Friday, September 11, 2009

Will DOMA Finally Be Repealed?

Next week, Democratic Reps. Jerrold Nadler (NY), Tammy Baldwin (WI), and Jared Polis (CO) will be introducing legislation to repeal DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. The bill has just over 50 co-sponsors as it goes before the House.

Maybe the President will chime in since this was one of his campaign promises?

Police Raid Alanta Eagle Bar !

What the heck is the deal? Did the police departments across the country get a memo that said, "hey let's harass gay bars?" The latest outrage is the raid on the Atlanta Eagle where patrons were thrown to the floor and handcuffed for dancing.

Welcome back to 1969!

The Real Liars

Think Progress put this together and it's great. Joe Wilson and his party are the liars.

Eight Years Ago

I always get up early. It's a curse of mine since childhood. The good thing is I get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and savor the early morning hours as the sun rises.

It was just such a moment 8 years ago as I was vacationing with friends in Michigan. I had joined a few folks who were also early risers and had just taken my first sip pf coffee when I overheard one of the busboys mention that they saw on the news that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

I got up and walked to the resort's bar where the TV was tuned to the news. I got there just in time to see the second plane hit the towers. This was no accident and from that moment on it seemed that the whole world changed.

I know now that the world didn't change, only my perception of it did. Instead of living in my insular mundane life, I realized I was part of a tumultuous planet where numerous factions driven by a variety of grievances are constantly battling each other.

Though my country had often participated in these wars overseas, the action had not touched our shore in such a dramatic way as this. Now we were engaged in the world community fully, we were victims of the same kinds of attacks that were being carried out everywhere, except now we understood we could not separate ourselves from it.

We had domestic terrorists like McVay but they didn't seem as dangerous as the 9/11 perpetrators, even though they accomplished the same things. Sometimes it takes something dramatic to wake us up.

Since that tragic day we have added our own share to the blood shed for radical causes. We invaded a country that was not connected to the 9/11 plot simply because our leaders decided it was a good strategic move. They were wrong and so were the 9/11 hijackers. Their actions killed thousands of people who wanted nothing more than to get on with their daily lives.

I would never excuse the terrible actions of those madmen. Their hatred and passions drove them to do hideous things. In the long run their acts did not have the intended results. In the case of the 9/11 hijackers, they did not bring down our financial institutions, we had greedy investment bankers to do that. Our invasion of Iraq did not bring the blessings of democracy to the Middle East, the people in those countries will do that all by themselves and probably in a way that we might not like. Meanwhile, that invasion acted as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda much like the attack on New York and the Pentagon acted as a recruitment tool for the armed forces.

Unintended consequences.

Now it's time to remember those people who died as a result. They were not heroes, just folks like you and me who suddenly found themselves on the world stage in their final moments. May their memories serve to end radical acts that cause such terrors and someday serve to remind us just how important each life is. I hope 9/11 will always be a wake up call, I just hope I don't need any more like it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buh Bye Michael Savage - Flagship Radio Station Drops The Jerk!

It was pretty plain that San Francisco based radio station 910am decided Michael Savage was not right for them. Here is their statement:
I'm going to answer the very first question many of you have.

"Why did you take Michael Savage off the air?"

Here's your no-spin direct answer; we have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information.
The Savage Nation does not fit into that vision.

We're #37! In Health Care That Is.

Joe Wilson Deep In Debt - Opponents Cash In After Heckle

So ornery old Joe Wilson, Republican from South Carolina opened his mouth and put his foot squarely in it when he shouted at the President last night during Obama's address. President Obama was making the point hat the bills under consideration provide that no...let me emphasize NO illegal immigrants would be eligible for coverage. That is when Wilson shouted "you lie".

Anyone who has read the bills knows it is the truth, and Wilson, who has since given a lame appology either hadn't read the bill or is just a jerk. My bet is on both.

Meanwhile financial disclosures show Mr. Wilson is teetering on bankruptcy with debts exceeding his assets by a bunch. Seems he has a lot of loans from federal credit unions and banks.

