Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sex With Animals OK In Alabama - Cruelty To Animals, Not So OK

Amazingly a man caught having sex with a 6 week-old pony in Linden, Alabama was not charged with beastiality. Sex with animals is not illegal in Alabama. (That explains a lot.) However since the pony died a few days later he was charged with cruelty to animals.

52 year-old Henry Lewis was spotted having sex with the young horse by four women. He refused to stop when confronted, and had fled by the time they came back with another man.

So why is this interesting? Well, Alabama is one of those states which just passed a ban on same sex marriage. Funny that screwing horses IS legal there, when many point to beastiality as the next step after homosexual marriage is legalized. Alabama seems to be ahead of the curve, as are 15 other states.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

National Park Photo Op = Pay Up Please!

From the people who brought you the Iraq war, privatized security forces and privatized social security comes the latest. Want you wedding photo in a national park? Fee please!

Raw Story found an AP report that many National Parks and Monuments are charging a licensing fee, for photographers to snap pictures with the monuments as background.

Under a new policy that began May 15, the Park Service is requiring a payment of $50 to $250 from groups that hire commercial photographers to snap pictures at some of the 390 monuments, parks and historic sites it oversees.

All part of the new policy that National Parks have to pay their own upkeep. Of course if they were oil companies the government would be giving them barrels of bucks to "help them out" of a tight spot. Teddy Roosevelt is spinning in his grave!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NBC Interviews Ann Coulter On 6/6/6 - Coincidence?

So I turn on the TV and there is Ann Coulter bitching about 9/11 widows and Godless liberals. What a great way to start the day on 06/06/06.

To quote who I can only assume is the Devils spokesperson:

"These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies. I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much."

Read more and watch the clip on And Happy 666!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Army Removes Torture Language From Field Manual - Torture OK Now?

Bush has moved from being the Decider to being the Deceiver. A story in the LA Times states that the new Army Field Manual will omit the specific parts of the Geneva Convention detailing the ban on "humiliating and degrading treatment". To their credit the State Department fiercely opposes this omission.

The story goes on to say:

"President Bush's critics and supporters have debated whether it is possible to prove a direct link between administration declarations that it will not be bound by Geneva and events such as the abuses at Abu Ghraib or the killings of Iraqi civilians last year in Haditha, allegedly by Marines."

I think it’s pretty clear what the motives are behind this omission. The Administration wants to sanction any behavior it feels is appropriate regardless of world norms. By doing this kind of thing, we lower ourselves to the level of any outlaw nation or terrorist group. It is little wonder the Bush cadre wanted nothing to do with the International Court, since it was planning to break so many international laws. That lessens the chance that someday they cannot be brought to justice and put on trial for war crimes.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

American Bar Association Investigates Bush

The board of governors of the American Bar Association has voted to investigate the constitutionality of the more than 750 "signing statements" Bush & Company tacked onto laws when he signed them. These statements claim that the President has the right to ignore these laws when he sees fit.

Among the laws Bush has challenged are the ban on torturing detainees,
oversight provisions in the USA Patriot Act, and "whistle-blower" protections
for federal employees.

No other president has used this trick so often. This is part of the "Unitary Executive" hokum that the neo-cons are pushing. As for my opinion, it's a sham. What they are trying to foist on us is a defacto dictatorship. Caveat Emptor. The 2006 elections are critical!