Friday, February 11, 2011

An New Day In Egypt

Hosni Mubarak finally has stepped down ad president of Egypt.  His 30 year dictatorial rule is over and I suspect we will never know all the details, but here is my hypothesis.

Yesterday, the military published a statement called "Communique #1" in which the stated that the protesters demands would be met.  This caused a wave of jubilation to flow through the millions gathered in public spaces in Cairo and Alexandria. The crowds cheered when they heard Mubarak would be making a TV appearance that evening, and everyone, including foreign diplomats and news-people assumed it would be his resignation speech.

The crowds fell silent as Mubarak began his speech, but that didn't last for long.  He began enumerating all the good things he did for his "children" and continued to assert that he would follow his own timeline and wait until September for the new elections.  Meanwhile he would turn some powers over to his Vice President. 

When it became clear that he was not stepping down, the crowd erupted in violent angry shouts.  They waved shoes in the air and tore down the TV screens in a hostile rage.  Luckily, they did not choose to march on the Presidential palace but dispersed, vowing to reassemble in the morning even stronger.

This morning news came that the military would stand behind the transition as planned and most people saw that as an ominous sign.  Finally came the surprising announcement that Mubarak had turned power to the military council and was leaving office along with his Vice President.

My suspicion is that the military council met with the president and explained the reality of the situation.  They had what I would call a "Come to Allah" meeting.  This new Egyptian military has been trained mostly by US forces, and unlike the old military who learned from the Russians, the new Egyptian army didn't want any part of harming their countrymen.  I suspect they told Mubarak he could leave peacefully and immediately, or be placed under arrest.

He chose to leave and the whole story of Egypt has now been set on a new path.  My hope is it will find a way toward democracy and peace.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Very Funny Commercial - Banned From TV

So I will admit I have done some pretty strange things in my life but never this odd.

Mubarak Is A Fool! Refuses To Step Down.

Crowds of hundreds of thousands gathered to hear the President of Egypt as he resigned, instead he spoke about his sacrifices for Egypt and hoe much he loved the people.  What he didn't say was that he is leaving.  He reiterated his intention to not run for reelection in September.  This is not what people expected and wanted.

A crowd who was joyous has turned into an angry mob.  In Alexandria protesters are heading toward the military base, in Cairo they are waving shoes in the air.  How will the army and police handle this is very much in question. 

Mubarak could have stepped down and ended this and instead he resisted and has set Egypt ablaze.  Sad times in Egypt.

Is Mubarak Leaning Tonight?

If reports are to be believed, the Egyptian military has taken charge of the situation and told the crowds in Tahrir Square, "All your demands will be met today."

This comes as a welcome surprise if it is true.  If not it will only serve to inflame already burning passion among Egyptians who want Mubarak gone.   Huffington Post has more.

Worst Argument Against Gay Marriage Ever

Robert Broadus Testimony on SB 116 against gay marriage in the Maryland legislature is perhaps the worst I have ever seen. He goes from Android Marriage to claiming that the stars in the flag represent Jesus. This guy is a real head case. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Great Super Bowl Parody - Apologies to My Jock Friends

Tosh.0 is one of my guilty pleasures.  Daniel Tosh did this parody of the Super Bowl commercial that is a hoot.  (Disclaimer:  As a fan of Woman's Pro Basketball myself, I find this hillarious and many of my lesbian friends do as well, so back off those with overly sensitive political correctness.)

Odd Shoes? Way Beyond Odd!

OK, these are so far over the top even Lady Gaga might balk at them. Apparently, some designers are vying to see just how stupid some of their customers are. Call it fashion and people will buy ANYTHING, no really.

After all, who wouldn't look better with goat hooves, especially when they are painted gold! 

You can bet some fool paid LOTS of cash for these.
As an art piece, OK, but as apparel? Oh come now!

Even worse here.

Crazy War Against Sharia Law in Texas & Other States

Texas is joining the fray in the "battle" against Sharia Law. Seems a few state legislators are afraid that somehow the Islamic holy laws are going to seep into Texas courts, so they are working on a bill to prevent the state from "enforcing, considering or applying a religious or cultural law".

State Representative Leo Berman (R-Tyler) who is championing the bill needs to remember that just a few years ago Texas lawmakers wanted to have the ten commandments posted in every court room. Funny, I could swear that was a religious law?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Father of Steampunk - Jules Verne

I recently went back and reread all the Jules Verne novels I loved as a child. Glad I did. Verne, who many call the "Father of Science Fiction" was more than a teller of tall tales. He based his stories on the available science at the time and then projected forward in the manner of a true futurist.

Verne was also quite clever in his skewering of society. He viewed Americans as born adventurers. He also had a less than kindly attitude toward the Germans, yet many of his protagonists are German. His works are far more involved than just fun stories for kids, they reflect the times he lived in and a deep insight into the character of humanity in general.

His 1963 unpublished novel "Paris in the 20th Century" was recently unearthed and published in 1992. It had been previously been considered lost. It's a good read and amazingly accurate in some predictions though much more bleak than his other works. Had the world developed as he envisioned it, we would all be living in a Steampunk universe.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Even Better Condom Commercial!

Unfortunately, this gem apparently never ran in Belgium where the condom company is located.

Great Condom Ad From Russia

From Joe My God.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bush Cancels Swiss Trip - Fears Prosecution for Torture.

So our local glitterati, former President George W. Bush canceled plans for a trip to Switzerland.  Why?  Well seems a lot of folks there hold him accountable for illegal torture, unlike our country which seems to have conveniently forgotten he broke both US and international laws by authorizing water-boarding and more.  According to court documents, criminal complaints against Bush alleging torture have been lodged in Geneva.

Aw me so sad!