Friday, May 16, 2008

O'Reilly's Rant As A Music Video - Great Parody!

Produced by Torrey Meeks this is a great dance mix video!

Huckabee "Jokes" About Shooting Obama!

So Mike Huckabee has finally shown his true stripes. He made a completely tasteless “joke” about Senator Barack Obama ducking a gunman as he spoke to the National Rifle Association today. After hearing a loud noise offstage, Huckabee came out with the following distasteful rant.

“That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak,” said the former Arkansas governor, to audience laughter. “Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

I certainly hope the Secret Service takes his “joke” seriously. In the past such statements were sometimes considered veiled threats and cold be subject to prosecution. I guess he has no hopes of -being a VP for McCain, so he figures he might as well come out as a violence-loving right wing wacko!

UPDATE: Pundits and politicians alike are outraged by Mike Huckabee’s “joke” about shooting Barack Obama. It was not only a mistake, it was a stupid mistake. Watching CNN, all the commentators found it outrageous and Jack Cafferty described Hickabee best, “He’s an idiot!”

Bush Lies About His "Golf Sacrifice" - Video Proof!

President Bush lies again. Not such big news, but considering how sincerely he did it clearly shows the character of the GOP and its obsession with appearances and not substance. Bush worries about being seen playing golf as some sign of disrespecting the families of troops, however it’s a BIG LIE!

Bush played golf long after the event that Bush said prompted his end of playing golf and NBC had the footage of him doing it. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHERE IS THE DEMAND THAT HE STOP LYING? WHERE IS THE DEMAND FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT?

Sad truth is it’s just another Bush lie. Like so many it means nothing to him and in lying so many times he actually dissrescpects the American people as well as our troops fighting overseas. Along with this lie, he objects to the GI bill that will fund our forces and give them a raise. Bush shows once again that he is a tool of corporate power and far from the loyal American he professes to be.

Hope - New Obama Ad From

Conyers Wants Rove To Appear Or Face Arrest

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers is fast becoming one of my favorite congressmen. His investigation into Rove’s role in the iimprisonment of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman as well as other allegations lead to Rove’s being subpoenaed . Roves refusal to appear constitutes contempt and Conyers doesn’t take that lightly.

Conyers stated in response to a question about Rove refusal to appear, “We’ll do what any self-respecting committee would do. We’d hold him in contempt. Either that or go and have him arrested.” Now that’s the kind of Democrat I want in Washington!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jon Stewart Has The Real Reason Hillary Won In WV

T. Boone Pickens Gets Into The Wind Power Business

Oil men are not stupid, they can read which way the wind is blowing. That’s true of T. Boone Pickens, legendary oil man from the panhandle. His company Mesa Power LLC just placed a $2 billion order with GE for wind turbines.

He plans to erect the turbines in a wind farm on his land that will generate 1000 megawatts of electricity, a little more than a nuclear plant. Pickens is buying 667 of the giant wind turbines which represents just the first phase of his power project. When complete it will generate 4000 megawatts of power.

The Public Utility Commission is working on transmission lines to accommodate new wind power though Pampa lies outside the current area, it may still be connected. Pickens says if the commission fails to connect his wind farm, he will build his own transmission lines.

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself While Scratching His Back With A Gun

Perhaps this incident will show up in next year’s Darwin Awards, but for now it makes for an interesting read.

Seems Jorge Espinal had been playing poker with friends. Well, not just playing poker, but drinking beer and playing poker. Apparently Jorge got up from the table and went into another room. He felt an itch on his back and he picked up the first thing he could find, A PISTOL, and tried to use it to scratch the itch with it.

You can figure out where this is going. The gun went off and he ended up shooting himself. When he returned to the game, his friends didn’t believe him until they saw the blood running down his back. I guess the gunshot was not a clue?

He was treated at the hospital and released. I suspect he will think twice about using a pistol for a back scratcher again. Perhaps a shotgun would wlrk better, it’s longer and the sights on shotguns make for better scratching!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yacht Party! The New GOP Brand.

How about this for a re-branding of the GOP?

Obama Gets 4 More Superdelegates!

Obamamania continues. Barack Obama picked up 4 more superdelegates today as well as John Edwards endorsement and another 19 potential delegates if Edwards pledged delegates move to the Obama camp. The momentum is building and it’s looking more and more like a sure thing.

Not A Rumor Anymore - Edwards Will Endorse Obama Tonight!

Watching Hillary Clinton in the past few days has been a real test of my intestinal fortitude. It takes guts to watch her posture and spin, trying to remake the reality of the math that everyone else sees. It seems everyone but Hillary knows it’s over.

Tonight rumor has it John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama for President. The deafining silence from the Edwards folks when asked directly seems to indicate the rumors are true. Obama promises a big announcement at 7:00pm ET. My bet is on Edwards, too.
UPDATE: ABC News and others have confirmed that Edwards will endorse Barack Obama tonight!

