Friday, October 29, 2010

Arkansas School Board Bigot Offers To Resign

Looking somewhat contrite Midland School Board member Clint McCance has apologized and offered to resign over the hate filled diatribe he posted on his Facebook page. In that screed, he actually encouraged LGBT teens to commit suicide.  As I wrote before, this guy is why there are stereotypes of redneck hillbillies from Arkansas.

You can see his apology here on CNN.

My guess is that if there hadn't been such a ruckus in the blogosphere about his hatred, the Facebook page would still be up.

Update:  Here is the video from Anderson Cooper 360.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Robot from Japan. Life like? Very much so!

I found this on Joe My God and it amazed me and creeped me out a little.  For all you robotic fans, take a look!

The caption translates roughly to this:"Was introduced in 2010 Open Lab, AIST Actroid-F 2 of the state's behavior. Actroid-F introduction and basic operation."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Hate from the Right. Tony Pekins Also Urges Kids to Kill Themselves

Right wing bigot Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has add his shrill voice into the matter of LGBT teen suicide.  Of course he comes down on the side of "go ahead and commit suicide, you know you are abnormal!"

His despicable quote is below:
Tony Perkins, president of the evangelical Family Research Council, says gay activists are exploiting the concern over bullying — and twisting the facts. "There's no correlation between inacceptance of homosexuality and depression and suicide," he says. Rather, Perkins says, there is another factor that leads kids to kill themselves. "These young people who identify as gay or lesbian, we know from the social science that they have a higher propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict." Homosexuality is "abnormal," he says, and kids know it, which leads them to despair.

Arkansas School Board Officials Tells Gay Teens To Commit Suicide! Really!

I guess I should have expected this from Arkansas, but I just have been resistant to believing the stereotypes.
A really mean man named Clint McCance is on the board of the Midland school district in northern Arkansas.

I call McCance mean because he really is.  Consider this statement from Mr. McCance:
"Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE."
Really people indeed!  McCance is beyond being bigoted, he as a member of the school board, a group whose purpose is to protect the children they are trying to educate goes way beyond being mean.  His calous remarks are the worst kind of bullying and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't actually contribute toward anti-gay violence or more suicides.

When elected officials say these kinds of things they are using the public forum to oppress and degrade the very people they should be protecting.

So here is an open letter to Mr. McCance:
Dear Mr. McCance,

Your hate filled posting on your Facebook page shows just how little you care for the very children you should be protecting.  To espouse encouragement for teen suicide is unconscionable and if your constituents don't call for your resignation, let me do it for them.  Now in words you can understand, "Yer a damned asshat and need to shut yer trap.  Now either get out or apologize or even better, both."


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HRC Writes Obama on DADT

The Human Rights Campaign president, Joe Solmonese has issues an open letter to President Obama encouraging him to end actions to appeal a federal judge's decision the DADT was unconstitutional. That is a good thing, but the letter is way too long and far to detailed.  Though it is a nice gesture, I would prefer the following.


Dear Mr. President,

After a federal judge has declared the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy unconstitutional, perhaps you should use the power of your office and decline to appeal that decision.  Why?  Well first off, it's an unconstitutional law and clearly was designed to garner votes, not as sound policy.  Second, you yourself have promised time and time again that DADT will be repealed "on my watch".  Well Mr. President, the whole world is watching.


Hardy Haberman

Monday, October 25, 2010

GOProud Actively Working Against Gay Candidates

First of all in the interest of full disclosure, I am a Democrat. Second of all I sincerely believe the alleged LGBT organization GOProud is a hoax.  Otherwise, why would they be going after one of the few openly gay politicians in the Senate, Barney Frank.  OK,  Frank is a Democrat, but these alleged LGBT folks see his fiscal policies as more important than his record on LGBT issues.

This kind of cognitive dissonance is not that rare from Republicans, but for people who are supposedly openly gay to take this kind of stance makes me wonder at their grasp of reality or their veracity as a genuine LGBT organization.  Personally, I think they are fake.  These are the insane people who invite Ann Coulter to their events.  If they were Jews in Germany in the 1930's they would be inviting Dr. Joseph Mengele over to give a talk on eugenics.

Bully and Bullied Team For Teen Talks

If there were ever a story that at least partially restored my faith in humankind, it is this one. 

Imagine being a 13 year old boy who is being bullied at school for being gay.  You seek help from your mother and instead you get tossed out of the house and end up living in the streets at 14.  Then years later, after turning your life around you decide you need to speak to teenagers about the repercussions of bullying.  It's a good cause and you find you have an ally who wants to help, a former skinhead and bully, the same one who had even tried to kill you as a teen!

This is not the stuff of made-for-TV moves but the real life story of Matt Boger, who at 13 was kicked out of his home and Tim Zaal, the skinhead who had been on e of his attackers.  Both, now in their 40's have teamed up to work with at risk kids in schools.  Read it and get inspired...and then do something good.