Friday, March 02, 2007

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards Faggot - Why Is She Still On The TV?

Ann Coulter, the most disgusting woman in America has now taken to using gay bashing terms against political candidates. She called John Edwards a "faggot" today and yet she still has a TV show on Fox. If she had called someone a "nigger" do you think she would still be on?

Face it, she is a complete provocateur and speaks only to raise eyebrows. She has no real talent or valid opinions, she is simply a loud-mouthed side show freak for the right wing. I have to say I think even this is too much time to devote to her crap.

1000 Employees At US Embassy In Iraq - 6 Speak Arabic!

Want further proof that the Bush administration is clueless? How about this?

Our embassy in Baghdad has almost 1000 people working in it. First of all that is a crazy number of people at an embassy, and second here is the kicker...only 6 speak Arabic!

Make sense? Not to me or anyone else! What is really sounds like is either an amazing boondoggle or a shadow government for Iraq. Either was it shows lack of planning and a complete lack of understanding of the purpose of an embassy.

The State Department is as intellectually bankrupt and incompetent as the rest of the Bush folks. Enough is enough!

Bush Loosing Support Among GOP

You know it’s getting bad when your own party stops supporting you. Bush’s approval numbers among the GOP are down 13% since last fall. According to a CBS/NY Times poll the President’s approval rating is continuing to plummet.

On specific issues, Bush does even worse. His big strength, the alleged War on Terror sees only 40% of those polled approving of his handling of it.

Congress needs to take heart from these figures. They show an administration that has lost its momentum and is very vulnerable to prosecution for illegal activities. Now if we can just get a few Congresspeople with balls, we might be able to oust the criminals from Washington and get our country back on track.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boy Dies For Lack Of Health Insurance

Here are the rules: If you have money you get to live and if you don’t you die.

Sound alarmist? You betcha! Here is proof just how uncivilized we are in this country and why we need universal health care.

A 12 year old boy in DC, died from a toothache that spread an infection to his brain. Why? Because his mother could not find a dentist to see him without health insurance.

This has to stop. The insurance companies are running our country and we must take it back. Every other major industrialized country in the world has universal coverage. We have some of the worst and most expensive health care in the world and yet the hospitals and insurance companies continue to tell us otherwise. Time to stop this has long past. This is the stuff of revolutions, and we had better address it soon before more people die for lack of insurance.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Terrorists Are Bad - Unless They Contribute To The GOP

Terrorists are bad, m'kay? Well not so bad when they give lots of money to the Republicans. Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari , was arrested in NY for "on attempt charges of terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering, as well as additional charges of conspiracy and wire fraud." Yet he is a major contributor to the National Republican Campaign Commitee.

Do you think the GOP is going to give the blood tainted money back? Think again. No way!

Latest Buzz - Vanishing Bees!

Next time you sit down to a cup of tea sweetened with honey, savor it. That honey may soon be in short supply. Seems bees are vanishing. Beekeepers who raise and maintain hives for crop pollination are opening their hives to find sometimes more than half of the colony AWOL. The bees have disappeared.

Where did they go? Scientists suspect they have traveled far for food and failed to return. The exact reason is still unknown, however a likely culprit may be the bee business itself. To stay profitable, beekeepers truck their hives from farm to farm to pollinate the crops. The fees paid by farmers keep them in business. The bee business has been consolidating recently and keepers are trucking their bees further and further and this might be putting too much stress on the hive.

The problem is prevalent in several states prompting a serious investigation. Without bees, many food crops would have to find alternative means to pollinate, and that may be tricky.

Meanwhile the Africanized bees creep further and further north. African HoneyBees were introduced in Brazil by accident when they escaped from a research project. The highly aggressive bees have thrived in the Western Hemisphere and are steadily moving north. Texas already has them and they are becoming a problem in other southern states. Not such a sweet deal.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Laura Bush Wants $10 Million Divorce Settlement - Or Not?

I guess Bat Boy must be dead, otherwise why would the Globe keep running stories on the Bush divorce? I saw the screaming headline today that Laura wants $10 million as a settlement. As usual with the Globe no sources are sited and the whole thing smacks of fiction, but its persistence is interesting.

As I mentioned in an earlier post this kind of tabloid story indicates that the Bush family is now fair game in the minds of the average tabloid reader, (AKA Americans). It also might, just might contain a smidgen of truth.

Several months ago a story circulated in Washington that Laura was staying at the Mayflower hotel. That’s down the street from the White House. Several bloggers including Wonkette and myself speculated that this might be a result of the rumor about George Bush and Condi Rice. If you remember she has on occasion referred to him in a Freudian slip as "my husband".

So do I really believe it? I will if I see the divorce papers, but otherwise it’s just the Globe doing the Bat Boy story with a different name, in other words fiction. Does it amuse me? You betcha! Bush is a pretty poor president, but he can be a source of endless amusement.

Al Gore - The Talk Of The Oscars

Though it will no doubt add fodder to the neocon-global-warming-deniers guns, it was great to see Al Gore on the Academy Awards last night. I know I may have to turn in my Gay Card, since I watched it on Tivo instead of live, it still thrilled me when "An Inconvenient Truth" won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

Gore has several moments onstage last night and took the time to promote reversing climate change at every opportunity. He also began to announce what everyone assumed was his candidacy for President when he was "played off" by the orchestra in the interest of time. A very funny bit!

The seriousness of climate change is not a political issue. It is a global reality that will affect everyone, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat. The people denying its existence do so for reasons that are strictly financial. They are paid by energy companies, funded by industry think tanks or supported by powerful political contributors who have a vested interest in the causes of pollution. It's time to expose their fraud and begin to take this as a serious crisis.