Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Dangerous Heterosexual Child Predator

A female counselor at a juvenile detention center in Glenwood Springs, Colorado was convicted of 5 counts of unlawful sexual contact with teenage boys as young as 15. Former child care counselor Charalene Bera was convicted of charges arising from sexual contact with three teenage boys in her care at the Emily Griffith Center.

Again the dangerous predatory behavior of heterosexuals shows how dangerous they are around children. We must not allow our children to be exposed to these kinds of dangerous lifestyles.

OK, irony filters off. Next time you hear some quack like James Dobson talk about child molesting gays, show him this article and the hundreds of others like it that happen each year.

Gonzales Moves To Replace US Attorneys WIth Political Hacks

In the brashest move by the Bush administration and what is being called a coup d’etat no behalf of Alberto Gonzales, the administration has forced at least 7 US Attorneys to resign. They are being replaced by lock-step political appointees who are unquestioning in their loyalty to Bush.

Among those being dismissed were several at work on high profile corruption cases. Earlier this week, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty admitted that the U.S. attorney in Arkansas, Bud Cummins, was pushed out to make way for a "37-year-old protege" of Karl Rove.

If all this smacks of something shady, consider that Bush also cleared the way for heads of all government regulatory agencies replaced with political appointees. He is clamping down his hold on the government, consolidating power and to what end? I have to be suspect of his motives. Since his term is up in two more years, I have to wonder if he doesn’t intent to refuse to relinquish power after the next election.

Keep your eyes and ears open, because Congress is asleep at the wheel.

Pentagon Report Show Deception By Bush Administration

Once again a smoking gun has appeared showing that the Bush administration cooked the intelligence on Iraq prior to the invasion. The recent report by the Pentagon’s Inspector General has been described as “very damning” in its explanation of how the Pentagon manipulated intelligence to portray Saddam Hussein as an ally of al-Qaeda.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Senator Carl Levin, Democrat from Michigan states, "that was the argument that was used to make the sale to the American people about the need to go to war…which was wrong, which was distorted, which was inappropriate ... is something which is highly disturbing."

My question is just how disturbing is it? To ordinary Americans, this report is direct evidence that Bush lied to us to get us into a war. That is heady stuff. If that is not ground for impeachment, I can’t imagine what would be. As a result of his lie, thousands of Americans and many more thousands of Iraqis have died in a war that did not have to happen. How much more evidence must pile up at the doorstep of Congress before they take action?

I again suggest that anyone concerned about this write his or her Congressperson. Demand answers and an investigation and if necessary, impeachment. This whole thing has stunk to high heaven from day one and how much longer will we let it go on?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tek Jansen - Stephen Colbert Alter Ego

I couldn't resist adding this latest Tek Jansen Adventure for your enjoyment.

Laura And George Bush Separation Story - Update

So far, I have been unable to confirm anything regarding this story. The only absolute is the dynamic increase in traffic to my blog. Since I posted the headline I saw in the Globe Magazine at the supermarket my traffic has increased 300%!

More importantly this increase means the public is not only willing to believe that Bush may indeed have feet of clay, but that they seem eager to find anything that shows him to be a fallible human being. Perhaps it is our societies odd notion that morality starts at the waist and ends at the knees.

Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex. Not a federal crime or treasonous, yet Bush commits dozens of serious acts , any one of which could be considered impeachable and nobody demands his prosecution. Looking at the referrals of a sample of the traffic to my blog, the search terms "Laura and Bush Trial Separation" are the most common. That means either a whole lot of people are fact checking the tabloids, or they want the dirt on the President.

Either way it is a hopeful sign. Either people have stopped taking everything they read for granted and are willing to do a little research to find the truth, or people are desperate to find anything incriminating on Bush so they can feel good about wanting him out of office.

Why wait? Write your congressperson now and demand investigations and impeachment now!

GOP Congressman Mentions Possibility Of Bush Impeachment

Though is seems the Democratic Congress is unwilling to discuss impeachment, the GOP is. Dana Rohrabacher, Republican from California, criticized the Bush administration in regard to a case where two border agents are imprisoned on charges of shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the back and then attempting to cover it up.

Rohrabacher said in a fiery speech, "I tell you, Mr. President, if these men, especially after this assault, are murdered in prison, or if one of them lose their lives, there's going to be some kind of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill."