Meanwhile his opponent, Rob Miller a democrat pulled in over $400,000 in new campaign contributions since last nights little outburst.

Thank you Mr. Wilson.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

President Speaks on Health Care - GOP Heckles!

The President just delivered a great speech in support of Health Care Reform. The details were very strong and he was emphatic that he wanted a bill now. Embarrassingly for the GOP a couple of their members actually heckled the President from the floor.

Though the Democrats had good reason to deride President Bush, they never heckled the President during an address. The GOP has sunken to a new low and they deserve our scorn.

Particularly, Republican Joe Wilson who screamed "you lie" when the President assured the public that illegal immigrants would not be covered (denying illegals coverage is actually part of the bill). What an asshole!

The Democrats need to pass a bill without the GOP and to hell with them.

Republican Family Values Guy Caught On Tape Detailing Kinky Exploits

Talk about being in bed with lobbyists! California Assemblyman, Republican Michael D. Duvall, was caught on tape bragging about his kinky activities with a lobbyist. Now this is the same guy who ran on a "Family Values" ticket.

Had this happened on the phone or in private it would be even less of a scandal, but he laid this egg over a mic at the assembly and on tape!
"She wears little eye-patch underwear," said Duvall, who is married with two children. "So, the other day she came here with her underwear, Thursday. And
 so, we had made love Wednesday--a lot! And so she'll, she's all, 'I am going 
up and down the stairs, and you're dripping out of me!' So messy!"
OMG! The tape is here.

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Endorses Equality March

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has moved to endorse the National Equality March on October 11. One more reason you should attend!

In their press release they stated:
"The Task Force will be there at the march to support the voices of new activists, LGBT people and our allies who push and push for the end to hatred, discrimination and unjust laws..."
More here.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

To March or Not To March?

From David Mixner about the National Equality March:

Many things have been written on whether one should march or not march on October 11 in Washington, DC. Let me make it easy for you.

Are you really happy with the progress we have made over the last eight months with this Administration and Congress? Are you really happy with the progress we have made on the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)? Do you think that the leaders of our political parties have embraced marriage equality and our God given rights, benefits and protections that come with it? Are you content, relaxed and happy with where we are at this moment in history in the struggle for freedom?

Think very carefully about the above questions. Then make plans to come to Washington, DC on October 11th to march with thousands of your brothers, sisters and straight allies for freedom.

So, are you going? I'll be there and I hope to see you as well.

Health Care Reform? NO, Insurance Reform!

OK, enough of the Health Care Reform talk, the real issue is insurance reform and specifically Health Care Insurance reform. Finally, the President has started framing the issue as just that, but it has take way too long and it might be too late.

Alarmist? A bit. Allowing the right to frame this whole thing has been a big mistake. If this was spoken of a Insurance Reform form the get go there would not be the scores of misguided folks showing up at Town Halls chanting about "socialized medicine". They would be chanting, "Insurance reform NOW!"

Calling this whole debate Health Care Reform brings images of losing your doctor, changing the delivery system and even these weird "death panels" that just won't go away. Nobody wants to lose their health care if they have it, any of it. However, everyone has a gripe against the insurers. Why didn't Obama and the Democrats use that to frame their ideas? I guess George Lakoff didn't send them the memo.

And as far as Death Panels go...the real death panels already exist. They are the phone banks that the insurance companies run designed to minimize what health care you get and deny your claims whenever possible. That is how they boost the bottom line. Why isn't anyone talking about these "death panels"?

It's time we reclaimed this debate and moved forward with a solution. That means a big solution and not a mealy-mouthed-incremental-step-never-going-to-get-done piece of crap from Congress. Time to get tough Mr. President. After all that's why we elected you.

And while you are at it, what about all those promises to the LGBT community? I guess we will have to see you in Washington on October 11 about those.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

John Barrowman's New Song - Tell My Father

I had no idea John sang. I have watched him in Torchwood for several seasons and though I found him immensely talented never knew of his musical career. This song, "Tell My Father" is a touching ballad dedicated to LGBT serviemen and women. Get out your handkefchiefs.

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Come to Washington D.C. - Oct.11!