Saturday, June 30, 2007

Iraqi Vigilantes Target Porn Surfers

Yes, we've made the country of Iraq safe for fundamentalist wackos. Democracy is on the march... Just like zealots in this country Iraqi fundamentalists are up in arms against porn.
Groups have been operating in secret inside Internet cafes and identifying surfers who visit sites that are "offensive to Islam".

So far these Allah fearing fundamentalists have killed several dozen surfers who used their new found freedom to look at smut. I sincerely hope the American fundamentalists are not taking notes.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hamas Kills Mickey Mouse Clone

Why couldn't it be Barney? Hell, everyone hates him! Instead the Hamas run TV station broadcasting in Gaza ended it's unauthorized Mickey Mouse rip-off by having an actor dressed as an Israeli official trying to buy his land.

The character in the kids show named "Farfour" preached Islamic domination and martyrdom. The character was seen recently on the Daily Show with what I thought was a fake translation of what he was saying to the kids on the show. No fake translation! He was telling them to overthrow their Israeli overlords and revolt.

As he died on the show he was referred to as a martyr defending his land.

Kind of makes the "I love you, you love me" seem almost pleasant, that is if it wasn't sung by a big purple dinosaur!

Another Heterosexual Outrage! Jail Guard Forces Prisoners To Perform Girl On Girl Show

Those durned predatory heterosexuals are at it again! This time the pervert is in Philadelphia where a police officer forced two female inmates to perform a sex show. Officer Norberto Cappas, 32, an 11-year veteran, was found guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and lying during a departmental investigation.

Those darned heterosexuals are just not safe to keep around anyone! (Irony filter is now off.)

Fetus In Dallas School Locker? Ooops!

The local new media was a titter with the shocking news of a janitor finding what he thought was a dead fetus in a middle school locker. This was not just any middle school, but my alma matter, Ben Franklin Middle School!

Police were called and the press went into a frenzy. National news wires grabbed the story and whoopie! Well, not so much of a story after all. Turns out it was a bag of rotten oranges left by students sometime in mid May.

I would love to have seen the medical examiner when the opened the bag. (I had to include this story to lighten up my mood today.)

Sad News - My Favorite Feline Companion Is Gone

Sometimes you take things for granted. Like having a small cheerful feline companion sitting on your desk acting as a muse. My muse was our cat Samantha. She was a petite long haired tabby with a charming disposition and a voracious appetite for nuzzling.

Samantha's favorite spot was right next to my keyboard. Occasionally she would remind me that she was present by gently tapping my hands with her paw as I typed. She was always present and a fixture on my desk.

Today, she succumbed to cancer. After a surgery to remove her breasts, (yes it happens in cats, too) her health deteriorated and she stopped eating. I had taken her to the vet to see if he could get some fluids into her, but today her kidneys failed and she died.

She was part of our family, and though she was a cat, she will be missed by both my partner Patrick and I. Luckily we have two more members of our feline household who are alive and in good health. Though they will not replace Samantha, they will make the loss a little easier to bear.

Cheney's Deceptions - Powell And Other Kept In The Dark

In revelation after revelation we find how twisted and secretive Dick Cheney is. Secretary of State Colin Powell learned of momentous decisions such as the "torture memo" and he military trials at Guantanamo through the press. In an interview last night on CNN's Larry King Show, Powell said Cheney often went directly to the President without any notice to any other staff members.

This all confirms what many people such as myself have long presumed, Dick Cheney is the real power in the White House. His decisions are parroted directly from the Presidents mouth and his secret shadow government is the real power. The whole thing goes against every principal of the Constitution and must be stopped. If the Congress is unwilling or unable to impeach this criminal, the people may have to demand justice by other means. Write your Congressperson and Senator and demand Dick Cheney be brought to justice!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBC Dateline Sting Goes Wrong In Murphy, Texas - One Dead

In a story reminiscent of the gay panic murder by a Jenny Jones guest, a TV show has lead to another death. This time in pursuit of ratings, NBC Dateline has been doing dubious "child predator" stings. In the latest edition they moved in on Murphy, Texas and their showbiz net caught a county prosecutor. He committed suicide before he could star in the fiasco.

