Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another Heterosexual Child Molester - This One Is A Cop

Well those dangerous heterosexuals have now been employed as policemen and just as I predicted, they have begun their reign of terror and child molestation! (Sarcasm Filter Off)

OK, look. If the right-wing-nuts can make blanket statements about gays, then I can make them about straights, especially when the statistics are on my side. Most child molesters are straight. The latest case is amazing. A cop in New Jersey got a 15 year old girl to perform oral sex ion him and he gets off with a 10 day sentence. SAY WHAT?

Yup, seems in Ocean City, New Jersey as long as you are a straight cop you can have sex with kids and get a 10 day sentence. I almost shouted when I read this.

So my question is, how come if it had been a gay man the sentence would have been much longer and the outrage would have been greater? Guess there is still no equal justice in this country.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Secret Program Illegally Isolates Muslim, Middle Eastern Prisoners

US Department of Justice has secretly started segregating Muslim and Middle-Eastern inmates and is tightly controlling and restricting their communication apparent violation of federal law. According to an investigative piece in Raw Story, the "Communications Management Unit" (CMU) at a federal penitentiary in Indiana was started without notice even though such changes are supposed to be made public by federal law.

It is not much of a stretch to imagine that full scale Muslim prison camps will be the next step. The Department of Justice must be held accountable and watched closely. With people like Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, everybody's rights are at stake.

Another Pacific Island Sinks Due To Global Warming

Another Pacific country is vanishing because of rising sea levels caused by global warming. The latest casualty is Kiribati, a small country in the South Pacific near Australia. Anote Tong, president of Kiribati said, "We can't out-move the changes in the weather and the sea level rise. We have to consider leaving rather than wait.''

The small country is comprised of several low lying islands whose population lives close to the shoreline. Government officials are trying to make plans to relocate the 105,000 people off the islands to safer locations. According to estimates the entire country will be uninhabitable by mid-century

The government is currently building retaining walls to protect the Taro crop, one of the primary foods of the islands, but that is only a temporary measure. In an interview with Bloomberg News Tong said, " Some villages have already had to relocate." Of one island he said, " If we keep moving back from the shoreline on the lagoon side then we will eventually get to the ocean side. We live on very narrow strips of land, so adaptation is not so relevant.''

So now Kiribati joins Lohachara as the latest in the line of islands now uninhabitable because of global warming. And what are we doing about it? Bush administration toadies continue to call for more research, etc, anything but do something about it! Maybe when Florida begins to sink, the White House might listen.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fred Phelps Hates Larry The Cable Guy?

So Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps now hates Larry The Cable Guy! Why? Well if you read his twisted press release, you still have trouble knowing why. Fred just hates anyone who has any sympathy toward Gay and Lesbian people, plain and simple. Personally I kind of like Larry in a big furry bear way.

Most interesting is a letter I found reprinted in the Topeka newspaper from one of Fred Phelps estranged sons. The letter says a lot about Reverend Phelps and his church of hate. It also says a lot about the character and honesty of his son.

I will not include a link to Phelps Westboro Baptist Church site, since it will only make you want to spit at your computer screen.

Wal-Mart Selling Nazi Themed T-Shirts

Wal-Mart is selling T-shirts with the Nazi SS Totenkopf (Deaths Head) on them. Nice touch from the folks who have single handedly managed to wipe out many US industries and ship them to China.

Now I am in favor of free speech, but teenagers are buying these and may not even realize what they are wearing. Let Wal-Mart know your views.

January 2007 - Hottest January Ever!

Want more evidence of Global Warming? How about this tidbit? January of 2007 was the warmest since records have been kept. The last such record was in 2002. The folks over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said, "the presence of El Nino along with the continuing global warming trend contributed to the record warm January."

I am sure carbon emitting industries will deny this and point to the recent blizzard in the northeast, but the fact remains, it's getting hotter!

