Friday, October 30, 2009

"This Is It" Really Is!

I just got back from seeing Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and I am exhausted. What an emotional rollercoaster of a film. The music and dancing, even though it was rehersal was thrilling. The concert, if it had come to fruition would have been legendary. That was part of the emotional rollercoaster. The great genius of Jackson and his crew shines through and though I was exhillirated by the performances, I was sadded=ned to know it would never be seen on stage...had it not been for this film.

I first though they made the film just to recoup some of the money the producers of the concert lost when Jackson died, but after seeing it, I get the feeling they felt an obligation. An oblgation to Jackson and his art that this concert highlighted. The special effects were amazig just in the rehersal, I can't imagine what they would have been like on stage in London.

Not to spiol things but Jackson's entrance in the newly revitalized Thriller as he crawled out of a giant mechanical spider was genius. There is that word again!

If you get a chance to see this film, don't pss it up. It really is "It"!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senate Adds $50 Million For "Abstenince Only" Sex Education

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

That bumper sticker wisdom is something I hear in 12 step meetings and though it has been overused, it is true. Pity the Senate never heard it!

Yes the Senate...same group who brought you a watered down health care reform bill has approved a little known amendment by Orin Hatch (Utah Republican). This little gem reinstates $50 million in funding for "abstinence only" sex education.

Let me repeat, $50 million in funding for "abstinence only" sex education!

Study after study shows that this approach is discredited and ineffective. In fact under this kind of alleged sex education pregnancy rates increase! So how crazy is that?

Well when you are lobbied by a big time Washington firm funded by a pro-life catholic millionaire, I guess it makes sense. After all, Washington is bought and sold by lobby firms so why should the health of our kids be any roadblock to a personal agenda of a rich guy?

Write and call and visit your Senator and/or Representative and tell them to stop the insanity.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The GAP Goes Anorexic

Walking by the GAP this morning I saw their visual merchandise people putting up a new window display. This isn't anything unusual since they change these displays about every month, but the image today was startling. There was a larger than life photo of what I assume was a woman wearing ultra tight jeans and a bare midriff top. Her face looked normal enough but her body was impossibly thin.

Like Calvin Klein, the GAP has decided to Photoshop inches off their models to make them look like Auschwitz survivors. If this woman is really as thin as she appears in the photo, she would be too frail to stand, and her face is bigger than her waist!

I understand fashion marketing. Clothes that are designed impossibly thin on paper, look better on tall thin models. The problem is, these artificially reduced bodies hold up impossible ideals for people. Worse still, the whole "skinny look" looks good on only a tiny fraction of men and women, on the rest it just looks ludicrous.

American's as a whole are overweight, and I am no exception, but to design clothes for only emaciated bulimics is silly. I guess the fashion industry is so drunk on their own Kool-Aid that they forget what actually looks good on the street.

How long will it be until the GAP has to fess up to it's deceptive window display and apologize like Ralph Lauren. Of course he did fire the model he Photoshopped for being too fat. She was a size 4!