Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who is Carson Daily and Why Should I Care What He Says?

When I heard about a homophobic comment from some "personality" named Carson Daily I had no idea who he was. today, when I heard him make a homophobic joke about the recent Jet Blue incident where passengers subdued a crazed pilot and saved the plane I was moved to look him up.

Apparently, he is the host of a show that comes on NBC so late it's only competition is infomercials for gold retrieval schemes. With the exception of his Wikipedia entry, I would never have known who he was. Why is this important?

My suspicion is he has trouble getting publicity and so he has taken the Ann Coulter approach: say bat shit crazy stuff and the press will eat it up.

His latest "joke" was to say that if he had been on the Jet Blue flight, it would have been headed to a pride celebration in San Francisco. To emphasize the "joke" he lisped when he told it.

So here is why you should know who he is. Write NBC and tell them this clown is anything but funny, in fact he is so offensive you will make it a point to avoid any of his sponsors products and more precisely, stop watching late night NBC shows. It's not a boycott, just a statement of fact.

If the geniuses at NBC gets loads of these letters, they will think twice about putting no talent low life scum like Cason DaIily on their network. Wonder how he likes that name calling?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Great New TV Ad for the GOP

From Betty Bowers, the worlds best Christian!  Enjoy!

Lighted Wheels for Bicycles - Very Cool!

These new LED lights for your bike wheels are amazing.  Work as headlights  and safety device.  Watch!