Friday, July 16, 2010

Quantum Physics Friday - Gravity May Not Exist?

OK, most of the details of quantum physics go way beyond my understanding and I have only recently been able to scratch the surface on "string theory" and "membrane theory" (M-theory)  Let's say I won't be passing any theoretical physics tests any time soon, but the latest in the world of "spooky action at a distance" comes from Dr. Erik Verlinde, a Dutch professor of physics.

Verlinde, father of something called "Verlinde Algebra" which is essential to string theory, has posited that to explain gravity we have been looking in the wrong direction. Rather than it being a force caused either by the distortion of space-time or other phenomenon, he suggests gravity is a side effect or new element of an entropic force. In short, Gravity as a force does not exist.

So while I re-read the article from the New York Times and try to wrap whatever neurons I have left around it, take a gander at this and see if you understand.  It is a novel and interesting idea that really could lead to further more concrete research.

Tesla and Toyota to Build Electric Rav4

A lot of critics scoffed at the Tesla Motors first few models.  They first said electric cars are slow.  Then they said no one would buy them. Then they said they would never be affordable.

Tesla, creator of the Tesla Roadster set out to prove that electric cars could be peppy, sporty and outperform internal combustion.  They proved it with their first release.

Buyer flocked to Tesla and quickly filled up the slots on the waiting list for new models.  and though the Tesla was pricey, now comes the announcement that Tesla and Toyota are going to produce an electric version of the Rav4 perhaps at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant in Fremont, Calif.  The Rav4 EV was previously available in California only 10 years ago but was pulled from the market.  Still a number of the vehicles are still running today.

I fully expect to see electric or hybrid electric cars as the norm in the next 10 years.  Just my wish.

Glenn Beck for President? Oh Puleeze!

I needed a laugh today and this video provided it. The woman in need of a makeover actually is serious, so my laughter is tinged with a tear for the vapid stupidity on display here. Sad but true, she actually wants Glenn Beck to run for president? I believe so. Heck if the "Moose Killer Mom" can run, why not the bipolar Beck.

A further sign that critical thinking is a thing of the past in America. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP Spill Might Be Capped

Keep your fingers crossed.  BP says the new cap may have worked.  They are still monitoring it to see if it holds, but the video shows no more oil.

Streaming live video by Ustream

Subway Car Star Wars!

Divorce Ban May Make the Ballot in California - Now That's Defense of Marriage!

Several years ago when the ridiculous Defense of Marriage Act was passed, the then pastor of my church, Rev. Michael Piazza suggested if people really wanted to defend marriage they could ban divorce.

Well, some enterprising folks in California have taken up the cause.  The California Secretary of State announced that a citizen has filed papers to do just that. John Marcotte has started a drive to put the measure on the ballot.  If he can raise 694,000 in the next 150 days it will go to a vote!

Here's to  you, Mr. Marcotte!  Good luck and I certainly hope you succeed since marriage is far more threatened by divorce than giving same-sex couples the right to marry.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New National AIDS Policy Will Take Community Involvement

When friend of mine started getting sick in the 1980's we got worried.  Once the cause of their illnesses and deaths was found we got busy.  We started educating our friends to practice safe-sex and to get tested for HIV.
We also felt pretty sure that once the scientific community got fully engaged in fighting HIV/AIDS the epidemic would be wiped out in a few years.  We mourned those who had fallen and held out hope for those who were living with AIDS.

It's been 30 years and still no cure and that's a shame.  30 years and people are still getting infected and that is preventable!  HIV is not being transmitted through transfusions any more, the blood supply is safe and tested, it's being transmitted by unprotected sex and sharing needles, both are pretty basic and very fixable.  Finally a White House realizes this and is willing to propose this concrete goal.
The United States will become a place where new HIV infections are rare, and when they do occur, every person, regardless of age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic circumstance will have unfettered access to high-quality, life-extending care, free from stigma and discrimination. 
Now to implement that plan it's going to take work and our community is a great place to start.  We are where the rubber meets the road (pardon the intentional pun).  We cannot wait for the government to do something, because it is us, every LGBT person who can and must do something.  First we have to insist on safer-sex and that means always having and using condoms.  Barebacking needs to be de-eroticized and made unacceptable.  That means boycotting bareback videos and websites and consciously eroticizing condom use for penetrative sex.

Next we need to sponsor needle exchanges.  Making sterile needles available for intravenous drug users will lessen the possibility that they will cross contaminate their friends and partners.  To those who think this will enable drug use, I say bullshit.  Drug use will happen with clean or dirty needles whether we want it to or not.  We need to take an adult view of the problem and address the transmission of HIV through dirty needles.

Finally the government needs to do a couple of things to help.  Make health care accessible to everyone and make funds available for HIV prevention education and programs. 

With or without the government we can make a difference in our community, but first we have to get off our collective asses and work for it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iraqi Police Beat LGBT Suspects in Raid

Reason number 501 to pull out of Iraq.

Iraqui police raided what they describe as a Male Beauty Parlor.  The business offered waxing and massage and catered to gay men.  the raid was ostensibly for prostitution, but the owners say that is not what they offered.

