Friday, July 24, 2009

Rep Virginia Foxx Is An Idiot Or A Liar

Harsh words! You betcha!

Today, the incredibly naive or just plain duplicitous Representative Virginia Foxx said this:
There are no Americans who don’t have health care. Everybody in this country has access to health care....
As one of those Americans who does not have health care I can assure Rep. Foxx that she is either just ignorant of the facts that have been broadcast over and over again, or she is a liar. Being that she is a Republican, I would lay odds on the latter.

When will someone tell the truth about our health care system, it is among the least efficient and most expensive in the world. We need a SINGLE PAYER system, but too many Senators and Representatives are in the pockets of insurance companies for that, so how about a public option that is affordable and open to everyone, even with pre-existing conditions.

Yea, fat chance of that!

Michael Jackson's Doctor Target Of Manslaughter Probe

Dr. Conrad Murry, Michael Jackson's doctor and the man present when he died is the center of an investigation of manslaughter. LA police have been treating this as a possible homicide and now a Houston judge has issued a warrant to search Dr. Murry's office for evidence of manslaughter.

It's getting ugly and promises to be uglier. Sad that Jackson may have been done in by a stupid doctor who was using dangerous and possibly lethal drugs on the singer. Even sadder that Jackson apparently sought out a doctor who would provide the dangerous anesthetic in the first place.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that the morning Jackson died, Dr. Murry's employees were scrambling at a storage facility with the doctor's records in it. Additionally, there is now a woman being sought named Stacy in the investigation who may have been working for the Doctor. The plot thickens!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Republican Sex Scandal? So What Else Is New?

Yup. Those same folks who tried to band gay adoption and specifically ban porn in a moving vehicle (go figure?) are embroiled in another sex scandal. More specifically, Tennessee State Senator Paul Stanley, a rabid anti-porn/anti-gay wingnut was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or rather intern.

Stanley is accused of having an affair with a 22-year-old legislative intern, McKensie Morrison. The affair came to light when her boyfriend threatened to take photos to the press...a blackmail scheme. Stanley in turn went to the police. Read the story here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death - Manslaughter?

Authorities raided the office of Houston Dr. Conrad Murry looking for evidence of manslaughter according to warrants. The search and confiscation of documents and a computer hard drive was conducted by DEA, two Robbery/Homicide detectives from the L.A. Police Department and Houston Police officers.

Jackson's death looks to be the result of Propofol, the powerful anesthetic found in Jackson's home after his death. The anesthetic, used for surgery, is not available by prescription or over-the-counter and is almost never used outside a hospital setting.

New American Royalty - Executives Receive One Third Of All US Pay

Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves. We have established a new royalty in this country and there pedigree is the "Executive Class". This means that 1/3 of all pay that goes to employees in this country goes to executives and this does not include the unrecorded bonuses and stock options.

To put it another way, look at this little statistic. The incomes of the top 1% of households increased 256% between 1979 and 2006. Was this because they are just such hard workers? Funny, the hardest working people I know make the least money.

Why has this imbalance occurred? My guess is that the Billionaire Boys Club of the corporate board room has just decided to milk every drop of cash they can from the system. It's simple greed, and contrary to Gecko's quote from the movie Wall Street "greed is not good".

Meanwhile Congress is worried about taxing the rich. Explain that to me, without the straw man argument that taxing the rich will slow the economy. If anything the rich have slowed the economy with their schemes to get richer and their ham handed bilking of US Corporations.

The other problem with creating the American Royals is that their Social Security contributions are capped and their obscene accumulation of wealth is eroding the Social Security system. Lucky us! We get to support the new royalty and watch any chance of retirement slip through our fingers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Senator Packwood's Editorial

Senator Bob Packwood wrote an op-ed piece for the Miami Herald today and it's stunning in its clarity, fairness and common sense. It is worth the time to read for certain.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Operation Rescue ThreatensTerrorism By Its Members

Yes, you got that headline right! In the recent press release that accompanied the outrageous posters of Sandra Sotomayor with only half a face, the other being a skull. The press release warns of violence and terrorism by his supporters. To me this should give ample reason for the FBI to crack down on this violent and dangerous group.

Here is the release. Read it and let me know if you don't agree that it is tantamount to a threat of violence.

Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and other local pro-life advocates will hold a press conference at the National Press Club (529 14th Street NW, Washington, DC) on Tuesday, July 21, at 2:00 P.M. Mr. Randall Terry to discuss what he and other pro-life leaders will and will not do if healthcare passes and includes paying for child-killing, and what convulsions follow.

"Let all those in government be warned: They cannot order people to pay for the murder of babies, and betray God Himself, without horrific consequences." -- Randall Terry

Background: It is clear that many elements in the pro-abortion congress and White House want to force Americans to pay for the murder of the unborn in their "healthcare" program. If that happens, it is tantamount to the government putting a gun to taxpayers' heads to pay for the brutal murder of an innocent child. This is tyranny and evil of the highest order.

"Please understand: neither I, nor any thinking person wants the convulsions that would inevitably come from such a government policy -- the decision to force Americans to pay for the murder of their neighbor.

"Nevertheless, the sheer horror and frustration of such an evil policy will lead some people to absolutely refuse to pay their taxes. And I believe -- if my reading of history from America and around the world is correct -- that there are others who will be tempted to acts of violence.

"If the government of this country tramples the faith and values of its citizens, history will hold those in power responsible for the violent convulsions that follow." -- Randall Terry

How much more threatening can this be? If this were a Muslim group, they would already be in jail. It's high time we treated these dangerous people the same way.

Happy Moon Day!

It's Moon Day, the day humanity first set foot on another celestial body. Neil Armstrong stepped off the pad of the lunar lander and said those historic words, " This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Watching the event live on TV back in 1969 was thrilling. I still get chills seeing the restored and enhanced footage today.

(Image from NASA: taken by Neil Armstrong)