Saturday, October 24, 2009

Repeal Of DADT On Agenda For November!

The wheels of the Gods grind exceedingly slow...but it looks like the Senate Armed Services Committee will take up the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell in November". A spokeswoman for committee chairman Carl Levin confirmed this to CNN on Friday. Maybe this will be the beginnings of real change?

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Site Tells Story Of Atlanta Eagle Raid

"On September 10, 2009, a SWAT-team of Atlanta police officers detained and searched over 60 people without a warrant, probable cause, or even reasonable suspicion of any criminal activity, just because they were patrons at a gay bar called the Atlanta Eagle."
Thus begins the web site put online to educate the LGBT public about the raid on the Atlanta Eagle. Check it out and get angry...with the authorities and the police!

Microsoft Launches Retail Store - Apple Store Knock-off?

Remember when Microsoft mimicked the Macintosh Graphical User Interface and called it Windows? Well now they have knocked-off the Apple Store and called it the Microsoft Store. Window dressing!

The new store opened in Arizona to much brouhaha from Microsoft and immediately underwhelmed patrons. The new store was even had a former Apple Store designer on the team.

As Windows 7 makes it emergence, allegedly a product that will "fix" all the problems of Windows Vista, a product that was supposed to "enhance" the features of XP, the new store marks Microsoft's first move into the retail world. Let's hope the next version of the store is something original and not just a parody of the real deal at Apple.

I wonder if they will shut down at random times and completely rearrange the store eliminating popular products and changing the names of others?

Hate Crimes Bill Finally Passes And Includes LGBT Protections!

Attached to a defense appropriation bill, the Matthew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act is finally law or at least will be when President Obama signs it today.

This long awaited step toward full rights and protections for all people has languished in Congress for far too long. The bill includes race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity! It was finally attached to a must-pass defense spending bill as a tactic to push it through. Though it has nothing to do with defense, this tactic is a common one to get bills passed.

Of course the far-right is pissed. They are claiming it will stifle freedom of religion? really? The law only covers actions not speech, so unless your religion is one that actively participates in hate crimes you've got nothing to worry about. That might make some folks nervous who are militant white supremacists or neo-nazis but for everyone else it's not going to affect us.

What it will do is make hate crimes easie to prosecute at a federal level and that is a good thing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

GOP Tries Lying Again, This Time On Twitter!

So the GOP is not content to be a marginalized party of racists and hate mongers, now they are trying to defraud the American public by creating fake accounts on Twitter and masquerading as pissed off Democrats. Twitter caught wind of the scam and shut them down.

33 fake accounts created by Connecticut Republicans meant to impersonate Democratic state representatives have been pulled from the micro-blogging site. Now I guess the GOP will have to try to impersonate real public servants or maybe just get more in step with America as a whole and stop acting like spoiled kids on the playground.

I doubt it!

Sen. Dan Inouye Favors Rape!

Yes, now a Democrat has moved toward the Pro Rape camp and seems to be wanting to remove the Franken amendment from the Defense Appropriation Bill. That is the amendment that would alloy victims of "gang Rape" to sue their employers when they were raped on the job. Specifically it's about Halliburton, no surprise there.

Seems Senator Inouye has been getting pounded by defense lobbyists who are trying to convince him that allowing employees who were raped on the job to sue would hurt their contracts. Good, they should provide adiquate security to insure that doesn't happen. Every other company in America would be liable for that kind of thing, but because Halliburton is a defense contractor they get a pass to put a "don't sue us" clause in their contract for employees.

So, I encourage you to write the Senator from Hawaii about this or call his office and encourage him to defend American's right to a safe workplace and vote for the Franken Amendment.

Pat Robertson Thinks Gays Want To Destroy Marriage...And Other Fantasies

Sometimes Pat Robertson can be downright funny, but most of the time he is annoying and occasionally infuriating. After watching this clip, I am not sure whether to be mad or laugh. Pat on his hour of propaganda, the 700 Club has determined that gays are not out to gain equal rights such as marriage, but to destroy marriage completely.

News Alert for Pat: Heterosexuals have done a pretty good job of that already! Want to save marriage, outlaw divorce! Yeah right.

Watch this clip and let me know whether you laughed or threw a brick at your computer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

South Pacific On Broadway - What A Show!

Last week my partner and I spent a few days in New York City after the National Equality March. We were lucky to get tickets for the revival of South Pacific, the Rogers and Hammerstein classic about love, war and racial prejudice set on a military base.

The venue of the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center is an amazing place to see this big a production. The theater is a thrust stage with seating on three sides, more suited to intimate plays than big musicals, yet this production uses hat intimacy to its advantage.

Actors who might normally play their roles more broadly on a big theater stage can lend more subtle touches in the Beaumont and it works well in this show. The orchestra, a big ensemble for such a small venue was lush and forceful without overwhelming the action on the stage.

For me Paulo Szot in the role of Emile de Becque was a revelation. I had always associated the role with Rossano Brazzi in the 1950s movie of the show, but Szot gives de Becque character real depth. His singing brought me to tears along with much of the audience. What a telant!

Kelli O'Hara as Nelly Forbush is spot on with her accent, so much that my partner thought she was actually from Arkansas. An this girl can sing!

Finally, Danny Burstein was a real audience favorite as Luther Billis. The Billis character has several great songs, and a real chance to show the actors comic talents in the "Honey Bun" drag number.

This South Pacific is timeless, and if you get a chance to see it, don't pass it up.

Pope Recruits Homophobic Anglicans

In a direct response to the inclusion of LGBT people in the Anglican church, the Pope has made it easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism. According to a New York Times article:
Pope Benedict XVI approved a new church provision that will allow Anglicans to join the Catholic Church while maintaining many of their distinctive spiritual and liturgical traditions, including having married priests.
His invite is designed to gather the homophobic members of the Anglican church who have broken away from the Episcopal Church in America after the ordination of openly gay priests and Bishop Gene Robinson.

So much for God's grace, love and inclusion in the Catholic Church!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frail & Emaciated - The Latest Fashion?

By the look of the runway models at the recent Fashion Week in New York you would have thought the country was suffering from Cholera. The frail and sickly looking twigs that pass for models border on the disgusting. Ralph Lauren even recently retouched a photo to make his model look even thinner!

At a time when Americans are larger than ever, designers are making clothes for people suffering from starvation. Come on guys, I know you really hate the women you design for but please don't try to kill them!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is FOX Real News? Is Pro-Wrestling Real?

Finally the administration is telling the truth and it's high time the media listened. Here is the deal:

FOX News is simply a propaganda arm of the Republican Party.

There are no "ifs", "ands" or "buts" about this and anyone who hase even half paid attention knows this. Now, it's time the real media stopped taking their lead from FOX and started doing their job. Reporting the news.

Listen to NPR some day or the BBC and you will hear real news. They have no agenda, they try to be objective and they spend time investigation stories instead of just reading press releases or having alleged news shows which feature talking heads spouting party lines.

I am so friggin' tired of a reporter simply saying "he said - she said" instead of finding the facts behind the talking oints I want to scream. Some pundit saying "blah-blah" is not news, it is one man's opinion and nothing more. Try actually finding the facts and when anyone, including politicians of eaither party lie, call them on it! For God's sake that is one reason why we have freedom of the press, so start exercising it!

Oh yea, and Pro Wrestling? Well it's a wonderful athletic display of strength and tumbling abilities but a real contest? Please. Years ago during the heydays of World Class Championship Wrestling at the Sportatorium in Dallas, I used to run a ringside camera for the television feed. The director always knew when to call for us to get a shot of an "unexpected" move. Nuff said.