Friday, December 15, 2006

US Soldiers Teack Iraqi Kids Obscene Chant

Great! Another example of our soldiers taking out their frustrations on Iraqi children. In this stunning example of our military's fabulous PR machine, soldiers teach the kids to chant "F**k Iraq." I guess this is what happens when even the soldiers fighting realize it's fruitless and just give up. Next time we have a war, maybe we should teach our guys how to win hearts and minds, not how to create distrust and sow the seeds of their own destruction. These kids, like the previous video of Iraqi children being taunted with water are excellent training videos for new terrorists who hate the US. We should remember these incidents next time there is trouble in the Middle East and we wonder why they hate us?

Boiled Like Lobsters - The Real GOP Plan

A nice warm bath! That’s what the lobster thinks as the pot of water heats up. You see, you put them in the water before it boils and they never know they are being cooked until the die. Kind of like the slow and methodical removal of our rights as Americans. The GOP and the neocons have been carefully and slowly turning back the Bill of Rights in an attempt to lull us to sleep.

It’s just a little thing, taking away the right to hear the accusations against you, especially if you are not currently in trouble with the law. It’s just a little thing, holding a few "enemy combatants" without charges for years in isolation. It’s just a little thing, classifying every word spoken in the White House. It’s just a little thing making meetings that decide public policy "top secret". It’s just a little thing of having a religious organization with an official Pentagon office holding sanctioned prayers.

Pretty soon it will just be a little thing of censoring our right to comment on the Internet, and then a little more. Before we know it we will be drifting to sleep for good. Boiled in a pot of totalitarianism and under the thumb of a theocracy. We will taste delicious, as we are served up on a platter for the rich and powerful to feast on.

I look around me and I see everyone I know turning red. They are red with anger at the demise of our Democracy, but not angry enough to do anything. Like the hapless lobster, they will be bright red when they finally drift off, and they will never know what the real problem was.

It is time to take back our Democracy. It is time to take back our country and our very souls. The people in power in this administration are beyond corrupt. They are soulless. Not evil, just hollow. They have a vision of a country I cannot understand. A country ruled by a super wealthy oligarchy and governed with some kind of selective theocratic law. The problem is, unless you are part of their ruling elite, you are irrelevant.

Taking back the Congress for Democrats will have an effect only if we hold them to a plan of action to restore the rights that we have lost. Write your elected representative and tell them you expect them to act to reverse the horrible path that the Republicans have taken us down. Get involved with your local Democratic Party and make your voice heard. Take a few moments to climb to the rim of the pot and look out to see where we once were. It’s not too late, but we have to wake up to the problem and take action.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tony Snow Says We Are Winning In Iraq - Wonder What Loosing Would Look Like?

More proof that Bush and his cronies are delusional comes in the form of Tony Snow, denier in chief. Today in a press conference he actually implied we are winning in Iraq. This in the face of the Iraq Study Group report that clearly states we are not winning. This in the face of the incoming Secretary of Defense who also feels we are not winning in Iraq.

Tony has to say it because if he doesn’t he will be fired. Someone has to tell the Emperor he has no clothes! Bush must be told we are loosing and we need to do something other than stay the course, but he will not listen.

McCain Declares War On Blogging

John McCain, the man who so convincingly masqueraded as a moderate is showing his true radical conservative stripes. His latest move is to introduce legislation that would effectively end blogging forever. He wants bloggers held responsible for all comments on their sites to prevent "child pornography". In other words he wants political dissent squelched and is using this as the excuse.

Check this story on Think Progress.

Tony Snow Doesn't Know - Anything!

Keith Olbermann compiled this litany of just what Mr. Snow doesn't know.
Thanks to Raw Story for uncovering this wealth of non-knowledge.

Former President Carter Dismisses His Critics - With Good Reason

Having just finished Jimmy Carter’s new book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," I think the critics are warring over the title, not the facts contained within. No matter how you spin the situation in the Middle East, one thing is clear: the Israeli/Palestinian issue must be settled. Carter has unique knowledge of not only the facts but also the people involved. He has personal relationships with all the players and there is no one better qualified to assess the situation.

His book is a frank and open assessment of the problem and it’s possible solutions. What has critics upset is the title. That word "apartheid" is simply too hot to handle. After reading the book, I can think of no better word to describe the actions of the Israelis. They have walled up the Palestinians, restricted their commerce, movement and contact with the outside world. They have overwhelming military force aimed at them and have emasculated their police force. Top that off with the Israelis stubborn refusal to abide by the UN resolution 242 and you have a recipe for disaster.