Mississippi Elects Democrat To Replace Trent Lott

Could Mississippi turn blue? Looks like there is a better chance than ever before. Democrat Travis Childers beat his Republican opponent to fill the seat left vacant by Trent Lott and filled temporarily by Roger Wicker.

The GOP tried to tie him to Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the national Democratic policies, but Childers, a conservative Democrat managed to shrug off the threat and win. In a state with a large African-American population the GOP tactic of trying to associate Childers with Obama may have backfired.

Even Dick Cheney made a visit to try to sway voters at the last minute, but “Darth Vader” was no match for the will of the people. Look to Mississippi for a real surprise in November!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jon Stewart's Interview With Douglas Feith Reveals More Bush Administration Lies About The War

Once in a while the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tackles a real news story that other outlets just won’t approach. Last night’s interview with Douglas Feith was the kind of journalism that “real” reporters should be doing.

Feith was in to flog his new book War & Decision, a book that is an unabashed rewriting of history to soft pedal the lies spouted by the Bush administration to go to war. Stewart would not let Feith get away with crap. Instead he pinned him down and asked him point blank about the administrations assessment of the risks before the war.

“If you knew the perils, but the conversation that you had with the public painted a rosier picture, how is that not deception? The fact that you seemed to know all the risks takes this from manslaughter to homicide. […]”
Stewart should win another Peabody for this hard hitting interview.

Painting The Panhandle Blue

Texas is really starting to change, and what has long been a Republican gimmie, the Texas panhandle, may soon be in play. Jobsanger has a really astute analysis of the situation. The combination of population loss in rural counties and increasing Latino influence may paint the panhandle blue some day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Moldovian Gay Pride Bus Hijacked While Police Watch

Moldova joins the ranks of other Eastern European “Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time” countries as a bus load of Gay Pride celebrants was hijacked in full view of the police who stood by and did nothing.

A large, aggressive and well-coordinated group of religious extremists blocked the bus carrying Gay Pride participants. Then they forced open the door the door of the bus before violently trying to break the windows. Throughout the incident, police stood by watching the attack as “passive observers”.

The parade organizers, GenderDoc-M, the country’s LGBT non-governmental organisation, had informed local authorities and as early as April 21 about the route of the march, and requested police protection. The law on freedom of assembly in Moldova guarantees peaceful assembly to everyone, and puts an obligation on the police to guarantee the safety of participants.

“The police did not facilitate the exit of pride participants from the bus into the street, did not prevent the rival aggressive groups from intervention, and through their passivity encouraged escalation of violence and the build up of the all-permissive hostile atmosphere,” GenderDoc-M said in a statement this afternoon.

Similar incidents have happened in other Eastern European (former Soviet) countries where religious fundamentalists have made significant inroads in recruiting members. Latvia recently added discrimination against LGBT people into their constitution.

As a gay man, I would seriously reconsider any travel to one of these countries and consider them a risky place for GLBT tourists.

Hillary Ready To Spin After West Virginia

Get ready for the spin to begin as soon as West Virginia polls close. Clinton, who will most likey win in WV will crank up the spin to make this tiny victory sound like the tide has turned again, but it is too little too late. A total of only 28 delegates are in West Virginia and it is unlikely that Hillary will win all of them, still leaving her in a back seat for the nomination.

But, facts have never stopped Hillary from anything. She will claim that the WV primary puts her back in serious contention for the nomination and will start lobbying superdelegates again with a vengeance. The truth is she will not win the nomination. Her vindictiveness and low road tactics have already alienated many Democrats and her willingness to sacrifice the party at the alter of her nomination shows just how wrong she would be for the November race.

Americans are looking for a different breed of politician and Clinton represents all that is wrong with Washington.

Note to Barack Obama: I would seriously consider a “food taster” if I were selecting her as a VP choice.

More Domestic Spying WIth Less Results!

More and more Americans are having their privacy invaded by the government. Wiretaps, bank record searches, all increased since 9/11 yet the number of prosecutions has decreased as the spying increases. This means we have sacrificed our privacy for nothing.

According to an article in the LA Times:

A recent study showed that the number of terrorism and national security cases initiated by the Justice Department in 2007 was more than 50% below 2002 levels. The nonprofit Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which obtained the data under the Freedom of Information Act, found that the number of cases brought declined 19% in the last year alone, dropping to 505 in 2007 from 624 in 2006.

By contrast, the Justice Department reported last month that the nation's spy court had granted 2,370 warrant requests by the department to search or eavesdrop on suspected terrorists and spies in the U.S. last year -- 9% more than in 2006. The number of such warrants approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has more than doubled since the 2001 terrorist attacks.