Friday, December 08, 2006

James Inhofe Fibs - AGAIN!

James Inhofe (R-OK) claimed on Fox News today that global warming is a hoax and stated that, "it was warmer in the 1930's than it is today". Of course Fox did not challenge him or even ask his source. Why? Because it was made up out of whole cloth....a lie.

Here's NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies' average global mean surface temperatures data at the right. When will the media call these liars what they are...LIARS!

John Lennon Speaks Across Decades - "Give Peace A Chance"

26 years ago, John Lennon stepped out of his apartment house in NYC and was gunned down by an assassin who sought fame and notoriety. It was a sad day for the world as one of the brightest creative flames of the 20th century was extinguished.

Today, it is fitting that someone remember him by singing his song "Give Peace a Chance". Perhaps soon, it may be sung in Iraq where the civil war we facilitated rages in ever increasing intensity. If the factions that were held in check by the brutal reign of Saddam could take a few moments and try to form a unity government, Iraq might have a "chance".

The Iraq Study Group has offered a possible pathway towards peace, and if Bush will take the recommended steps there might be at least a chance of peace. If he does nothing, which is his standard operating style, there will be more death to both Iraqi’s and American soldiers.

Take out the record player, Mr. Bush and play that old song of John’s. Remember the days when you smoked pot and were mellower. What the heck, why not try peace?

War On Christmas - Dubbya Aviator Doll

It's the Christmas gift that stays the course, the George Bush Action Figure. Dressed in his phony aviator outfit, little "W" gives a thumbs up declaring mission accomplished.

Perfect for all the young Republicans on your list. Also doubles as a voodoo doll or with optional strings as a puppet president, just like the real one!

Funny thing is, this toy is already marked down $15. By Christmas it might be a freebie, so be patient. (

UPDATE: Also available, the Bill Clinton Talking Action Figure. Finally a doll that has something worth hearing!

No More Paperless Voting?

So it seems Americans have caught on to the black-box voting fraud gimmick. The NY Times says Paperless-voting machines will be a thing of the past by 2008. So much for the Republicans sweeping the presidential election!

The problems that arose this election with these error prone gadgets may make a revote necessary in Florida where a record number of "undervotes" turned up. Remember the hanging chads in 2000? Combine this with the fact that these machines are easily hacked and the software is secret, making any oversight impossible.

Write your congressperson and tell them you want a paper ballot.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Inhofe Sees Media Bias Where There Is None

Lame duck Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) held hearings today on the media and their reporting of the global climate crisis. Of course Inhofe believes there is still controversy surrounding this issue. As he watches the waters of the ocean encroach on the shores of Ardmore, Oklahoma, he will probably still be skeptical.

He is the kind of intellect we can look forward to from the legion of home-schooled kids out there that have no understanding of real science. I guess Inhofe will believe the rising sea levels is another biblical style flood.

Buh-bye Jimmy!

Gas Prices Rise - Just In Time For Christmas

So back in October, I predicted the price of gasoline would rise after the elections. In fact it has an average of 8 cents a gallon nationwide and it is still climbing. According to industry experts this time of year gas prices usually remain stable. Of course these are the industry experts who are manipulating the prices.

Here’s my further prediction: Gas prices will continue to rise until the inauguration of the new congress, then they will skyrocket for a short time until there is an investigation of price fixing by oil companies. Once the investigation starts prices will drop again.

If anyone can’t see what’s happening, they it’s too late for them. Oil companies are gaming the system and screwing the consumer. Why was Cheney’s Energy Advisory board top secret? Because that is where they discussed this exact scenario. The American public is being screwed and with Bush in the White House we have no protection. Perhaps a Democratic Congress can stop this crap?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Rats Leave The Bush Sinking Ship

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report:

"Important Bush Administration officials are ready to leave the government rather than undergo two years of hell from Democratic committee chairmen in Congress. Leading the exodus are officials of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fearing investigation by two chairmen, Representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and John Dingell (D-MI)."

Water On Mars - NASA Scientists Claim

NASA just had a press conference where they showed pictures of what scientists believe is water flowing on the surface of the planet. If these findings are confirmed it will mark a major step forward in our understanding of Mars and it’s geology. The question comes up, if there is flowing water, is their life?

With any luck, we will be able to answer that question in a few years.

Vice President's Lesbian Daughter Is Pregnant

Congratulations to Mary Cheney! She and her partner Heather Poe are expecting their first child. The couple have been together for 15 years and recently appeared together at a White House dinner honoring Prince Charles and Camilla.

Funny how their self-proclaimed "marriage" is no problem for the White House, but if my partner and I want to marry it’s out of the question. In fact Bush has pushed the anti-gay marriage amendment several times and yet his own vice president has a gay daughter. The depth of the hypocrisy in this administration knows no bottom.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Afghanistan Opium Crop Booms!

Wow! Booming economy in Afghanistan, at least in the narco-sector. This years opium crop is up 26% over last year. Great news for heroin addicts! White House drug policy czar John Walters called the news "disappointing."

Bolton Looking For TV Gig

Looks like John Bolton, recently dissed US ambassador to the UN is looking for a gig on the tube. According to Huffington Post he met with a talent management agency about possible work on the networks.

I suggest going into the Kids Vid buisness. He has the look already.

And so after a long Freedom of Information Act suit to gain records of visitors to the White House the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington received the documents at the left.

Notice the large areas with black boxes? That’s because the White House decided that all this information was "SECRET" without having it officially classified. Bush is playing dictator again, declaring things secret "just cause they are". Sounds like a petulant little child. We cannot afford to have a child in a seat of power. He must be removed ASAP. Urge your elected officials to investigate and impeach this dangerous man at the helm of our ship of state.

Federal Court To Hear Case Against Rumsfeld In Iraqi Torture

I just renewed my membership in the ACLU and now I know why. ACLU is filing suit in Federal Court against Donald Rumsfeld in connection with the torture scandal in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the first time a court has examined the issue and it’s been way too long in coming.

This will add to the suit filed by Germans in the International Court and though there is little chance of that going anywhere it will complicate Donald’s life for a while. Consider it penance for complicating the lives of all those people he had tortured. Now my next question is, can a sitting President be prosicuted for war crimes?

Monday, December 04, 2006

John Bolton Resigns!

And another rat leaves the sinking Bush ship. John Bolton, appointed ambassador to the UN has tendered his resignation effective when his recess appointment expires. My guess is he doesn’t want a real hearing into his qualifications and his reported problems in management style.

Now, watching the days for Cheney to step down followed swiftly by Rove. Who wants odds on January?