Friday, August 04, 2006

Santorum Signs Gay Rights Pledge - Hell Freezes Over

Rick " Mad Dog" Santorum (R-PA) signed a pro-gay rights pledge today affirming that his office does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. As the lake of fire fizzled under the advancing sheets of ice, Satan mused, "Well I guess we all knew this day would come, I just hope global warming will have an effect down here."

On a serious note, it is amazing that Santorum so willing signed the document that assures a basic right his state denies. One has to wonder if he intends to really stick by this statement or is he just doing it to get the advocates off his back so he can really discriminate against gays. Remember this is the same Rick Santorum that compared homosexuality to incest, bigamy and adultery.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bush Seeks Military Courts For Any Offense He Sees Fit

In a move that is suspiciously open-ended, the White House is floating a bill to include more than just international terrorists in its special military courts. The bill as envisioned lets the Attorney General decide what offenses would fall under this rule, basically short circuit the due process on any case they see fit.

This smacks of another attempt to grab absolute power, something the Bush administration seems determined to do. Comparisons to Nazis, though politically charged, are certainly in order. Bush continues to try to assert his authority as a dictator and the rubber stamp congress continues to let him do it. Write your congressperson and tell them to start doing their job!

Evolution Might Survive Kansas Board Of Education

So the state which contains the oximoronic cities such as Liberal, Kansas may have actually moved into the 21st century. Moderates are once again in the majority on the Kansas State Board of Education. This victory in the elections may translate into a more serious curriculum for Kansas students who are now taught the laughable myth of Intelligent Design as though it were real science.

For the sake of the country and our future, I sincerely hope the change happens. Faith driven zealots pushing fake science such as "Intelligent Design" are trying to move our country toward a theocratic society. Take a look at past Christian theocracies. They have never turned out for the good. Theocracies in general become authoritarian repressive states and our founding fathers sought to escape their grip, not create another.

Time for real education and teaching critical thinking.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson Booted From Holocaust Mini-Series

ABC television came to it’s senses and pulled the mini-series on the Holocaust from anti-Semite director Mel Gibson’s production company. They say his arrest and rant about the "f&*king Jews" had nothing to do with it, but you have to believe that the thousands of blogs like this one who picked up the hypocrisy of the project were the real cause. In Hollywood, they hate to be seen as stupid.

Additionally the project seemed really far-fetched, seeing as how Gibson is a devout Catholic and has a father who is a holocaust denier. Go figure.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Latest Bug In Electronic Voting Machines Makes Election Rigging A Snap

Diebold voting machines apparently have a switch that can make them operate in a completely different manner than intended. The hidden switch allows anyone with a screwdriver to tamper with the machines and potentially rig an election circumventing any procedures examined in the certification process for the machines. In other words, any geek with a pocket protector can rig the election.

This should put the nail in the coffin of electronic voting, but only if enough Americans refuse to be led down the path of crooked elections that the GOP and legislators are leading us.

Again, what is wrong with paper ballots and scanners? They are reliable and can provide an accurate paper trail for a recount. Enough election tampering by these folks, call or write your congressperson and alert them to this latest in a series of flaws in the Diebold machines.

Anti-Semitic Director To Film Holocaust Mini-Series

Mel "Mad Max" Gibson, notably arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol, will still helm the upcoming mini-series about the Holocaust. Strange that the man who screamed "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world", during his arrest and who directed the "Passion of the Christ" a largely anti-Semitic account of Jesus’ last hours would take on this project. Apparently ABC TV sees no problem with the dichotomy and is plugging ahead with the show.

So to all those right-wing pundits who claim that the Jews run the media...what gives? Would Jews hire this drunk to do such a project? I gotta think not.