Additionally, because the evidence is tainted by the armature sleuths, the other subjects of the sting will probably walk free. It's time we took law enforcement seriously and stopped making it entertainment for the brain dead masses!

PBS Drops Luntz From Forum

After the stink raised by bloggers about Frank Luntz, the Neocon dirty trickster, being on the panel for the Democratic Presidential Forum on PBS, the network has dropped him from the program. He will instead do some "analysis" the following day along with other pundits.

Thanks for writing your PBS affiliate. It was the action or bloggers and their readers who affected this change, no matter what PBS may say.

Supreme Court Undermines Brown Vs Board Of Education

To end discrimination you have to stop discriminating. Seems simple enough, but to end years of institutionalized discrimination the government put into place a system to attempt to assure schools had a better balance of diversity. Today that system was tossed out on its ear.

The Supreme Court in a landmark ruling has taken a step toward re-institutionalizing the racism that was remedied with Brown vs Board of Education. The decision today limits the school boards ability to manage the racial makeup of the student bodies in their schools.

The long term effects of this may be a big problem. Schools will be free to go back to the neighborhood school systems that assure all black and all withe schools.

It seems to me like this court is trying to roll back the clock as fast as they can before the next administration. Like a football team trying to run up the score before the clock runs out. Unfortunately, justice is not football but this court doesn't realize that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PBS - The New Fox News? Hires Frank Luntz!

Frank Luntz is a political dirty trickster from the Neocon school. He is master of push-polls and other phony surveys designed to tailor results for the GOP and their lackeys. Strong words, you betcha! Even stronger words for PBS for hiring this sleaze ball as a commentator for the next Democratic Presidential Forum.

Write your local PBS affiliate and demand that they stop acting like Fox News. If they don't, hit them where it hurts, the pledge drive!

Cheney Rewrote EPA Coal Plant Rules

Welcome to Humpty Dumpty world! That is the way a federal appeals court referred to the world where the rules rewritten by Vice President Cheney could apply. Seems that's why Christine Todd Whitman left the administration. She was fed up with Dick Cheney and his minions trying to subvert the EPA for the benefit of the energy companies.

Surprised? Not really. Dick Cheney is the energy lobby, why shouldn't he try to foist a bunch of lax regulation off as a Clean Skys Initiative? Good for you Christy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pro Wrestler Dead In Murder Suicide

Professional Wrestler Chris Benoit apparently strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hanged himself in the weight room. He shocking discovery came after the WWF received several disturbing text messages from the wrestler. They had called police and asked them to investigate.

Testing is underway to see if steroids may have been involved. Use of steroids by bodybuilders and other sports professionals can lead to mood swings and a condition commonly called “roid rage”.

Benoit wife was also in the wrestling biz, posing as a manager for several other wrestlers and working under the name ”woman”. The WWF and the pro-wrestling community are understandably upset over this tragedy.

Waxman Threatens Subpoenas - White House Security Lax

As the chickens come home to roost in Dick Cheney’s office, Henry Waxman (D-CA) head of the House Oversight Committee has threatened subpoenas if the White House isn’t forthcoming with interviews. Seems Dick Cheney and Mr. Bush have not followed the guidelines for handling and disseminating classified information. One instance even has a classified document left in a hotel room.

Well some mistakes will happen, but in an administration as cloaked in secrecy as this one it’s just beyond belief that they are resisting a security audit of how they handle material. Additionally, a man who leaked A CIA agent’s covert identity, Karl Rove, had his security clearance renewed. What gives?

Chris Dodd Says Don't Impeach Cheney, Why Not?

Well Chris Dodd just lost my vote. Actually I had no plans to vote for him in the primary anyway, but his statements recently confirm that decision.

Dodd, appearing before voters in Rochester, NY stated that impeaching Cheney would not help the country. The crowd was unenthusiastic to this comment, and so am I. Dick Cheney has run a shadow government with no accountability or oversight. He arguably runs the White House and has secrets so numerous he has to have huge safes for daily use to keep documents from prying eyes.

Why the secrets? I assume it’s because he is doing something illegal, and so do many in Congress and the public at large. So why is Dodd so adamant about not impeaching him? Dodd speaks about restoring America’s moral authority. What better way than to hold our leaders accountable for violating human rights? What better way than to show the world that no American is above the law?

