Monday, March 24, 2008

Pat Buchanan - "Black Folks" Should Be Grateful For Slavery

Just when I thought I had seen it all, Pat Buchanan manages to surprise me.

In commenting on Barack Obama’s call for a dialogue on race in America, Buchanan has added his most ill conceived and blatantly racist rant to that dialogue. He actually states that slavery was good for “black folks” because it brought them to America. He cites crime figures that themselves speak volumes of the unequal enforcement of the law when it comes to race. He even goes down the overly tread road of reverse discrimination.

Buchanan clearly shows his ass in this essay and instead of disputing the statements of Barack’s minister, he actually justifies them, though I suspect Pat won’t see it that way. It’s time for Buchanan to retire and go live in a nice white gated community where he can live out his fantasyland version of America.


salon said...

Pat Buchanan is an old racist goat. I do NOT understand why he is on MSNBC all day long unless they're not paying enough to entice racist Rush Limbaugh and he's their token racist white man. Seems to me that this whole Barack Obama thing has sent him over the deep end. That limits MSNBC to once a day for me, Countdown, and hopes that that old goat doesn't show up there for any reason.
P.S. I like your blog, probably because I agree with you so often!

MyEyeIsOnU said...

Buchanan can be a nut. The funny thing is I'm sure he'll probably say it was taken out of context yet I can bet he never once even bothered viewing the entire sermon of Wrights that he is blabbing on about