Friday, March 28, 2008

Pentagon Defrauded By 21 Year Old Arms Dealer!

So here’s a funny story. This 21 year dude in Miami gets a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to provide Hungarian-made ammunitions to Afghani troops. And here’s the really funny part. Turns out the stuff is really made in China! Ain’t that a knee slapper?

How the f#*k does a 21 year old get a $300 million contract? More importantly, his company had a web site that was selling this stuff to anyone who signed on. The site called AmmoWorks is no longer online after the news blog, began investigating it. The fraud case is still under investigation by the Pentagon.

So here is a little advice Pentagon guys, at least do a little research before you throw money around. You could have Googled the guys company and found enough suspicious crap that you would have run in terror. Geez!

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