Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Gay Voodoo Limbo Tango and Wango" - OK In Army Playbook

Getting what amounts to a slap on the wrist, former recruiter Marcia Ramode was reassigned after her Email tirade at prospective recruit Corey Andrew. The African-American gay man was contacted by Ramode through When she learned he was gay she began her fountain of invectives in subsequent emails.

Pam's House Blend has the whole nasty thing.

Former State Department Official Accuses Bush and Cheney of High Crimes.

A former aid to Secretary of State Colin Powell says the minor problems of Bill Clinton pale in comparison to the "high crimes and misdemeanors" of Bush and Cheney. Lawrence Wilkerson, former number 2 in the State Department made the statement on Thursday on the NPR program "On Point".

"This administration doesn't know how to effect accountability, in my opinion." Wilkerson said when asked about the possibilities of impeachment. Talking about a historical view of impeachment Wilkerson noted that the founding fathers would probably be surprised that more Presidents hadn’t been removed from office.

Gonzales Ducking and Weaving Again - "I Don't Recall"

Once again Gonzo is playing games with Congress. His answers are vague, with lots of "I don't recalls" peppering his responses. It is no surprise, since his tactic, like that of most Bushies is to never admit anything and keep talking until people get tired of you. And most importantly, never do the right thing and resign!

General Batiste: Bush Not Listening To Generals

This is a profound ad featuring retired General Batiste who quit the Army in protest of the failed policies of the Bush Administration. I only hope it has an effect. This war must end now!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Terrorist Plot Foiled - Bush Still Clueless

So Bush has used the really tired line of "we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here" so many times I want to puke. If he forgot, we already did fight them here on 9/11. Additionally, the idiot masquerading as our President, told us if we leave Iraq, the "terrorists will follow us home."

Guess what? They aren't going to wait for us to leave, they are already here. Six Islamic terrorists were arrested yesterday while plotting a shootout at Fort Dix Army Base. They are here because we are there, not because we are going to leave.

Were they caught with the new provisions in the Patriot Act? Nope, just an alert shopkeeper who saw a really disturbing DVD he was asked to copy for one of the plotters. Later an informant recorded a conversation with more evidence. No wiretaps, Internet snoop or other crap that the Homeland Security folks say is critical involved.

I am grateful that the Justice Department had enough non-political operatives left to catch these guys! Now, lets clean up Washington, DC by throwing the criminals in the White House
out and make America safer for everyone. Impeachment NOW!

Monday, May 07, 2007

World Bank Finds Wolfowitz Guilty - Now Will He Step Down?

Paul Wolfowitz, beleaguered World Bank President has been found guilty of conflict of interest by the bank's board according to the NY Times. Anyone with a shred of dignity and integrity would have stepped down long ago, but Wolfie keeps hanging on.

This seems to be a trend with Bushies, they just won't quit. Over and over they are found to be guilty of doing things that most in government would find so embarrassing they would resign, yet the Bushies just keep on faking it until they are dragged kicking and screaming from their posts.

Wonder if Paul will leave or will they have to take away his keys?

Here's the kicker. Because of Wolfowitz shenanigans and his stubbornness about fessing up to his crimes, the European members of the board are considering taking away the tradition of letting the US pick the next president. Another bold blunder by the Bush administration. Not only will we loose credibility with the World Bank, we will loose the tradition of picking the president. Heck of a job, Wolfie!

Kansas National Guard Unable To Respond To Tornado Due To Iraq War

As I have said previously, I chase storms sometimes. My partner is a dedicated Storm Chaser and I sometimes accompany him on his journeys.

Storm chasing is not anything like the movie version. There are few wild close calls and never any flying cows, but there are some very amazing sights of one of natures most frightening and beautiful phenomena, the tornado.

My partner was away on a chase last week when the town of Greensburg, KS was struck by a devastating EF5 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) Tornado. The storm swept the town away. The governor of Kansas called it one of the greatest disasters the state has ever faced.

Today FEMA is starting their work to send trailers to those who are now homeless, though the thought of living in a trailer in Kansas (part of tornado alley) seems less appealing. Normally the National Guard would be bringing in equipment and supplies to help mitigate the horrible aftermath of the storm, but they cannot. That equipment is in Iraq, fighting a war that has sapped our national will and our treasury.

Once again, America is less safe because of Bush and his insane war. This must stop now!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Grimpoteuthis - Pikachu Look Alike 3 Miles Underwater

Once and a while a science story comes along that is just too nifty to ignore. (Boston Globe Link) Enter Grimpoteuthis, a rare species related to the octopus that bears a striking resemblance to Pikachu. Life imitates art even in the natural world!

This creature was discovered and photographed with a robot camera in the depths of the ocean for a new book, "The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss." Apparently some of the animals in the book have so little known about them that the picture is about all there is.