The mere mention of the "I" word by GOP Lawmakers sends a message that even those who march in lock step with the Bush administration are tiring of the inaction and incompetence. Though this case may not be anything Democrats want to get involved in, I would encourage them to take the lead and start making some noise. The magic spell has been broken, now you can say the word impeachment without being seen as a troublemaker. Come on Dems! Show your balls.

Ted Haggard Cured Of Homosexuality - Gets Payoff From Church To Go Away

So what was touted as taking maybe several years has ended up being a 3 week crash course on heterosexuality. Seems Ted Haggard, recently fallen evangelical pastor of the New Lief Church in Colorado Springs has been given a new life. After only 3 weeks he has been pronounced completely heterosexual.

The subtext behind this is that he has reached a settlement with the church. They paid him an undisclosed amount of money and he agrees to move out of the state. Sounds a lot like the Catholic Church's dealing with their pedophile priests. Move them out so they become someone else's problem.

First of all, I don't buy this cure for a minute. Homosexuality isn't a disease so there is no cure. Also, who is to say that Ted Haggard isn't just bisexual? Why does he have to come down on one side or the other? More importantly, why has the church put a gag order on him if he's cured?

The agreement apparently has a stipulation that he not speak of the affair again. That really sounds like the kind of thinking that many fundamentalists really fall prey to. If you don't talk about a problem, it goes away! Well guess what? Haggard will continue to have problems until he comes to terms with his sexuality and admits that he has at least some attraction to men. Big deal? For a fundamentalist it is. They need to live in a constant struggle between God and Satan in order to keep their faith going. It's all about good and evil and personal salvation. The problem is they get so bogged down in dispensationalism they forget to follow Jesus and do His work. That stuff about feeding the hungry, advocating for the prisoner and clothing the naked takes a back seat to securing my seat in heaven.

I really don't like to throw stones at someone else's beliefs, but when you build your house out of very thin glass and insist on throwing rocks at everyone else, what do you expect? Haggard and his kind have made life miserable for us gay and lesbian people for years. Using us as a cause du jour for fundraising and aiming lots of hatred our way. That's why Ted was outed in the first place. The guy he was paying for sex and drugs had a revelation. He saw the hypocrisy and decided to do something about it. Good for him! Some day he might even be considered a prophet, someone who speaks truth to power. If only we had more like him that would speak out and drive the homophobic hate mongers out of their closets.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Divine Strake Back In The News

A group of Nevada citizens is lobbying the Governor to demand an environmental impact statement before the Department of Defense can conduct their fake nuclear blast with the oddly apocalyptic name, Divine Strake.

The explosion, which is expected to produce a mushroom shaped cloud, was scheduled for last June but has been postponed indefinitely. However, today is the last day to file objections with the government, so I expect it to be happening in the near future. Objections come from a wide variety of people in both Nevada and Utah concerned about soil from the former nuclear test site being dispersed into the air. Of course the government says that won't be a problem, and of course everyone is skeptical of that claim.

Additionally, there is still a suit that was filed by the Western Shoshone tribe who claims the mammoth blast will contaminate their ancestral lands.

Divine Strake is a conventional blast, but is designed to simulate a bunker buster atomic weapon in its effect. The explosion is widely thought to be a possible prequel to resumed nuclear testing

Time To Investigate President Bush Says Chief Council Of Nixon Probe

According to an interview in Raw Story, the former chief council in charge of investigating Richard Nixon says it's time to investigate President Bush. Frederick A.O. Schwarz, was chief counsel to the Church Committee from 1975-1976 and their probe into illegal use of US intelligence agencies by the Nixon White House.

From the interview:
“Another thing that needs to be looked at is the theory that the Bush administration has that the president is entitled to break the law,” he said. “Because if that’s right, then much of what they've done with respect to warrantless wiretapping and torture, he's like a king, and he has the right, so you must take on that third subject to have a good investigation.”

Guess we will have to wait to see if anyone in Congress listens to him.

Stephen Colbert Ice Cream Flavor?

Could the folks at Ben & Jerry's be planning a patriotic flavor themed around the Nation's Truthiness Czar? Well the rumors on the Internet are flying and given the nature of the info, I suspect it's an early promotion for the real thing.

Colbert's No Fact Zone hints at it and even has speculation. What could be more American than a rich creamy red, white and blue ice cream with a hint of political satire. Only thing better would be the same thing, topped with gummi bears.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Republicans Score As Worst Senators In Online Poll

Gotta love polls! The latest poll of America's Senators puts a couple of big loosers right where they belong, at the bottom of the heap. Leiberman and McCain are 98 and 99 respectively. Now that could change since it's an online poll. Not very scientific, but still very amusing.
Interetingly, the bottom 50 with the exception of Lieberman are all Republicans. The lone Republican to score in the top 50 is Chuck Haggle at number 48!