Al Franken Announces Senate Bid

Comedian Al Franken makes the formal announcement for his bid to fill the seat once held by Minnesota Democrat Paul Wellstone. His YouTube clip offers a sincere and well reasoned appeal to Minnesota voters.

It is refreshing to see a person with wit and intelligence running for Senate. Franken, a strong supporter of our troops and performer on numerous USO tours offers a well reasoned perspective on the Iraq war and on the problems facing middle class Americans.

State Farm Insurance - Like A Good Neighbor, Pulling Out Of Mississippi

Like a bad neighbor, State Farm Insurance turns its back on Mississippi. After fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying claims in the state that was ravaged by Katrina, they now decide to pull out completely. Having spoken with residents of Mississippi myself, I can tell you that there is a battle still going on long after the hurricane about insurance settlements.

Many homes that were swept clean of their foundations have still not been settled. State Farm insists that it was flood damage and they do not cover that, and the flood insurance folks claim it was wind damage and they don’t cover that. In the meantime, hundreds of families are without their homes and unable to do anything about it. Courts are clogged with lawsuits and more are on the way. Why? Because the companies that many residents trusted for their insurance refuse to pay up now that there are claims.

The company claims it is those lawsuits that prompted them to make the decision to discontinue writing new policies in the state. Funny how it is their own intransigence that caused the suits. What better way to take the money and run? Write policies you have no intention of covering and once the claims come in, refuse to pay. When you are hauled into court, just leave the state! Ah the joys of being a big corporation, all the benefits of corporate personhood (for political contributions) and all the protection of corporate irresponsibility.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Evolution Back In Kansas Schools Where It Belongs

Welcome back to the 21st Century Kansas! Looks like the long maligned school system of Kansas is finally throwing the "creationist" agenda out the window. In an Associated Press story:

"The Kansas school board, long ridiculed for its resistance to teaching evolution, prepared Tuesday to repeal rules backed by social conservatives and switch to science guidelines that embrace Charles Darwin's mainstream theories. "

About time! Now if we can only convince the home schoolers that teaching real science is necessary for their children to function in the 21st Century.

Global Warming Conspiracy Theorist On The Daily Show

Christopher Horner, apologist for global warming with the Competitive Enterprise Institute was on The Daily Show last night and he looked like an arrogant asshole. Why? Because he takes the advancement of science as mere faddish trends. He pointed to previous climate changes and said that the "experts" had claimed global cooling and warming before. He compares scientists to kids chasing a soccer ball back and forth, constantly flip flopping on their opinions.

What he misses, and purposefully so, is that science advances. New data brings new theories and as research progresses we get a better picture of the natural world. For example prior to the discovery of bacteria, diseases were thought to be from various sources including bile and other body fluids. After the discovery of bacteria, science began to more accurately pin the cause of disease on bacteria and other microbes.

He also blames the whole global warming issue on the "greens" who he compares to communists. Indeed, he sounded like a loony, but he is not. He has an agenda, and that is to delay any regulations that would restrict industry in any way. That is his job. The think tank he works for is funded by big business and he dances to their tune. Stewart worked to cut through the bullshit Horner spouted but never managed to get a concise explanation from Horner as to why there was a "vast global conspiracy" to stop CO2 emissions.

Russian Soldiers Forced Into Prostitution

Apparently the Russian Army has the entrepreneurial spirit. Reports have surfaced that new conscripts were forced into male prostitution in St. Petersburg and older soldiers took their fees. Once soldier was even beaten and abused so badly he ended up having his legs and genitals amputated.

A coalition of Soldier’s Mothers has brought the abuse to the attention of the press and the government. These kinds of incidents are highly embarrassing to the Russian Government as it seeks a more prominent role in world affairs.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Embolden Our Enemies" - The New GOP Talking Point

Well the new Republican catch phrase for the anti-war resolutions going through the House is "it will embolden our enemies". I was listening to NPR this afternoon and heard three different Republicans use the same phrase over and over again. They also spoke of al-Qaeda as the enemy and never mentioned the sectarian violence and religious civil war going on that endangers our troops and Iraqi's alike.

