Friday, December 22, 2006

Greetings! Draft Board Gearing Up Test

Merry Christmas from the Selective Service! Looks like Bush is cranking up the rusty old Draft Board and getting it ready for work. The Selective Service Administration is running a test of its notification system, something that hasn’t been done since 1998. There are assurances from the officials that this does not signal a reinstatement of the draft, but in my book if it looks like a draft and quacks like a draft…its gonna be a draft!

Time to haul out your old protest signs and songs.

And it’s one, two, three what are we fightin’ for?
Don’t ask me I don’t give a f**k!
Next stop looks like Iraq.

(Appologies to Country Joe)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bears Stop Hibernating - New Proof Of Global Warming

To all those idiots who deny the reality of Global Warming, here’s a wake up call. Seems like bears in northern Spain have stopped hibernating. I expect Senator Inhoff from Oklahoma is wondering how those liberal do-gooders managed to trick the bears into this behavior?

This is nature sending us an alarm. When animals start changing their instinctive behaviors we have a couple of important things happening. One is proof of evolution in their behavior to adapt to the climate, and second, proof of drastic climate change. We have to start looking at ways to stop the warming trend and it begins with a smaller carbon footprint. We have to make changes now, not later. Wake up Global Warming deniers!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Fundamentalist Preacher In A Sex Scandal!

And the parade of fundamentalist Christian sex predators continues! Pastor Paul Williams of Bellveue Baptist Church near Memphis joins the latest gang of child molester clergy. Seems like Pastor Paul did a bit of under aged diddling a few years back and successfully covered it up until now.

Seems that some fundamentalist Christians are just born again child molesters.

Bush Looks Delusional At Press Conference

I keep coming up with the word delusional when I speak of President Bush. I just can’t help it after seeing the latest press conference. This is a man who last week said we were winning the Iraq was, and this week says we are not. He says instead that he "hopes" we can win. That is a very important statement in understanding the depth of his illness.

A delusional person lives in a world of hopes and imagination rather than reality. Bush fits in this role perfectly. He in some ways reminds me of Queen Evileen in the Broadway musical The Wiz, when she sings "don’t nobody bring me no bad news!"

Bush has surrounded himself with a cadre of yes men and women who are loyal to a fault and would rather see the country go down in flames than tell the President he is wrong. This is the same problem a certain German dictator had and it brought about the ruin of that country.
Someone has to tell him we are not only loosing whatever objective he may be imagining in Iraq, but we are destabilizing the entire region. Instead of concentrating on solving the Israeli/Palestinian problem, or finding Osama Ben Laden, we have been involved in what could best be described as "Petro-Adventurism" in Iraq. At the bidding of Exxon and the rest we have sent our troops into harms way and in the process destroyed a soverign countries infrastructure and thousands of lives in the process.

Our ship of state sails on blindly in a sea of falsified statistics and propaganda and yet the President, in his own words, "sleeps well at night". Sleeps well? Who but a madman could sleep well during this mess.

Bush needs to be treated like a sick person, and more importantly a sick person that has no business running a country. He and his entire cabinet need to step down and let Congress or maybe even the UN step in and restore a real government to our country. Yea, like that will ever happen!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gingrich Blames Rove And Bush For GOP Losses

And so the GOP is eating its own. Newt Gingrich lays the blame for the lost election squarely at Karl Roves feet and turns his back on President Bush as the standard bearer of all things conservative. In the latest issue of Insight, Newt is characterized as having stayed silent for more than a year and is now coming out publicly to criticize the administration.

He also hints that he will not be a presidential candidate in 2008. Whew! That’s a relief. One less idiot to have cluttering up the airwaves with their clap trap. Now if we could just put a muzzle on McCain and his born again neocon act….

Bush Calls King's X On India Nuke Deal

Seems like King George just can't resist flaunting his imagined powers. He has issued a signing statement on the recent "Henry Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act". That act took over a year of wrangling top get it through Congress and now the President says he is not bound by the bill he just signed!

What kind of fantasy is he living in? This just shows that his signature is about as good as his word. He lies when he speaks, why not when he signs a bill? This guy is delusional beyond all reason. He must step down and take his toadies with him. The GOP needs to grow some cajones and have a real "come to Jesus meeting" with the guy. For the good of the country he must go and take Cheney with him. If the Democrats won't impeach him, then the GOP needs to step up to the plate and call for a resignation.

America is at risk, and someone must tell the Emperor he has no clothes.

Joe Barbera Dies - Boomer Generation Icon

What would my childhood have been without Hanna-Barbera? No Yogi Bear, no Flintstones, no Quick Draw McGraw? Luckily my generation was blessed with Joe Barbera and Bill Hanna whose pantheon of animated characters are imprinted deeply within our consciousness.

Bill Hanna went to the great cartoon land in the sky back in 2001 but last night the last half of that legendary team joined him. Goodbye to Joe Barbera and thanks for all the memories. Booboo is certainly boo-hooing right now.

Pentagon Opposes Troop Surge Idea

Seems like our delusional President is more and more at odds with the pentagon in how to handle the Iraq quagmire. Pentagon sources say the proposal to send a "surge" of another 20,000 or 30,000 troops is not a good strategy. Bush, apparently never having read the Iraq Study Group report still thinks this mess is "winnable" and refuses to listen to reason.

How much longer will the Generals continue to fight what they consider an unwinnable war? With everyone from the new Secretary of Defense on down saying we need to withdraw, what will be the final outcome? I sincerely hope the possibility of a military coup is off the table, however if Republicans have any balls left, they should ask Bush and Cheney to step down while our country is still in one piece.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bush Library Plans Cause A Rucus

Looks like SMU wants no part of the Bush library. Wise decision. Professors are lobbying heavily against it. However, I have found a copy of the proposed plot plan showing the layout of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and I think they may be making a mistake. It is an innovative design.

Another Pastor Outed From Fundamentalist Church

The fundamentalist church lead by Ted Haggard is apparently rife with sexual predators. The pastor of young adult programs has stepped down admitting sexual impropriety with his flock. It is amazing how many closeted men are buried in fundamentalist churches. I guess they figure if they are ashamed of who they are they can hide in the least likely crowd . The big problem is that they hurt their congregations, themselves and out gays everywhere. They give a distorted impression of gay people and often times are themselves rabidly homophobic.

I call on all closeted gay men and women to come out and live proud and denounce the demon of homophobia! Now that would be a welcome revival.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Army Marine Recruiters Running Drugs In Tucson

"OK, so you don’t want to join the military, how about running cocaine for me?" That’s pretty much the question from military recruiters in Tucson, Arizona recently. A pair of military recruitment offices were busted for using the names of possible recruits in local high schools to solicit drug runners.

The recruiters, caught in an FBI sting operation were still recruiting up to 3 years after first being secretly videotaped by the FBI running drugs in uniform. Spokespersons for the military says they were kept on the job so as not to arouse suspicion during the lengthy sting operation.

This pitiful story speaks for itself. Marines and Army members using their influence to organize a drug ring, and IN UNIFORM! Granted this may be an isolated case, but it shows a pretty good lack of ethical training and leadership. I certainly hope this doesn’t tarnish the reputations of the thousands of loyal and ethical military men and women who are honest and sincere.