Saturday, November 04, 2006

CNN Shows Ease Of Hacking Diebold Machines - Demand Paper Ballots Tuesday!

Demand paper ballots at the polls his Tuesday. If they refuse, call your local TV news crew or the paper and stay until they arrive.

Why so adamant about it? Well check out the story that ran on CNN Friday about the Diebold machines. The actually hacked a machine in just 2 minutes and showed how the election can be stolen with no paper trail. Voting officials are given machines to take home with them before elections because counties have no money for delivery and secure storage of the machines. What the heck is going on?

The story is so amazingly bad that Lou Dobbs just shook his head after hearing it on CNN.


US Tries To Bar Prisoners From Discussing Torture

OK, here’s the logic:

I torture you even though it’s illegal.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t have a civilian attorney.

Then I pass a law that says you can’t tell anyone I tortured you.

Now I can torture you and continue to lie that I don’t torture.

Crazy? Nope that’s just what Bush wants to do and it’s so out of the park when it comes to constitutional infractions that it’s laughable. That is if people were not being tortured.

The courts under Bush pressure may rule that revealing techniques used to interrogate prisoners is a breach of national security. What the f$*k is happening in this country? That kind of stuff is right out of Orwell and we can’t allow it to continue. More and more we are moving to the status of "rogue state" and before long we will end up on Amnesty International’s top 10 list. That means we will have become a nation that ranks right up there with North Korea.

Already a poll of people in the UK shows that they fear George Bush more than Kim Jung-Il.

We must stop this juggernaut and get America back to being the bastion of freedom it once was. Vote these bastards out on Tuesday and lets take back our country from the criminals who control it.

Military Newspaper Says Rummy Must Go

So now even the Military Times newspaper is saying Don Rumsfeld should get the boot. I have to wonder when Mr. Bush will start listening and stop denying the reality of the situation. The military is in disarray because the top leader is a liar and failed to plan for the future. Rumsfeld is part of the Bush Cabal, and as such he will be difficult to dislodge, but the truth is he is part of the problem and needs to go.

The other part of the problem is Dick Cheney and George Bush, but dislodging them will have to wait until after the mid-term elections.

Had enough, vote Democratic.

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Tempting Faith" A Revelation And A Great Read

David Kuo, formerly of the Faith Based and Community initiatives office in the White House has written a book that had the media chattering a few weeks ago about how the Bush White House referred to the Evangelical Religious Right as the "nuts". Additional colorful terms were used to describe the far right base that helped elect Bush, but I will forgo those here.

In his interviews, David repeatedly said the book was a story of his faith journey, and after reading it I agree. It is a story of one man’s journey into faith, politics and finally into a kind of epiphany about the politics of Washington and how the Bush White House in particular uses people for it’s own purposes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found elements of my own faith journey in it. The exception is hat mine was as a gay man and David’s is not. His time as speechwriter for the neocons and policy wonk is fascinating stuff, and though you may or may not be a Christian, it will give you a lot of insight.

In the end David has a recommendation for the Religious Right and I heartily agree. Fasting. Fasting from politics for a couple of years and getting back to the work of Jesus. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick. You know, the stuff Jesus talks about ad nauseum? Funny how the word Christian has become identified with intolerance, greed and politics. Like Mr. Kuo, I have to wonder how the faithful could have strayed so far from the way.

GOP Get Money From Bareback Gay Porn!

I believe it was Jesus who called the Pharisees a "brood of vipers". He was referring to their hypocrisy in flaunting their piousness but actually being far less than holy men.

With all the scandals coming out about the GOP in recent weeks and the latest whopper involving Ted Haggard, the Colorado Evangelical caught with his pants down, what's next?

Surprise, ABC news reports that the Republican National Committee has been accepting money from a prominent gay porn producer. These are the same "vipers" who want to convince us they are against porn and are pure as driven snow. Family Values voters must be shaking their heads and wondering what is going on.

Here's what's going on, the Republicans are playing the religious right like a violin. They have been using and abusing the Evangelical vote for years and finally it's coming home to roost.
The press has woken from their 9/11 induced slumber and its a feeding frenzy with all the hot topics popping up.

Not only are the GOP getting funds from Gay Porn, but it's "bareback" or unsafe sex porn at that featuring military men! Jeff Gannon was only the tip of the iceberg. The GOP is apparently a nest of self-hating, internalized homophobes who have been hiding in the closet. Well guys, come out and shake off that secrecy. It's the 21st century and being gay or lesbian is mainstream. You can be gay and have a good life, go to church and be happy. Really! Get over this GOP denial crap and start living in the light.. and by the way, vote Democratic. The Democrats support being out of the closet.

Evangelical Leader Peeks Out Of Gay Closet.

And so truth starts to peek out of the dark closet of Rev. Ted Haggard. He admits to "some" of the charges. He has been accused of patronizing a gay hustler and using Crystal Meth. Great stuff for a "Man of God".

The sad thing is that the whole problem is his being in the closet to begin with. Had he lived his life openly and honestly, there would be no scandal. I suspect the drug use flowed from the self-hatred that kept him in the closet in the first place.