Talking points? You betcha! uncovered a leaked letter to GOP representatives that tells how to couch debate in terms that never mention the war or Iraq. They insist that this is part of the "Global War on Terrorism" and send a clear message to stay on that issue.

No matter how they try to cloud the issue, the truth is we are in the middle of a Civil War we helped start but cannot finish. This is a no win situation for the US and the sooner we realize that the sooner we can start doing something productive. The real answer will come from diplomacy with Iraq's neighbors and real dialogue with the warring sides. Unfortunately that is a message Bush does not want to hear.

Bush Proposes Cuts To Veteran's Benifits

As further proof that the Bush supports our fighting men and women, he has proposed cutting Veteran’s benefits. Say what? Yup, the chicken hawk President is proposing cuts in benefits starting in 2 years. About the time they come home from Iraq by his timetable.

Nice way to balance the budget, on the backs of the people defending us. Of course this is part of his budget that also cuts Medicaid and Medicare so the rich can have even more tax cuts.

I have an idea, why not just give the country to the rich and make the poor work for nothing just to have the right to live here. Oh wait! It’s almost that way now. Maybe we can even bring in some "guest workers" who will pay us to work here? Aw heck why not just bring back slavery!

Monday, February 12, 2007

NY Times Assertion That 25% Of US Deaths In Iraq Due To Iranian Arms Not True

So this morning listening to NPR, I heard a story quoted from the NY Times saying that 25% of Americans killed in Iraq were victim of "penetrator" shells provided by Iran. The article blames Shiite malitas who are allegedly using the devices.

" In the last three months of 2006, attacks using the weapons
accounted for a significant portion of Americans killed and wounded in Iraq,
though less than a quarter of the total, military officials say."

Apparently the NY Times is taking everything the US Military sorces are giving them as absolute truth. Shades of Judith Miller!

Juan Cole, President of the Global Americana Institute, checks the facts and finds it's nothing of the sort. He states on Informed Consent, "This claim is one hundred percent wrong. Because 25 percent of US troops were not killed fighting Shiites in those three months. "

Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair Finds No Iran Link Despite Administration Claims

Despite the Bush administrations assertions, General Peter Pace, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman finds no proof of Iranian involvement in the explosives that are killing American troops.

The faces at the White House must be very red right now, when their hand picked guy even says their intelligence is not convincing.

Since Lent Is Only A Week Away

Thought I would share this clip of last Easter at my church. As Lent approaches and many Christians begin a spiritual journey through weeks of contemplation and sacrifice, It's nice to know what awaits on Easter.

Hope you enjoy the clip and if you are ever in Dallas, join us for worship some Sunday.

Ex-Bush Official Says US Looking For Excuse To Attack Iran

An Ex-Bush official has come out with the obvious statement that Bush is trying to start a war with Iran. For those who have been asleep, look at the newspaper or any news program and you will see the word Iran splashed across everything.

Hillary Mann, former National Security Council Director for Iranian and Persian Gulf Affairs said in an interview on CNN this morning, "They're trying to push a provocative, accidental conflict."

She also said the US is trying to goad Iran into some sort of action that could be used as an excuse for a full-scale reprisal.

Once again Bush is trying to get us into a Middle-eastern conflict without any goal or plan. If you don’t think this is happening check the numerous stories on improvised explosive devices with Iranian markings. This may or may not be true, and because Iran is still a major trading partner with Iraq, any number of components could have Iranian markings without any specific intent. Additionally, any intelligence leaked by the Bush administration should be viewed as highly suspect. Remember the Niger yellow cake, or the Saddam ties with al-Qaeda? Phony stories are this administrations bread and butter and I hope Congress will see them as yelling wolf one time too many and cut off funding for any more wars in the area.