Friday, February 10, 2012

Ann Coulter Endorsess Mitt Romney Because He is a Square

Everyone' favorite media whore, Ann(orexia) Coulter was true to her style at the CPAC convention.  The conservative fire brand made a case for Mitt Romney by comparing him to a Ken doll.    In talking about Romney she said, "Well, he's kind of a Ken doll, sort of stiff.  I think we have had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let's try square for a while."

She then followed this somewhat backhanded endorsement with a series of dirty jokes about Bill Clinton.

OK, what is it the right-wing sees in this woman?  (And sorry about the anorexia thing, but she looks positively unhealthy and twig-like. )

Nancy Pelosi says "STOP COLBERT!"

Though the whole thing is tongue in cheek, the message behind both Stephen Colbert's Super-Pac and Nancy Pelosi's alleged opposition to Colbert is this:

There is too much big money anonymously controlling politics.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

More Hillbilly Mischief in Tennessee - This Time Cutting HIV Testing Funds!

The Republican Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam has managed to cut off state funds to Planned Parenthood. Now you wouldn't think that would affect LGBT people unless they were trying to get pregnant or needed family planning services, but it does.  You see Planned Parenthood funded after-hours HIV testing at the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center.  Without these funds the center can no longer afford the program, which means no after-hours testing.

In the words of center director Will Batts,
"Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center (MGLCC) will be unable to offer Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing tonight and for the foreseeable future. For more than three years, MGLCC has collaborated with Planned Parenthood to provide the only regularly-scheduled, after-hours HIV testing in the Mid-South. This afternoon, Planned Parenthood representatives informed MGLCC that they do not have the funds necessary to provide the HIV testing for the foreseeable future because the State of Tennessee has denied Planned Parenthood access to grants for HIV prevention. The cut in funding for Planned Parenthood has put MGLCC’s model HIV testing program in jeopardy."
 This addle brained move is either fallout from an ideological war against Planned Parenthood, or a direct assault on the health of LGBT people in Memphis.  Either way it's short sighted and just plain mean.

Seems the politicians in the Volunteer state are hell-bent on making LGBT people's lives as frigging miserable as possible.  Really sad in when the rate of new infections for HIV in the southern states, including Tennessee is the fastest growing rate in the nation.

So if you have the the and inclination please contribute to the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center and help them fill this shortfall.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Old 1950's TV Ad, Radioactive Makeup?

Strangest product demonstration ever! Listen for the line, "we've added just enough radioactivity to register on this Geiger Counter".

Another Argentine TV Ad - This One for Transgender Rights!

The folks in Argentina are way ahead of us in the human rights department.  America may be the home of the brave but not the free when Argentina leads the way in the Americas on this front.  Watch and ask, why isn't this running on US television.  Where is Human Rights Campaign on this? Come on folks, let's get some money together and flood the airwaves with stuff like this. Before long we would see a change that would be stunning. Advertising works!

Can You Believe This? - Great Equal Rights TV Campaign from Argentina

Thanks to Blabbeando for posting this wonderful Argentine TV spot.  I wish US LGBT groups would run something like this in the Super Bowl next year.  Yeah, like that will ever happen!  By the way, Argentina granted same-sex marriage a year ago.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Whoop De Doo! Santorum Wins 3 Elections & Gets NO Delegates

There is a reason why Romney skipped the Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado primary races and caucuses.  They don't count.  The results are nice to look at but win no delegates until the later caucuses and votes after March 3.  The GOP rules don't allow it and so these primaries are just a show piece for the state.

So congratulations Mr. Frothy Mix! 

Anti-Abortion Komen Official Resigns

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall over at the Susan G. Komen Foundation headquarters.  Karen Handel, former Secretary of State in Georgia, and the senior vice president of public policy for the Susan G. Komen submitted her resignation and it was accepted

She has been at the epicenter of the quake that shook the charity to its roots.  According to news reports, she was the person directly responsible for changing the rules for grants to intentionally to cut Planned Parenthood out of the picture.  She alone, managed to politicize the charity that had until now remained neutral.

Good riddance, but the damage may be irreparable.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Komen Foundation VP Behind Politicization of Organization

If you have followed the story it should come as no surprise that Susan G. Komen for the Cure VP, Karen Handle was behind the overtly political move to boot Planned Parenthood from the group's grant recipients.

Now emails reviewed by Huffington Post show the smoking gun.
“The emails show that Karen Handel was behind the entire decision to defund Planned Parenthood,” The Huffington Post’s Laura Bassett told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Monday. “She was behind the strategy to develop the new criteria for who can be funded and she’s been behind the PR effort to clean up what’s happened since the decision was announced.”
What was once a non-partisan organization has been fatally corrupted by a covert GOP operative.  I predict that the charity will wither and die, hopefully to be replaced by a non-partisan group that does the same work as the original mission of the Komen group.