Carter calls a spade a spade and for that he is vilified. Well the truth sometimes hurts, but it can set all the parties accept the facts and move beyond them towards a real solution. Unfortunately it seems that may be impossible for the foreseeable future. One of the main problems is the US lack of resolve to stay engaged in the process. If we took an active role in the peace process things might move forward, but the present administration has chosen to remain passive on this issue. By staying on the sidelines and not pushing both sides for an equitable peace, we only keep tensions high in the area.

To people offended by the title, if you haven’t read the book, then shut up. Titles are meant to be provocative and this is a subject on which everyone needs more information. This book is a great start in understanding the problem and the possible solutions. It is written by the foremost authority on the subject and we would all do well to heed his warnings.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush Delusional - Sees New Terrorist Threat From Space!

As further proof that Bush has lost touch with reality, his administration now claims he greatest threat to the country is a terrorist attacking our satellites. Yup, Star Wars! These Bozos are trying to recycle their old Star Wars crap but now hey are saying it is to keep the terrorists from attacking in outer space.

Funny how Osama Bin Laden is managing to jump from suicide bombers to space weapons. How will they do these attacks, smuggle suicide astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle?

It’s time we realize we have a dangerously out of control maniac at the helm of our ship of state. Bush is delusional and needs to be removed from office and treated or perhaps just locked away. His view of the war in Iraq is so twisted that he cannot or will not even consider the Iraq Study Group report. Instead he is thinking of increasing troop levels. Somebody get the butterfly net and lock this madman up, before he ends up endangering everyone in the country and the world for that matter.

Republican Bonilla Defeated In San Antonio

Another Texas county goes blue! Henry Bonilla, longtime Republican Congressman from San Antonio was defeated in a stunning victory by Democrat Ciro Rodriguez in a runoff election. Rodriguez’s victory completes the Democratic take over of the House of Representatives and Congress in general. Despite his 14 year incumbency, Bonilla could not maintain his position, and reflects a ruling by the US Supreme Court that Republicans had illegally divided up the areas Hispanic vote in their 2003 redistricting scam.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Video - Blue Christmas or Peace On Earth?

Please share the video below woth your friends for this Chirstmas season.

Anti-Gay Church Must Pay Marine's Family

Looks like Fred Phelps, the fringe Kansas preacher who has been picketing war vet funerals, is getting a little payback. A court has ordered him to pay $3,150 in court costs t othe father of a Marine whose funeral his group picketed.

Fred and his storefront church in Topeka get their rocks off by picketing funerals. They started with those of gay men who died of AIDS. Carrying such lovely "christian" signs as "God Hates Fags", they have now turned to the funerals of Iraq war veterans. In some kind of twisted logic, he puts the war at the feet of America’s gays and lesbians and feels that the death of our soldiers is God’s retribution on America.

Finally Fred is getting a little of his own medicine.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Evangelical Preacher Tossed Out Of The Closet

Another Evangelical preacher gay? Yeppers! Looks like the mega-churches are full of closeted gay men. In Colorado, the center of all homophobic Christian activity the 2100 member Grace Chapel saw the tearful goodbye of it’s pastor, Paul Barnes who admitted his homosexuality and resigned. Seems there is a spate of whistle blowing going on in the Christian Right churches. I have to wonder if this isn’t the beginning of a melt-down for the powerful Christian Dominionist movement? Personally, I hope so. These guys are making gay people’s lives miserable and it’s time they backed off.

Welcome US Senate Sergeant At Arms

Always good to have our nations legislative bodies reading my rants. Thanks for dropping by and hope you found something interesting.

Inhofe Still In Denial About Global Warming

James Inhofe, Republican wacko from Oklahoma, today expanded on his litany of untruths regarding global warming by claiming that the recent UN report proves it’s all a hoax. The report says nothing of the sort. It says human activity is the cause, that it’s still a big problem and that new figures further refine the timetable for catastrophe.

This corporate stooge is amazing in his denials. How could he have become the leader of the committee to investigate this subject is beyond me. Oh yea…BUSH!

Glad he is on his way out as chair. Pity he isn’t just on his way out the door of the senate, period. Must be enough home-schooled folks let in Oklahoma to keep him in office.