Friday, April 06, 2007

Rats Leaving Sinking Ship - Gonzales Counsel Monica Goodling Resigns

Lawyer overboard! Looks like Monica Goodling, the liaison to the White House for the Justice Department has submitted her resignation. No explanation was given, but she was scheduled to testify before Congress in the recent US Attorney scandal. She may be trying to shake off requests for her testimony in the firing of 8 US Attorneys by Gonzales to be replaced by political appointees. Apparently Congress is still interested in her as well as the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility.

Seems that jumping ship is not the answer. It looks more and more like Gonzales is going to have to answer for his lies to Congress soon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

South Park Skewers The Easter Bunny

Watching South Park can rot your brain, but you can have a whole lot of fun while it does. The creators of the show have always had a take no prisoners attitude toward organized religion, and especially religious creeds that are rife with hypocrisy. The have skewered Scientology, Mormons and Catholics more than once. Their start in the business came from a poignant and irreverent animated duel between Jesus and Santa Claus over whom embodied the real spirit of Christmas. Jesus won!

Even though their antics are a bit over done sometimes, Matt Stone and Trey Parker really do make some good points as far as social commentary in their series. Last night as they roasted the tradition of the Easter Bunny, they scored another hit for common sense and sound morals. How? Well it seems that the whole bunny thing is because Jesus intended for Peter…rabbit to be the pillar of his church. The Popes hat, with its high crown was designed to fit over rabbit ears…. You get the idea.

They skillfully mixed the Da Vinci code with a plot hatched by Bill Donohue, president of the conservative Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and ended with Jesus neatly slicing Bill in half with a Ninja blade and reinstalling a rabbit as the head of the church. (Funny how Donohue bears a striking resemblance to Karl Rove.) Why a rabbit? Because the rabbit makes no pronouncements as to God’s judgements for mankind. He just sits there silent, watching and lets God speak for Himself.

Heady stuff, and it is the kind of plot that has kept South Park fresh and avoided "jumping the shark".

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fred Phelps "God Hates Fags" Family Exposed On BBC

These guys have been spewing hate for years and now finally someone exposes the truth about them. The BBC did a documentary on this alleged church. The congregation is really almost completely the Phelps family. It's a storefront operation and perhaps the most odd bunch of twisted bigots ever born. Watch and cringe.

Bush Criticises Pelosi While GOP Lawmakers Meet With President Of Syria

So Bush is outraged that Pelosi met with the president of Syria. He says it sends the wrong signal. What about the Republican U.S. House members that were meeting with President Bashar Assad on Sunday? I heard not a single word about that from Bush and more disturbingly from the media reporting Bush’s statements about Pelosi. Only NPR let it slip that GOP officials had similar meetings the following day.

Is the Bush administration cornering the market on hypocrisy? Can there be a more duplicitous administration than this one? I seriously doubt it. Veiled in secrecy, they don’t even provide microphones for the press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House yesterday for reporter’s questions. That way Bush can "hear" only those he wants to hear.

Come on folks, this crap has to stop. Does nobody in the press see that they are giving Bush another free pass? Do your research and ask some real questions. Your readers deserve that at least.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Where Is The Outrage At Iranian Hostages?

The British sailors being held captive by the Iranians has sparked outrage in the UK, and the British government has protested loudly in the press and through diplomatic channels. Where are the US cries of outrage? Where is the demand from our government?

Well, funny thing. We used to be able to take the moral high ground on these kinds of issues. We stood firmly against torture, and taking hostages. We abhorred human rights abuses and deplored parading prisoners before TV cameras where they gave forced confessions.

Today, we can’t do that anymore. Why? Because we use torture to get confessions from hostages, or as we like to call the "detainees". We parade them in front of TV cameras to show our determination to win the "War on Terror" and we have become serial human-rights abusers. We have no moral high ground left to stand on.

Now we have taken a page from the playbook of the same nations we once railed against and now we must remain relatively silent or risk exposing our hypocrisy to the world. Well here’s the big news. We already look like hypocrites to the world and he America I grew up with is a pale shell of the country I once knew. We must reclaim our heritage and constitution and cease the kind of immoral behavior the Bush administration is awash in. There is a solution and it is in the hands of every registered voter. We must take back America at the ballot box!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bush And Laura Divorce Rumors Again In The Globe

As the continued war between Bush and the Congress heats up, the domestic dispute between him and his wife seems to be taking front burner again. According to the Globe, Bush has been throwing tantrums and driving Laura crazy. No surprise there. Though the Globe is hardly a reliable source of information it still provides good fodder for the rumor mills.

More importantly it again shows that the country now finds George and Laura less than scared figures. When the supermarket tabloids begin attacking you, you know your popularity rating is in the dumpster.

I was going to do an April Fools blog on the subject of their impending divorce, however I suspect it might not be all rumors. Any divorce arrangement would only take place after Bush leaves office in order to keep from further deteriorating his standing with the public and more specifically the Christian Right. Marital woes would not play well with the evangelical voters.

Homeland Security Wants Full Control Of The Internet

So the Department of Homeland Security wants the keys to the DNS servers. What does it mean? It means they want the control of the entire Internet. The Domain Name Servers are the way everything on the Internet gets routed to where it needs to be. With this in hand DHS can snoop on everything, even change sites at will. It will mean an end to any privacy on the web.

Why is nobody reporting this? Most of the world is in an uproar over it but the US media has remained silent. Maybe because they are afraid that they will be the next target. This government is determined to control all information and bend it to their will. This isn’t about security; it’s about control. Don’t let this happen. Write your congressperson NOW!