them, if he ever did. The troops on the ground think a surge is a bad idea, and needless to say, Bush doesn’t give a fig about their opinions.

NBC reports Bush is preparing to send 20,000 more troops into the much of Iraq and he seems sure this is he "big idea" he needs to win the war. What he will get is more death, less stability and even lower ratings in the opinion polls. With luck, he will also get impeached!

It is now the Democrats time. They have to make a drastic change in the government to save our country more death and dishonor. Bush behaves like a despot and must be treated as such. His continued role as President serves no purpose but to bolster his ego. Our prestige abroad is shot and trust for American foreign policy is nonexistent. The only way to restore America’s credibility at home and in the world is to remove the Bush administration now. Impeachment is not an option, it is an obligation.

Report Says Halliburton Sells Nuclear Technology To Iran

So our patriotic Vice-President’s company, Halliburton has been doing business with Iran, and not just oil business, but nuclear "bidness" to boot! According to reports, the company sold key components of a reactor to Iran as recently as 2005. Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Iran part of the "Axis of Evil"?

Since when do American companies defy US bans of business with "enemy" countries? Since when does an American firm try to profit by selling illegal supplies to a rogue nation? Oh yea, since Bush entered the White House! My bad. If Cheney does it or one of his cronies, it must be OK cause they are doing God’s work.

Impeachment may be too little too late.

Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse Escalates - FBI Witnesses It!

More proof that the Bush administration has run amok! Interrogators at Guantanamo are doing the same things that brought so much criticism previously, defacing the Koran and abusing prisoners and this time it’s the FBI that says so. The FBI reports a new sacrilege as well, a fake priest "baptizing" prisoners. Bush folks have sunk to a new low now using the Christian religion as a weapon. And what are they getting from these prisoners now that they haven’t gotten in the past YEARS? Why is the torture continuing and interrogation still going on long after any information these prisoners might have is out of date and useless?

Stop the Bush administration now. Demand Impeachment of the whole gang of thugs and let’s restore American justice and America’s reputation in the world.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mannequin Molestor Faces Life In Prison

Well it is always nice to take a break from the crap of the political scene for a really odd story. Seems a guy who was recently released from prison for breaking into stores to "have his way" with store mannequins. He didn’t wait very long before he again smashed the window of a cleaning company and assaulted the mannequin dressed as a French maid. I am not making this up!

He now faces possible life in prison as a repeat offender for this stuff. This story though comical on the surface shows the problem with our current penal system. We warehouse offenders and do nothing to get to the root cause of their crimes. We just hold them and release them and then wonder why they break the law again.

This guy sounds like a guy with a fetish and he has no legal means of indulging it. It is probably because he has never understood why he is attracted to the storeroom dummies. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with him a little bit and find why he has the fetish and then help him find a less intrusive way to express it?
After all, I like leather; I just don’t go breaking into leather stores to indulge myself.

Monday, January 01, 2007

GOP Leaders Running Scared From Bush War Plans

Seems not even Republicans support Bush and McCain’s plan to "surge" another 30,000 troops into the quagmire of Iraq. The average Republican has to stand for election in 2008 and they are hesitant to back a looser now. Bush's plans have no support by either the generals in Iraq or the troops on the ground. Like most Bush decisions, this one is a go-it-alone thing. His ego and blind faith that he is God’s emissary on earth guiding him instead of reason and expertise.

Shooting from the hip might work in a "B" western, but in real life it usually gets folks killed. In this case it will be more Iraqi’s, innocent civilians and US troops. Bush is reckless, headstrong and misguided. He must be impeached ASAP!