Witnesses say the police beat patrons and used cattle prods on them before arresting them.  Though the government claims, "homosexuality is not a criminal offense in Iraq" apparently the police believe otherwise.

It's time we left this country to it's own devices.  Supporting an opressive regeim is the last thing we need to do.
The story was reported by UK Gay News.

More Gibson Rant Released - Worse Than Others!

Wow!  Just when I thought I had heard all the venom Mel Gibson could spew, part 3 of the infamous tape comes out.  His language and dialogue is so bad a writer couldn't come up with this filth.  He rants and insults and spews more racial epithets and threats.

I feel like a voyeur listening to it, and yet it's like watching a train wreck, I just can't look away.

Gibson has lost his agent, his reputation such as it is and I would not be surprised if he didn't "go postal".  Someone needs to take him into protective custody or something really bad is going to happen.

In the long run I guess it is his just deserts.  His hatred and prejudice and severe mental problems have surfaced and it really makes him unattractive to anyone.  Unattractive is the worst thing an actor can be, especially a former "star" like Gibson.  Too bad.

Nevada Health Organization Splits from Local Church Over Uganda Anti-gay Laws

It's interesting to note that some folks other than the LGBT community are taking matters in Uganda seriously.  The Southern Nevada Health District in Las Vegas has cut ties to the Canyon Ridge Community Church.  The state organization had been working with the church to find a location for their HIV testing and AIDS awareness activities.  After learning that the church had an ongoing relationship with anti-gay pastor Martin Ssempa of Uganda, they severed ties.

Ssempa is one of the forces behind the draconian anti-homosexuality laws in Uganda and Canyon Ridge has supported him and the policy.  More from

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mel Gibson is a Ranting Lunatic. Talent Agent Drops Him.

I just listened to the tape of Mel Gibson ranting and cursing at his ex-girlfriend and he is certifiable. The guy is out of control and a raving rage-aholic. The tape of the phone conversation is amazing and disturbing. She is calm and he is shouting like a crazy man screaming curses worse than anything I could imagine.

I would not be surprised if Gibson ends up in a hospital or graveyard from his craziness. If you think you can stand it listen to the insanity here on Radar

UPDATE:  News just came in that his agency, William Morris Endeavor is dropping him.  This means they feel representing him is a liability to their reputation or that he is no longer a bankable property.  Either way it's a blow to what is left of his career.

Where Was This Guy a Few Years Ago?

Hawaii - Not Very Civil About Civil Unions

I have been to Hawaii twice, both times on business, but I did get a chance to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Scenery is about all Hawaii has going for it right now, that and some of the strongest pot around. (Something I no longer indulge in.)

The Governor of Hawaii is being widely quoted as saying allowing same-sex civil unions is tantamount to allowing incest. Well that is not exactly what she said. She stated that she felt civil unions were not a civil right. Since the state could restrict brother and sister from marrying, there was precedent to disallow same-sex marriage.

OK, splitting hairs aside, Linda Lingle has made a powerful mistake.  She vetoed the same-sex civil union bill and tacked on this little gem in her response, "A vote by all the people of Hawaii is the best and fairest way to address an issue that elicits such deeply felt emotion by those both for and against."  So we are going to put civil rights to a popular vote?  How is that going to work on other "deeply felt emotional" issues.  Say taxes?

Ask just about anyone and they will tell you they would prefer not to pay taxes.  Is Hawaii going to put state taxes to a vote of the people?  Oh hell no!  This is a pile of manure as an argument against doing the right thing.  The governor is just weaseling her way out of making an unpopular decision that is morally right.  Governor Lingle, it comes with the territory!

As for Hawaii, well I put it to a popular vote, and it's a tourist trap that can live without my or any other GLBT dollars.  Take your leis and inedible poi and fake hula shows and stuff it!

Next time I want to pay way too much or a vacation, I'll head to Massachusetts for a tour of the fall foliage. 

Pro Gay Marriage Ad - Argentina

From Joe. My. God., this lovely commercial in Spanish.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Despicable Me - A Lovable Picture!

Steve Carell is everywhere this month. Doing cameos on the Colbert Report, making the radio talk circut and all over the media.  His career has been on the ascendant for several years but his latest copu,. having a successful TV show, and two movies released at the same time really shows just how much this guy works.

His latest role, as the voice of Gru in "Despicable Me" give Carell a chance to do a really broad character that clearly falls outside his "look".  If it was a live action movie, it wouldn't work, but as the voice of the nefarrious and yet lovable Gru he is perfect.

At times sounding a bit like Boris Badenoff of "moose and squirrel" fame Gru is driven by his life long quest to be the most evil villain ever.  His foil is a Bill Gates like nerd who dresses in sweatpants and has a Moe Howard haircut.

The story is fun and sweet and spiked with enough dual-level humor to entertain adults...a lot!

The 3D was spectacular and used to good effect, though the gimmick aspect was evident, however the producers used the gimmicks self consciously and so it all became part of the joke.  The inside joke came at the end during the credits.  If you had an iPhone or other smart phone, you could download an app...yes there is an app for this movie.  Best Buy teamed up with the producers to provide an interactive experience at the end of the picture.  I won't spoil the gag, but get the app before going and turn on your iPhone to silent and start the app when the picture begins.  You won't be disappointed.