Thursday, September 21, 2006

On Vacation For The Next 2 Weeks

Well, I am off on vacation for the next two weeks. I will be learning first hand how Europeans feel about Americans, and hopefully change some opinions on how most Americans feel about our rogue president.

I hope to do some entries from Europe if I can find a friendly internet café and will post photos on my return. With luck I am not on a no-fly list and should be able to get back OK.

Bush Spokespersons Lie On Tape - Continue To Assert Saddam-Zarqawi Connection

It is beyond belief the kind of blatant lies the Bush administration continues to spread about Iraq and Al-Qaeda. The Senate Intelligence Report clearly states that there was no relationship between Saddam and Al-Qaeda, yet Cheney, Snow, and Rice blitz the Sunday talk shows with the lie that they had relations. In fact the committee report states that Saddam considered Zarqawi an enemy and attempted to capture him.

Despite this staring them in the face, the Bush administration toadies make bald-faced lies again and again.

Watch it here.

November is closing in and Karl Rove hints at an October surprise. Ignore it, it will be a lie just like these and perhaps bigger. Vote these bastards out in November so we can start investigations and begin the process of throwing these liars out of office and into jail where they belong.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ocean Route Opens To North Pole - Now Do You Believe In Global Warming?

Anyone who is in denial about global warming should use this as a wake up call. European scientists sailed a ship from Europe’s northernmost port to the North Pole research station. Hello! That is notable since it has never before been possible.

So here’s to Exxon-Mobile, Bush and all the other idiots who keep denying Global Warming is real. Have a nice glass of melted icecap and settle back for a long hot summer and fall and winter and spring.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

White House Blocks Scientific Reports On Global Warming

If reality doesn’t agree with your policies, change it. At least that’s the Republican technique. Now emails released today, show how the White House tried to change science to fit it’s agenda. Global warming inconvenient? Block the reports or pressure scientists to change it for you.

Stay stupid! Vote Republican in November...or get the country back on track and vote these criminals out of office!

Congress Rejects Bush Torture Legalization

As a child I remember that we used to point to nations like the USSR and accuse them of using torture. We called it inhumane and condemned them. Today the US Government is using those same techniques. What changed?

Neocons lie that the world has changed since 9/11 and we must take such measures to protect our citizens. Well here’s a little history, back in the 1960’s the USSR had enough nuclear weapons pointed at us to destroy our civilization forever, and we had enough bombs and missiles aimed at them to wipe out life on the earth. Sounds pretty frightening and extreme to me. Yet we abhorred the use of torture and abided by the Geneva Convention.

Today, post 9/11 we still have thousands of nuclear missiles pointed at the rest of the world, and the USSR is no more. Instead we have small groups of religious zealots who are making political statements with horrible, but very localized attacks on us. Now, we feel it’s OK to use torture?

The Bush administration use of torture constitutes a war crime plain and simple. Now that they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they want to make it legal to avoid prosecution. Well, Congress is finally growing some cajones and saying no way. What really needs to happen is a full investigation and if this administration is found to have violated international treaties, they should be turned over to an international court for war crimes, just as we would insist from any other despotic leader.

Well I am an adult now, and I have put away my childish notions that real justice will prevail. Instead I can only work to defeat these criminals in November and pray that our country can survive the religious zealots that are guiding us today.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope Angers Muslims, What Did He Expect?

In years past, though I didn’t agree with the Pope on many issues, I gave him credit for at least having a reasonable point of view and having a high degree of intelligence. The current Pope makes me wonder. First, I am not Catholic, so what the pope declares is of little theological meaning to me. That being said, I am a Christian and the actions of any Christian church affects the way others look at me, even if my beliefs differ considerably.

The current Pope, Benedict XVI came to power with warnings that he was a hard-liner, but never did anyone mention that he had only a loose grasp on reality. The Pope, quoting a 15th-century Byzantine emperor, told his audience at the University of Regensburg: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Does he really think these are not "Fighting Words" for Muslims? Is he so out of touch with the world situation that he believes he can spout this medieval tripe and not become the object of rage in the Muslim world? Nonsense, he knows it is a sore spot and was sure to cause inflamed tempers. I believe it’s his agenda to heighten tensions and start a Holy War for real. Remember the Catholic Church was behind the Crusades, and we remember how well those went.

His apologies ring hollow and I sincerely hope someone can pour oil on the troubled waters of this situation before it explodes into a real clash of civilizations. I would say nobody wants that , but recently I am not so sure.

Iraq Failure Laid At Feet Of GOP

Want a high paying government job? Just declare your unwavering loyalty to Emperor George Bush and you’ve got it!

That is the conclusion reached in an article in the Washing ton Post that details how key positions in the rebuilding of Iraq went to unqualified people whose only asset was they loyalty to Bush. N Need an example? Here’s a peach:

The daughter of a Neocon commentator and home-schooled graduate from an evangelical college, was loyal to Bush. The 24-year-old had never worked in finance was sent to reopen Baghdad's stock exchange.
And we wonder why over 9 Billion in US assistance simply disappeared? Incompetence, the measure of all Bush appointees seems to be the culprit.

November is our chance to throw these crooks out of office. Vote Democratic!