Log on and let's see if we can get them tied for last place.

Snickers Removes Gay Bashing Ads

Americablog reports that Mars Candy company has issued a statement in the NY Times regarding their homophobic commercials broadcast during the Super Bowl. They have removed the ads from their website as well as the offensive comments by NFL players about the ad which featured two mechanics working on a car. One is eating a Snickers bar and the other is drawn to try to bite it from the first guys mouth. They eat furiously like Lady and the Tramp on a piece of spaghetti and end up kissing. After they jump back in disgust, they decide they have to do something "manly" and proceed to rip out their chest hair.

The real problem was alternate endings that viewers could vote on including one where the two men beat each other brutally with a monkey wrench. I guess they consider violence against people perceived as gay a "manly" act.

Their statement is far from an apology and claims they were just going for the 18 to 25 year old male demographic. Guess they consider gay bashing appealing to that consumer group?

Monday, February 05, 2007

U.S. Soldiers Torturing An Injured Dog In Iraq

This is very disturbing video, and if you don't have a strong stomach don't watch it. I am posting it because this is what happens when you put soldiers in a war with no clear mission and no hope of success. We need to get our troops out of Iraq and back home. These particular troops I suspect are bored and fristrated and finding amusement in the torture of a wounded dog. This makes me very mad. These guys need to be home and this crap has to stop before we have worse scenes on our screens.

Snickers Not So Funny Gay Bashing Super Bowl Ads

Mars Candy company owners of Snickers brand presented a mildly amusing gay bashing ad in the Super Bowl this Sunday. The real problem aside from the idea of homosexuality being the punch line was their web site which features alternate endings for the spot including a hard core monkey wrench to the midsection attack.

This kind of homophobia disguised as "humor" only serves to encourage gay bashing in not so subtle ways. The website includes athletes reacting with disgust to the "gay kiss" punchline of the ad. Enough of this Mars. So far the Human Rights Campaign as well as thousands of others have let them know this kind of stuff is not OK. Let them know how you feel!

Bush Budget Cuts Centers For Disease Control In Face Of Bird Flu

So here's the latest insane proposal by our dictator in chief. His budget includes a cut of $500 million for the Centers for Disease Control. Now if you have half a brain and have been reading the news you will know that the CDC is one of our first lines of defense from epidemics. There is this little problem that recently made it to England called the Avian Influenza. This is the bird flu that scientists expect to become a global pandemic when it jumps to humans from birds.

Pandemics like this are fatal to millions of people and the CDC is on the front lines of defense, so it is only logical that Bush cut their funding. NOT! This is the most lame-brained budget ever and it shows Bush's blatant disregard for the health and safety of the American people.

If this were a baseball game, something the President is very familiar with the crowds would be shouting, "THROW THE BUM OUT!"

Turneer Broadcasting Settles With City Of Boston For 2 Million

If I had put a bunch of suspicious looking electronic devices all over Boston, I would be roting in prison right now. For Turner Broadcasting it's just another business expense. They settled with the city of Boston for $2 million. The first million covered the expenses of emergency responders caused by the bomb scare and the second million was for good will.

If you haven't been following the story, the problem came from dozens of electronic gadgets with LEDs blinking on them that Cartoon Network (a Turner Company) had plastered across Boston as a PR gimmick for a new adult cartoon show. People saw the suspicious devices and what ensued was a full scale post 9/11 panic. Bomb squads blew at least one of them up and the others shut down traffic and businesses for hours.

The moral of the story...if you have money, you can do anything you want.

Bush Budget = More Money For Guns, No Money For Healthcare

Once again Bush puts our money where his mouth is. The new budget has a $300 billion item for military spending (read corporations selling arms) and a $100 billion cut in Medicare and Medicaid. So to put is in simpler terms Bush is saying, "f*#k you America, I’m going to have my war and make my friends richer at the expense of the poor."

Congress needs to know how you feel about this. Write your Congressperson today and let them know. Even though my representatives are people like Kay Bailey Hutchison, the biggest "yes woman" in the Senate, I still write her almost daily to protest the President’s dictatorial actions. I get a variety of form letters back, but at least she gets the mail.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stop Escalation Super Bowl Ad

This ad will run in several states during the Super Bowl as a direct attack on the Senators that have not signed on to the non-binding resolution. Watch it and you will be affected by it's powerful message.