Friday, March 12, 2010

UCC Church Talks Back To Glen Beck

I really do love the United Church of Christ congregations. Some of them are just durned creative.

Take this one in Wantagh, NY. using their marquee to respond to Glen Beck's rant against social justice when he said "churches that preach about 'social justice' are fronts for communism and Nazism."
Full disclosure, my home church the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas is a United Church of Christ congregation.

Celebrity Hot Tub - Kevin Garn, Utah Hosue Majority Leader

Just in time for the movie with the title "Hot Tub Time Machine" comes word that something that happened 25 years ago might be re-emerging from the bubbling waters of another hot tub.

Seems Utah Republican lawmaker Kevin Garn spent some tie "relaxing" in a hot tub in the nude with a 15 year old girl. Then to cover his tracks he paid her $150,000 hush money when he tried to run for US Congress in 2002.

Today, the woman, Cheryl Maher has come forward and told news outlets she wants to come clean about the incident and clear her conscience. I suspect she will not return the $150,000.

Instead of calling for Garn's resignation, the Utah House gave him a round of applause as he returned as majority leader. Of course both parties claim nothing happened but soaking....yeah and that was worth $150,000 to stay quiet?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fox News Reprimanded By Texas State Board of Education

Fox News is trying to stir up a war in Texas and it's doing it by laying. Big surprise!

The alleged "news" channel is drumming up a supposed conspiracy to make Texas textbooks "liberal". I guess the arm lock the Right-Wing has had on Texas education isn't good enough for them. Now they are intent on making the piss-poor textbooks we already use even worse. How? By claiming they are being controlled by a liberal cabal!

Oh puleeze! Think Progress made this montage. Watch it and get sick!

Eric Massa - The Elephant in the Room

I will be the first to admit that the Republicans are not the only sleezebags around. We Democrats have our full share as well and right now the biggest one would seem to be Representative Eric Massa. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about this jerk who groped one of his male staff members. That would be sexual harassment in the business world and would result in prompt termination.

Not so in politics. Here this kind of thing becomes political theater and so Massa makes a big deal about resigning because of health reasons. The theater continues with an insane interview with Massa on Glen Beck's show.

Many have called it a train wreck and I think that is being kind. First, Massa is a complete idiot to go on that show in the first place, much less as the accused in a sexual harassment scandal, much less in a gay sex scandal! Second, Beck behaving true to form, was a jerk and made great sport of Massa, getting him to say lots of juicy sound bites that will no doubt be played back for years to come.

So there it is, the elephant in the room that many Dems are reluctant to talk about. Well, talk about it and get the creep out of the House!

Once again Jon Stewart sums it up best:

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim Dead at 38

In the sad but true category, child star Corey Haim was found dead at his home around 3:30am this morning. Police are calling it an accidental overdose. Haim had struggled with drug addition for several years.

This is something I suspect people saw coming. It once again makes me wonder if children in show business isn't a very subtle form of child abuse.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Goes Racist - Calls Patterson "Massa"

OK I am not being sensation when I say that Rush Limbaugh has gone way too far. He refers to David Patterson as "the 'massa' who will replace Massa" when referring to the possible appointment by Patterson of someone to fill Representative Erik Massa's seat.

Where is the NAACP? Why are folks calling for Limbaugh's head?

Location Sharing A Bad Idea!

Sometimes just because you can do something you shouldn't. Take the case of sites like Foursquare or the new feature showing your location in Facebook. Yes it is all the rage of social networks, but I can hear my mother's voice now. "Just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff should you?"

If you need a good argument against location tracking visit Please Rob Me. It was created in response to the trend by a bunch of geeks who realized the dangers in announcing to the world where you are...or where you are not, like at home!

OK, so I may be paranoid, but having been burglarized numerous times, I assure you there are folks out there who will use this as a ticket to quick and painless jackpots.

"Oh, you are at Starbucks? Well, I am visiting your unlocked garage and breaking into your house!"

Roy Ashburn - GOP Closet Case

I am sure everyone has heard about the California GOP lawmaker Roy Ashburn who after being arrested for DUI leaving a gay nightclub has finally come out on a talk radio show? No? Well, that pretty much sums it up except for the fact that this guy has been virulent in his work against LGBT rights in California for the past 15 years.

Now he says he voted that way because his constituents wanted him to.

That is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard. Imagine how those same constituents feel now that they find out he is gay? Betrayed, defrauded? I certainly would. His defense is simply a lie.

Ashburn voted against LGBT rights to protect himself or at least to keep himself in office. As a closeted politician he had no incentive to be pro-LGBT and every reason to be against it. If he worked for equal rights he was sure to come into contact with someone who would recognize him from a gay venue and that would mean an end to his career. It's that simple. The guy is not concerned with his service to votes, only to keeping his position and power.

Guess what Roy? I get the feeling your voting record won't amount to a hill of beans in the next election. The GOP in California is just as homophobic as the Republican Party in the rest of the country and you won't stand a chance as an openly gay man. Your career might be limited to speaking at Log Cabin Republican events from this point forward.

The Right-wing can forgive the drunk driving, even womanizing, but being gay? Never!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars Again!

OK, I am officially gay, I watch the Oscars!

I even managed to predict a lot of the winners. This morning I found a site that has a great parody of the winning pictures posters. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lady Gaga Wows Again.

OK, it's official. I am a Lady Gaga fan.

She sings with power and style, her songs are catchy and musically interesting and her outfits...OMFG! I am not a big fan of glitter but she could convert me. This performance features a dress with automatic alterations that happen during the song. OMG.