Saturday, April 28, 2007

DC Sex Scandal Leads To White House!

So ABC News just broke the story that the DC Madam who was so much in the news lately has released a list of clients that include…(drum roll please)….members of the White House staff and Pentagon officials!

Finally a sex scandal! Maybe now America will take notice of the rampant corruption of this administration and boot the criminals out of office? Who knows? Read more about it here.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Giuliani Now Opposes Gay Unions After Being For Them

"Whap, whap, whap!" Hear that sound? No that isn't the happy sound of a hot and consensual spanking, it's Rudy Giuliani flip-flopping. Rudy, America's Mayor a flip-flopper? When it comes to Gay Civil Unions he is!

Rudy lived with a gay couple after one of his divorces, and has publicly supported gay rights and civil unions. Now he has seen the light! The light at the end of the Republican presidential tunnel. He now is trying on homophobic views to pander to about the only base the Republicans have left, the Radical Religious Right.

Rudy, you look marvelous in a dress, but the makeup is all wrong!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Max Wells TV Spot - Oh My God It's Bad!

Whoever directed this spot must really hate Max Wells. He looks positively bizarre. The flat lighting and way to close-up shooting style makes him look like an aging Michael Jackson impersonator. His message is lost in the creepy visual and whoever his consultants are, they should be fired.

Of course I am biased. My favorite candidate is Ed Oakley. He's experienced and a progressive politically. I also know the guy, so I guess that influences me too.

Vote in this election, it's important.

Bush Approval Ratings Lowest Ever - 28%

Bush now has the distinction of having the lowest approval ratings of his entire presidency now. A recent Harris poll shows a meager 28% of Americans approve of the job he's doing as president. Heck of a job, Georgie!

Chocolate Being Redefined By FDA

Maybe someday it will be retitled "Willy Wonka & The Trans-Fat/Sugar Substitute Factory"?
If Hersheys and some other big candy companies pull the fast one they are trying with the Republican gutted FDA it might. They are trying to get the FDA to approve a new definition of "chocolate". It will basically cover a reformulated chocolate tasting substance they have developed that is , needless to say, cheaper to produce.

Genuine chocolate companies are fight this, like See's Candies, but since they back doored the measure the public comment time is up today. Let's just hope someone on the Senate or House has a sweet tooth and can fight this because the FDA won't.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Representative Kucinich Calls For Impeachment Of Dick Cheney

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Took the floor in the House of Representatives today and spoke the following words:

"Whenever any government official becomes destructive of the founding purposes, that official must be held accountable..."

And with that he introduced Articles of Impeachment for Vice-President Dick Cheney. When asked by a reporter why he is starting with Cheney and not Bush, Kucinich replied, "There is a very practical reason – each and every charge relates to Vice President Cheney's conduct or misconduct in office. It is very important that we start with Mr. Cheney because if we were to start with the President, Mr. Cheney would then become president."

This is, in my opinion a long overdue action and I hope he will receive support for Impeachment in the House.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reuters Picks Up Cathedral Of Hope Story

It's always nice to see something positive written in the press about he gay and lesbian community, especially when it is about people I know. My church, the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas was featured last month in a Texas Monthly article. Apparently Reuters news service saw it and did their own follow-up, giving our church international exposure.

Since I have rarely written about my church, I though today might be a good day for it. Like many churches we focused on Earth Day today. Our church already recycles, uses energy saving compact florescent and other takes green measures. The congregation has made a commitment to be good stewards of the planet. In my case, or at least that of my partner, it meant buying a hybrid car and using only green energy. We get our power from a company that uses only solar and wind generators.

Aside from that, our congregation has a strong commitment to doing work in the local community. We help clean up the neighborhood around the church, we have health fairs to get free health care and health screenings to low income residents. We do lots of activities that benefit the community at large, as well as the GLBT community.

Oh yea, and we are the largest predominately lesbian and gay congregation in the world. For a church smack dab in the middle of the bible belt that is a pretty good thing. we are currently building a new Interfaith Peace Chapel designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson prior to his death. It will eventually be part of a massive new cathedral building he designed. Not surprisingly, the new building will be "green" and meet the energy saving standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design of the US Green Building Council.

As a member of the United Church of Christ, we are a liberal Christian congregation and welcome people from all walks of life to our services. If you are ever in Dallas, let me know and drop by for a visit.