Saturday, February 18, 2012

Republican Hearing on Women's Health Had No Women on the Panel.

Surrealistic is the best description of this.  A bogus GOP organized panel of witnesses testifying about reproductive health and contraception and no women are involved.  This video shows how strange the whole thing is.  It was an attempt to smear the Obama administration for their request that all employers providing health insurance provide contraception is requested.  That was later withdrawn, but that didn't stop the GOP.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Terrorist Arrested with Bomb Headed To Kansas State Capitol

Terrorist?  Do you imagine someone with a turban and beard?  Guess again.  This guy was not Muslim and drove a Pickup truck with Florida plates issued to qualified US Military Paratroopers only.

He had homemade live bombs filled with shrapnel and was stopped in a tunnel leading to the capitol. Anti-Immigration hearings were about to open.  The man's truck had a bumper sticker reading "Welcome to America./  Now Speak English."

Can you guess which side of the debate he comes down on? 

Now, My guess is the news media will not give this much coverage.  After all the guy is an American and isn't a spooky Muslim terrorist!  Oy!

Santorum Backer Promotes The "Gay Recruitment" Myth

How many times does this crap have to be cleared out?  The old myth that gays are "recruiting" kids is beyond silly it's a bald face lie intended to spread fear and loathing among conservatives.  Now one of Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum backers is trotting this out yet again.  Bob Vander Plaats of the Iowa Family Leader is pushing for the governor of Iowa to pull his name from an upcoming conference on LGBTQ Youth and school bullying.

The reason?

Well Vander Plaatz says that the idea of "questioning" is just a recruitment tool for "the gays".  Oh puleeze!

Here this bigot is on a radio interview  joking about the subject with the host.

Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP - Whitney Houston

Her voice always sent chills through me, in later years her life did the same thing.  It will probably come as no surprise that Whitney Houston may have died from alcohol and prescription drugs. Still, it makes the sad truth that she will no longer be heard except in recordings and movies all the more upsetting.

Whitney struggled with addiction for much of her adult life and if toxicology reports confirm the fact, she might have died in that struggle.  I only hope her journey can serve as some kind of object lesson to burgeoning talent.  Great talent like hers and Amy Winehouse and so many others brought us all such joy, yet their lives were plagued with troubles.  If I sound like I am struggling with this I am. 

Suffice to say, Whitney will be missed by all who loved her music. May she find the peace now she never could in life.