Time for gay Christians to come out and live openly. It is not only possible to be a gay or lesbian Christian but rewarding. Why take God’s gift of your sexuality and hide it under a basket? (or a closet)

Maybe he should try looking into any of the welcoming and affirming churches, like the MCC or United Church of Christ. He could start by checking my church out.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rev. Haggard Finds Comfort In The Arms Of A Gay Hustler?

"Oh Lord, deliver us from the closet. For in that darkness the true evil of self hatred and internalized homophobia dwell. Help us to come out, in to the light of truth and the fullness of your grace."

At least that is the prayer Ted Haggard should be praying right now. Seems Rev. Haggard may have been patronizing a Gay hustler who leaked the story to the press. (A charge Haggard denies.) Well another GOP closet case is exposed and all I can say is, have mercy on them. Don't vote for them, but have mercy.

Haggard, whose church d├ęcor sounds more like a very exclusive gay bath house has a nation-wide ministry that opposes gay rights and gay marriage. Wasn’t there something about removing a log from your eye before removing the mote from…?

Bush Building Internment Camps In US. Are You Ready For Change Now?

Bush and his Reich are now working to build detainment camps in the US. Fiction? Nope, the sad truth is that the unprecedented Military Commissions Act which remove our traditional right of Habeas Corpus also provides for camps to be built on US soil to hold basically whoever Bush deems an enemy. No evidence needed, no right to appeal, nada, ZIP!

If that doesn’t scare the living s%$t out of you I don’t know what will. Take to the polls, and if you are not given a paper ballot, protest and call the media. Do not let these thugs take over our freedoms. They already are running us toward totalitarianism, and full dictatorship is not far behind.

UPDATE: Check this out about Halliburton building the camps as we speak.

America Near Bottom Of Scale On Privacy

Ah America, the greatest country in the world! We value our freedom, our free press, our standard of living and our privacy. Well , if you read my previous posts you know that free press thing and standard of living are myths. We rank lower than most of the European countries on both, and now there is the privacy issue.

Well looks like we are not number 1 at that either. In fact we are close to the bottom, right along with China, Russia and the UK (camera country). It’s time we stopped believing the myths and started doing something to make our country better. Time to take back our democracy from the companies and politicians who have sold it off to the highest bidder.

Had Enough? Vote Democratic.

Diebold Machines Rigged Again! Fight Back!

Watch the HBO Documentary on voting tonight. It unfortunately is too little too late, because the vote fraud is already afoot. Diebold machines in Dallas have started vote hopping, in other words you pick a Democrat and they show a Republican.

Here is a letter from a voter who had her vote jump from Libertarian to Republican on her machine. Enough is enough. It’s pitchforks and torches time folks. We have to stop this crap and assure real accurate voting. DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT at you polling place. If they won’t give it to you call the press and get them there ASAP. The Republicans and their big business flunkies are going to try to steal this election and hey have to be caught red handed.

Carry your cell phone and call if you see irregularities.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ann Coulter May Face Prosecution For Voting Fraud

Everyone's favorite right-wing harpie may be facing a few years in prison if she does not cooperate with Palm Beach County's elections officials. It's a developing story and bears watching.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mac Vs PC Or Was That Democrat Vs GOP?

The web had spawned a lot of creative folks who are using viral-TV to get political messages out. This one created and written by John Kramer, Directed by Jeff Hadick, Produced by Shannon O'Neil, is a great example. Pass it on.

BlogActive Ad Outs Ken Mehlman

This is a dead on parody of the current ads the GOP has been running, and it's a nice way to out Ken Melman, GOP Chairman.

John Kerry Grows Cajones! Rips Bush And GOP A New One!

John Kerry has finally broken free from the political consultants that had him hold his tongue during the campaign in 2004! After the GOP spinners distorted a remark he made about the failed policies of Bush and Company in Iraq, he held a press conference to set the record straight.

His response was passionate and direct and exactly what needs to be said to this bunch of GOP hacks running our country. I only wish he had said this back in 2004. He might have saved hundreds of lives of our soldiers, and the country from the second term of the Bush disaster.

Give ‘em hell John!

Republican Judges Buy Their Seats From GOP Lawmakers

Surprise! Another GOP scandal. Not really much of a surprise. Seems judges have been buying their benches in the GOP. An investigative article in shows that GOP appointed judges donated as much as $44,000 to the politicians influential in getting them appointed. I guess this is just another example of everything being for sale in the Republican run government.

Perhaps the best strategy for Democrats is to buy the government back from the GOP. Seems they have set a price on democracy in this once free country and maybe that would be the easiest tactic.

Had enough? Vote Democratic.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cheney Shredding Documents. Does He Know Something We Don't?

Combine the storry about Bush buying a big chunk of Paraguay with this and you gotta wonder if the rumors aren’t true. Seems Mr. Cheney has a fleet of shredder trucks arriving at the Vice Presidents residence last week. Hummmm? Could he be shredding evidence to avoid war crimes prosecution? Will Bush and Cheney flee the country like third world despots after a revolution?

Keep you eyes open and your votes on paper ballots. Had enough? Vote Democratic.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Republicans Raise Funds From Gay Porn

GOP the party of family values apparently takes money from a major producer of gay porn. I have absolutely no problem with adult films, especially gay ones, but since the GOP has been so sanctimonious about their "family values" and since they have attacked Democrats for the same thing, it’s open season on their hypocrisy.

Had enough? Vote Democratic, and while you’re at it get your friends to do the same.