Chris, you haven’t got a prayer of getting the nomination, so why not use your time in the limelight to do something that will restore American’s faith in our government and its checks and balances. Impeach Dick Cheney and then investigate the White House and stop the charade.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Latest Newsweek Poll - Americans Are Still Clueless

OK, call me a liberal elite, but at least I know that Saddam Hussein was not behind the 9/11 attacks. Apparently according to a new Newsweek Poll, 41% of people surveyed think he was! The really scary thing is that figure is up from previous polls. Americans are apparently getting more stupid by the day.

The clueless quotient rises dramatically when you ask a question like, who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Apparently only 11% of those surveyed know it's John Roberts. No wonder our country is being led by the nose into a fascist state. The Bush folks know just how little Americans know or care about the world outside their doors and are ripping up the Constitution bit by bit knowing most Americans don't care or are just too clueless to understand.

We need a real education program for adults in this country as well as for our children.

Another $75 Million Missing - We Must Be Winning!

Another sure sign of Bush's success in Iraq is the report that another $75 million in US funds is missing. According to Arabic bloggers, Sitar Abu Risha, head of the Anbar Salvation Council has skipped town with the cash we gave him to fight Al Qaeda. See, another sign of success. Just like his American counterparts, this fledgling capitalist has learned to take the money and run.

Dick Cheney must be beaming at the happy news!

Laura Wants "Quickie" Divorce - Catches Bush Cheating

Now that is the kind of headline I would love to see. Oh wait, it's on this weeks Globe Magazine!

Well the nation's most wacko publication once again hits the supermarkets this week with tales of scandals from the White House. I have to wonder if they might not have a grain of truth, since no White House spokesperson has denied them. As you know, Tony Snow and his minions are experts at squelching the truth, so why wouldn't they try to hush up a fabricated story like this?

My suspicion is that they are far too busy trying to control the spin on Dick "The Penguin" Cheney and his office of dirty tricks to have much time for the tabloids.

Only time will tell. Do I really believe this tripe? Well lets just say that since Bush took office the world has seemed a bit surrealistic. Who would believe Habeas Corpus would be lost? Who would believe we would be illegally wiretapping our own citizens? Who would believe we have a Vice President who claims he is above the rule of law? Stranger things have happened.

Cheney Exposed In Washington Post Series

I always though Dick Cheney was a conniving evil bastard, but the latest series of stories in the Washington Post not only confirms my view, but makes me shiver. Cheney is systematically undermining the fabric of the constitution. His secrecy is bordering on paranoid and his actions show a man who feels he is outside the law.

Criminal? You betcha! Any more chit chat from Congress on whether or not there needs to be an impeachment is absurd. Cheney and Bush must be stopped before they finish their agenda to rewrite the Constitution. Take time to read it and then write your Representatives and your Senators and demand action now!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

SiCKO - A Film That You Must See!

Michael Moore may have lots of people who hate him, but I feel he has done a great service to all Americans with this film. Having been without health care insurance for a time, I know this film is filled with truth, and it's truh that makes me angry. It should make all Americans angry as well.

Constitutional Crisis at the Carwash

I live in a fairly conservative neighborhood in the northern part of Dallas. In the last presidential election the number of Bush stickers far outnumbered our meager Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers. Because of this I rarely discuss politics with my neighbors. That changed this Sunday at the car wash just up the street.

Another customer was waiting in the lounge for his car, dressed in shorts and sandals, looking like a typical North Dallas man. The TV was tuned to CNN and a story about Iran providing weapons to Iraq came on the screen. Without any prompting, he remarked, “they are trying to scare us again.”

I took a chance and replied, “That seems to be the only trick Bush knows.”

He turned and I expected to be bombasted with Republican rhetoric, instead he shook his head.

“Saber rattling is their stock and trade,” he said. “What they have done to our constitution is pitiful.”

I agreed and added a few choice comments and was greeted with a smile and a nod.

Why is this so important? Well a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to make that kind of remark in public in our neighborhood. Now unsolicited, people are feeling not only free to speak, but compelled to do so. That in itself speaks volumes for the dissatisfaction and downright disgust people have for Bush and his policies.

Now if we could only convince Congress of that!