Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to Prosecute Bullies - Make it Better!

Canadian comedian Rick Mercer makes a very good point, and it's time we not only sympathized with the kids who get bulled, but go after the bullies legally and show them it has a price.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Republican Lawmaker Finally Participate in "It Gets Better" Project

From Huffington Post:
A bipartisan group of lawmakers from the New Jersey congressional delegation have filmed an anti-bullying video for the It Gets Better Project, making it the first time that Republican elected officials have participated in the effort.

Ten out of the 15 members of the New Jersey congressional delegation -- including three Republicans -- participated in the video, which was spearheaded by the office of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) for National Bullying Prevention Month. The group included: Reps. Leonard Lance (R), Frank LoBiondo (R), Jon Runyan (R), Rush Holt (D), Bill Pascrell (D), Donald Payne (D), Steve Rothman (D) and Albio Sires (D), as well as Sens. Robert Menendez (D) and Lautenberg.

Occupy Oakland - Police Disgrace!

After watching the unedited video of the Occupy Oakland mess, I have to say the police were so far out of control it looked like something I would expect to see in a Third World country.  They should feel ashamed and the authorities who ordered this kind of over-the-top response to a peaceful protest should be arrested and charged with a crime!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oakland Police Throw Bomb at Injured Woman - Oakland Police = Thugs!

Need further proof that the police are out of control in Oakland?  Watch this video.  A woman falls and two other people rush to help her up.  As they try to assist her the police toss a flash grenade directly into the group.  Absolutely unexcusable!

Our country is in the grips of a bunch of rich bastards who have what used to be law enforcement in their grip.

Apparently, in Oakland trying to help someone get ot of the way of tear gas is a crime punishable by assault by police.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Oakland Police Open Fire On Protesters - Feels Like 1968 Again!

Police in Oakland opened fire on the protestors in the Occupy Oakland movement.  Using Tear Gas and rubber bullets the police thundered into the crowd of unarmed protesters using tactics I haven't seen since the Chicago police riot of 1968.  The powers that OWN this country (the 1%) are very intent on crushing this protest and they are willing to turn the police into thugs to do it.

Sad that the police in Oakland don't realize they are being used, and soiling any reputation they might have had as public defenders. 

This cell phone video shows the activity from a very high vantage point.

This unedited video shows the chaos on the street.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Men Who Crashed the World - Video

This series by Al Jazeera is the kind of reporting CNN and NPR should be doing. Great  documentary on why the economic meltdown happened.

The rest of the series is here.

Bryan Fischer - AFA Spokesperson - Just Plain Evil

Jody May Chang does some in depth reporting on the rantings of Bryan Fischer.  Worth watching, but don't hit your computer screen, especially during the lies about Hitler recruiting gays because they were more brutal than straight Germans. 

Episode Two - Mormons attacked and Perry endorsed for President.